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Tontine Mattress in a Box 40% off (Free Metro Delivery) + $100 off


Hi all
Just noticed Tontine is also in the mattress in a box craze.
Ive tried a couple mattress (ecosa/koala/lazybed/ergoflex) in a box but wasn't really impressed with most of them.
But the Tontine stands out price wise!
King $680 after coupon.
They also seem to have done their homework regarding certification

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    Dayyyuuumm that's a fine mattr-ass..

  • Did you end up returning those other mattresses with their 100-150 day refund policy?

    • Yeah i did…no problems from any of them…ordered the luxi now….if that doesn't work it will be tempur or ikea….sooo over this mattress thing. Obviously i am a bit fussy

      • cool, been looking at trying them out.

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        Tried Sleeping Duck? Been really impressed with mine and with their service, plus they sent me a whole new firm top for free. Basically becomes a new mattress again when i want it to (depending on if it suffers from permanent body dents). Sleeping duck has a pocket spring base with the foam/latex layers rather than just foam all the way through.

        I also got the Tontine email/coupon - MATTRESSINABOX17 for $100 off if anyone wants to buy.

        • Was thinking about sleeping D, just not a big spring fan. I didn’t post that coupon btw since it came with the member application….I didn’t want to cheat

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          Yeah fair enough - it doesn't feel like a spring mattress to me due to the nice firm top layers. They have the same 100 day replacement including multiple firmness layers you can try.

          It's ozbargain, always cheat!

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          In further adding to the mattress in a box craze, I've also tried the Ecosa and Koala. I'm sleeping on an Eva mattress at the moment, and so far so good. It's similar to Sleeping Duck with the foam and pocket spring. I much prefer the pocket spring + foam as opposed to the foam alone as I feel the foam has been pretty bad on my back this past year. But everyone's different!

          At the moment, they're having $150 off their mattresses because they've sold out. Saw it all over my Facebook and I think anyone can use it. Code is PRE150 if anyone is interested.

        • @ONElensaus:

          That was actually my first choice yesterday eve….the sold out part stopped me

        • @ONElensaus: Thanks! Got the Eva one. Foam + pocket spring seems like a good combo. $749 for a King is only beaten by the OP's ($620/$650) from all the suggestions on this page.

  • Which one is better for side sleepers?

    • I honestly couldn't tell you. Their customer service is pretty good though, albeit slightly inexperienced regarding the new line-up. Refreshing how people can answer 'I don't know, but Ill get back to you'….instead of the normal B#ll

  • Do all latex and/or memory foam mattresses sleep hotter than an innerspring mattress? I would like to buy a new mattress (I alternate between sleeping on my back and side), but my current latex mattress is always hot in both winter and summer.

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      I reckon. By its nature foam/latex is more insulating, particularly memory foam as you settle into it more. I find it makes it very comfortable (I have an Ergoflex). You can counter that by using cooler feeling bedding - tencel or bamboo.

      Don't fall for the 'gel infused memory foam making them cooler' malarkey either. Even if the gel somehow was magically cooler, it's set in memory foam which leaves nowhere for the body heat to go. I got a topper with it and it's no different to normal memory foam (except it's cheaper, less dense foam).

  • They look like they have a very thin layer of memory foam/latex - about 25-30% of the overall thickness. Pretty much just a cheap ($100) topper on a standard foam base. Compare that to say the Ergoflex which is almost 50% (9cm) memory foam, then an 'Airflow' (dimpled) layer (5cm), then the base (9cm) which is about 40% overall thickness.


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    I bought
    last 10% off, for about 135$, Incl. Shipping
    using it to sleep on the floor next to my daughter, because she goes through a period of anxious-ness. I am a 6'2" 100+ bloke, and the mattress is quite nice.
    Word of warning: it does smell really strong at the beginning.

  • Thanks OP, I've just ordered a queen sized one - will see how it goes.

    Have already tried out OneBed and Sommuto after having a terrible time with Tempur but they didn't work out. OneBed was too firm for my wife (just a fraction too firm for me, otherwise pretty good), Sommuto was too soft for both of us and the Tempur is just… well, hard to describe. I think I just don't like memory foam, it doesn't seem to sink in the right amount for different parts of my body so I'm always feeling like my body isn't getting supported right, and it makes turning over harder.

    • yeah its hard work this mattress stuff. last one we bought in a shop (40W) gave up after a year….was hard work to get anything honored.
      I think @cameldownunder has the best idea.

  • Would someone mind adding the Tontine to the mattress wiki page please?

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    If anyone's still looking, my Tontine mattresses showed up yesterday (I got the latex topped one). Only had one night on it so far but it was the most comfortable I've had for a long while.

    I've had a persistent shoulder issue for a while where every night on the Tempur I'd wake up with the shoulder feeling worse, and it would take most of the day for it to settle down. This morning for the first time in months my shoulder wasn't an issue.

    - very comfortable, medium firmness but springy
    - maybe solved my shoulder issue?

    - pretty strong odour, hopefully will lessen quickly
    - size doesn't seem very precise… First queen mattress I've come across where it's a fraction too wide for the bed and a fraction too short. It's only a few centimetres off in each dimension and it still fits linen etc, but just a bit weird

    So far so good. Personally I'll never sleep on memory foam again.

    • That is great mate….especially for that price….I hope it goes the distance!

    • Try rotating the mattress 90 degrees for a better fit :-)

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        LOL the wife suggested the same thing until I told her there's a ~50cm difference between the length and width of a queen mattress! The Tontine might be a bit off in its dimensions, but it ain't that bad! :)

  • Thanks so much OP! Going to give this a go!