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Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Dual Sim Grey/Gold - $689.94 Delivered (HK) @ Apus Express eBay Store


Thanks for the Exchange rate, we got a new price for the Galaxy S8 Today, don't miss it, the code only valid till tonight. Enjoy

  • Item is shipped from HK by economic express with tracking and insurance
  • 1 year warranty in Australia
  • ETA: please check eBay listing details

Original 10% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • Worthwhile waiting for 20% off?

    • +1

      I don't think so, this apusauction store isn't usually part of the 20% off sales.

      Their ShoppingSquare store is already part of the current 20% off deal but comes to $698.76. The rep has lowered the price of this item slightly it seems to make it cheaper with the 10% off code.

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    OP, anything for the S8 Plus?

  • is there a Taiwan variant that is better suited for Aus? (ie. band 28)

    • If this is the G950FD it already has band 28


      • +1

        That's the $689 question. The listing doesn't specify.

        Can the Store Rep confirm if this is the G950F or the G950FD?

        • +1

          Well according to GSMArena both "global" models (G950F and G950FD) have band 28. It looks like it's only some American & Canadian versions that does not have it.

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    This seller has a nasty habit of selling 'Brand New' phones in boxes that aren't sealed. Their excuse? They just wanted check that the phone works. Absurd.

    • +1

      And good luck with warranty returns. 4 months or 3 if you are lucky!

    • Common when you grey import. Dwi and kogan did the same to phones I got

      • +2

        They are clearly returns. There is no valid or acceptable reason for a seller to break the factory seal.

    • -2

      They aren't returned phones. They are opened and tested. This is standard practice on grey import which should ideally be in description.

      • +1

        Tested for what reason - do they doubt Samsung, LG, and HTC's factory quality control? Australian sellers of 'Brand New' phones oddly don't feel compelled to double check the factory quality control of Samsung et al.

      • +2

        They are not returns, they are refurbished phones. Why don't local sellers open and test the phones? Samsung states on the label that "DO NOT ACCEPT IF SEAL IS BROKEN"

        • +1

          A returned phone is [repaired if faulty] repackaged, and then resold as a refurbished phone. If you receive a phone from a seller that has a previously opened box it is second hand. Or refurbished, if that makes it sound more palatable. It can be called many things, but 'Brand New' it ain't.

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    Does wifi calling on these models works with Australian carrier?

  • Very slow free shipping.

    Toll Global Economy
    Est. Tue, 26 Sep - Wed, 04 Oct

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    • Picture and specifications are for illustration purposes only. Actual product may differ from that pictured.
      ** While every attempt is made to ensure the information provided on this page is accurate, specifications change from time to time and we are not liable.
      *** The exact colour of the item may be slightly different from the pictures because of factors, such as brightness settings from your computer.
      **** Please allow 3-5% differences in manual measurements.
      ***** Package may be opened for random checking before dispatch.
      ****** Unit may contain bonus pre-installed apps from the original region.
      ******* Unit may contain telecommunication carrier logo at starting screen.
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    Expected this to have more likes. Either everyone's happy with their phones or people like to be the first to unbox/claim/open a box lol.

    • +3

      …or people just don't want to get other people's returned goods?

  • Unsealed boxes are not new phones? That explains the huge backlight bleeding on my device

    • They're refurbished returns. Probably refurbished by a random dubious shop too.

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