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SONY 65" 4K UHD LED Android TV KD-65X9000E $2999 @ Bing Lee (after $300 Coupon Applies Both in Store or Online)


Came across this Sony 65"UHD LED TV while browsing.

KD-65X9000E features:

Premium Full Array Direct Backlighting
Local Dimming
Motionflow XR 800 (Native 100Hz)
4K HDR Processor X1
X-tended Dynamic Range PRO
Android TV

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  • Great Tv, Great Price!

  • -1

    Wish this was an OLED :'(

    • -1

      Same here. Instabuy under 3k.

  • +26

    Gah, from the thumbnail I thought it was some kind of ultrawide TV.

    • was thinking the same thing!!!

    • Any idea what the thumbnail product actually is? Rather curious now.

      • +1

        just half loaded it seems

        • That makes sense.

    • +6

      That's why it's discounted.

      The factory accidentally made a batch of 160:9 TVs

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    Got this for $2636 with the good guys 20% concierge codes

  • Might still be cheaper at ebay with 10% off.

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    I stood and watched this TV for about 20 mins from all angles and compared it to other LCD TV's as I am looking..

    I was surprised that the degradation in image (Colours, Brightness) at an angle of greater than 22 degress (Specified max angle before loss really kicks in RTINGS.com) was not that bad at all. My chair is currently around 30-35 degrees from our TV so this is about where I was standing and you know it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be. I also went back and forth between front on and the 30+ degree angle and yes if you kept doing this you could see a drop in brightness/colour however it was small to my eyes and not an issue.

    Apart from that the colours of the TV and image quality etc were pretty amazing (In a full lit showroom).

    My concerns are that we generally watch TV in a darker room so will this light my room up too much? Also the viewing angle has to be my consideration.

    I then looked at the 55 inch LG C7 OLED TV and yep no viewing angle issue there what so ever.

    My dilemma wait and get this around $2500 at some point in coming months or wait and get the C7 for a similar price. Sacrifice the 10 inches for an amazing image…….OMG the pain of it all…

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      Depends how long you are willing to wait. Given your viewing angle I would look at spending a little more for the OLED. There is bound to be some good sales in the lead up to Christmas.

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      I got the 65 sony 7500 for a good price ($1500)

      I just got it for the price. Now it's in my living room, I regret not sticking to 55 and getting the C7

      If I were you
      get the C7

    • Yeah I think you guys are right I need to hold the line and be patient and practical. I don't think I will be happy with anything else other than the C7 especially since I am comign from a Pioneer Kuro Plasma (10 yrs now).

      Stay strong…..I must.

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      I have the x8500 model and i can tell you the tv is very bright even on standard settings (not a bad thing) and due to large panel size it will light up the room. One setting the 8500 has (not sure about the 9000) is a light sensor so it adjusts the brightness (possibly other settings as well) depending on the light in the room.

      Watch tv in the adytime with curtains open it will adjust to suit. Watching at night with the lights off it will adjust.

      I got the 75"x8500d for $3999 last year just prior to black Friday sales. I think OLED would be a solution for your viewing angle but at the price point i think this is a good quality panel.

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    The thumbnail makes me thought it was kinda 35:9 extreme wide TV….

    • Same, had me pretty excited tbh

  • can someone tell me the main reason why OLEDs are so much more than UHDs? and the actual benefits of OLEDs?

    • The main benefit of OLED is the fact that each pixel is capable of producing red, green and blue, allowing each pixel to produce any colour in the spectrum. This results in a richer, deeper and more realistic picture. They also have better side angle viewing.

      "UHD LED" is a bit of a marketing ploy. "UHD" means Ultra HD (4K) and "LED" means "the LCD screen uses LED backlighting". A simpler name would be "4K LCD TV"

      The reason OLED is more expensive is it is fairly new and therefore production costs are higher. Once it becomes mainstream you will see LCD phase out and prices will come down.

      • +1

        The main benefit of OLED though is in its contrast potential, where the ability to turn off individual pixels allows it to have the truest blacks. With this said the x9000e (and higher models) from Sony is touted as doing a great job of handling blacks so should be in contention for which to choose. But if both were the same price I would still be hard pressed not to choose an OLED* hahaha

        • Not sure which OLED is better though, the LG 55" C7 or Panasonic 55" OLED as both are similar price on sale.
        • I think both are pretty much the same picture wise, same panel and looking at both side by side there is no difference. It will come down to the smart user interface and cosmetic preferences. For me LG wins the UI with the smart remote control that is a pointer. I also see there is something Harvey Norman is doing with the panasonic, buy a Panasonic 4k Blue Ray player for $498 and get $400 in some kind of card, not sure where you can spend them but maybe that would sway someone.

  • I've just returned a Hisense 65N7 (due to an issue that wasn't able to be resolved) to get a Sony KD-65X9000E - they are now $3,099 at Bing Lee (including installation).

    Would have loved an OLED but can't justify the price difference at this point.

    Am hoping the Sony picture quality is at least as good as the Hisense was.. (our issue was with audio.. the picture was great).

    It was interesting to compare the X70E, X85E and X90E as well as the X93E. In the end I couldn't justify the extra being asked for the X93E and definitely not for the A1 (sigh..). The X85E seems to be the sweet spot with the X90E being a bit less value for money (but slightly better?)

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