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Kindle Paperwhite $151.05 Delivered @ Officeworks eBay


Found this deal at Officeworks for those like me who didn't get the chance to get the $139 Myer offer. Not as good as previous deals, but a little cheaper than the usual $174 OW's price.

Original 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • Just wondering - for someone who bought the kindle 4th generation (home button with 4 arrows surrounding it down the bottom midle) - and barely loaded anything to use it, one of the thing sI struggled with was converting from my love of paper books to electronic. The main Issue i found was pdf files you can't zoom and easily move around and read like say a smart phone. Besides getting it into an ebook format, do these newer kindle models allow for easier reading of pdfs, or is it still the same with needing epub and other ebook formats? Otherwise what is the advantage of these new age kindle readers compared to the old ones? I think one main thing is back in my 4th generation there isn't a backlight so your screwed without decent ambient light?

    • IMHO, if you're reading a bunch of large (e.g. formatted for A4) PDF files, I don't think these are the best option. I'm on my third Kindle now and can never go back to books for a number of reasons.

      I think that you're much better off finding the cheapest 10" tablet with a high resolution screen. Even a 7-8" high res screen would allow you to quickly zoom in as required. much more easily than on one of these.

      An old retina iPad would do the job, or any Android table with a decent screen resolution.

    • To answer your other questions, this has the sidelight, which is fantastic. We had a 3rd Gen kindle and a 4h Gen kindle and the lighting and screen resolution on these paperwhites make for a much better reading experience.

      Other than that, of course you need to use the new ebook formats to get the most out of these. That's what they're designed for, and they do it excellently. I can easily enlarge the fonts, change the font, run a full text search, and highlight, make notes and share portions of the text using the ebook format.

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