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Optus Sport + 3GB Data 12 Month Sim Plan $18.75/Month (Min. $225) or 15GB $30/Month (Min $360) [for Optus Sport Trial Users]


You might eligible if you have signed up for Optus Sport Free Trial account.

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    Critical information does say it's 3GB per month plus unlimited local SMS and calls.

    That's a good deal by itself, and then you get the EPL too… not to shabby.

  • There's also a 15gb for 30$ deal.

    full details

  • Is the trial still open?

  • What's the deal with the 24 month discount rate mentioned? I want to sign up for the 12 months but the 24 month scares me. It won't then lock me in for 24 will it?

    • Plan you're signing up for is a 12m SIM only, but the 25% off the access fees is valid for a 24m period. Good if you decide to keep the service longer.
      The Optus Sport inclusion is normally $15 a month, which will be charged and then credited on your bill for 12m only.

  • Is it possible to keep my optus number if I switch to this plan?

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  • sorry if this is a lame question.
    How long is the EPL season?
    see if it is worth the 12 months.

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      EPL is until April/May 2018 but World Cup 2018 included as well.

  • Just had a chat to them and confirmed. Port in customers only.

    • They don't care the existing customer as usual.

  • Hi guys, I just checked: if you scroll on the right hand side there is also $30 a month for 15gb! That includes sport and the music. Does anyone know if you can block the data once you reach limit? Tempted to get for the teenager, but scared she will go over the allowance.

    • Have a feeling she wouldn't. Me being a teenager,musics free so she wouldn't use that, and 15gb is actually huge IMO I use 7gbs with daily use and music use.
      Give it a shot for $30 it's an insane deal.

      • Thanks Lockster wanted to get the 3gb only. Might have to pass it as she will probably go above.

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    Fantastic Deal.

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    What a scam, not available to existing customers.

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      I'm on optus prepaid and they changed my $30 plan to this through live chat without a problem

      • Any tips?

        I spoke to a 'rep' this morning via live chat .. he told me he'd never heard of the deal and can only do the $40 + $15 for Optus Sport.

        I linked him the imgur / this ozbargain thread and he told me he can't access links and that the deal is too good to be true.

        • Yeh it all depends what rep you speak to, I suggest maybe speaking to 1-2 more different people first before giving up. All I asked was if I could change my plan to this one and they said sure, and asked for all my details and the email that I used to access the free optus sport trial and sent them this link-


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    (no comment)

  • Not eligible. Would have got the 15 GB for $30 for my son. Looks like it's $40 for everyone else. Might get on chat tomorrow and see if they'll do the $30

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      The $40 for everyone else doesn't include free EPL either, so you have to pay an extra $15 if you want that to.

    • Let us know if you have any luck. I'm sure there's more than a few of us who didn't sign up for the trial would be interested in this or the $18.75.

      • The chat link takes me to a blank page lol

        I tried in store in Melbourne CBD and they couldn't find any info about it at all. Said it must be online only

      • Looks like I got the deal.

        Got on chat and asked for it, they said only if I got the email.

        Then they said I could get the discount if I ported from Telstra. This plan is for my son and he's currently using an old Telstra Prepaid mobile broadband SIM that I racked up heaps of data on during that CM2U loophole a couple of years ago. He's just run out of data, so it worked out perfectly. I wasn't sure they'd let me port from a prepaid mobile broadband Telstra SIM, but they did.

        I was still a bit skeptical because it still said $40 on the email I got, but I was assured that the discount would be applied on my account and I'd get the EPL. Anyway, just got an email asking me to activate my Optus Sport subscription, so looking good so far :)

        • I just order it and they email me with promotional price (on the email) but it is temporary order. Hope the contract they sent later will be discounted price if not, gonna have to call them up.

  • Be careful Optus not good handle complaint from customer , I got problem with 25% Family Friend discount not applied to my plan, and they misled about free fetch tv they charge $20 extra, I complaint so many time to customer service, only promise they will fix and monitor, never ever RESOLE !!! for 3 months now still on dispute complaint help by TIO, Please consider if you want open new plan with optus. OPTUS NOT as good like Before.

    • They have long wait times even for people trying to sign on to a plan with them, they are under funding customer service massively.

  • If anyone isn't using theirs, would love to sign up - PM thanks

  • Just jumped over to optus. was on a 50/month plan with vodafone previously. but this is 15GB at 30/month!

  • Did anyone actually sign up to the trial? I'm with Optus sales and I told them my friend got the offer and they said they would be happy to sign me off to this deal if they can verify that my friend actually got the email offer haha. Pls pm me if you signed up to the trial and got the targeted offer!

  • Anyone care to PM their offer if they don't plan on using it? Would appreciate it greatly!

    • Just get on chat and try.

      I was able to get it. I did have to port a Telstra number across though.

      • I tried but they wouldn't budge

        • i just got off the chat. i was able to get the deal.
          the rep got me on the $30 My Plan Plus and said he would apply the discount + optus sports.

          maybe try again and hope the rep will get you on the deal

        • @sakewasabi: Were you a current Optus customer and what sort of plan were you on?

        • @Tex Texan:

          im not a current optus customer.

          what i did was i just straight up told rep that I'm interested with sim only plan that comes with free optus sport
          and there is a plan going for 18.75$ which I'm particularly interested in.

          thereon, he sorted everything.

        • Maybe try the chat again? I have just signed up to the $30 plan and ported over from Virgin. The rep was GaryH. Really friendly and didnt object at all.

        • @sakewasabi: Same got the deal yesterday morning via a chat. Going from TPG mobile (1.5GB/month) to this for less than double the price. Awesome.

        • @Trishool:

          nice … enjoy ur extra 1.5gb :)

        • @sakewasabi: I didn't get 1.5GB extra, I got 13.5GB extra, I am on the 15GB deal with Premier League access for $30 per month.

        • @Trishool:

          wow…. even better!!! no need to worry about running out of data * thumbs up *

      • Just an update, I randomly got a call from an Optus sales representative as my contract was expiring next month. I asked him about this deal and he said it's now available to all new and recontracting customers but as I was a current contract I wasn't able to keep my number. I asked if I could port to prepaid and then switch to that plan and he said he's not allowed to tell me yes but advises I do so. So I ported to prepaid and a couple hours later I got in contact with live chat and they said I was eligible and signed right up.

        Tldr; Optus customers can port to prepaid to be eligible for the deal.

        • how long did it take u to port it to prepaid?

        • @Ragnarok1982:

          A couple hours

        • @devize: change tonprepaid couple hours ago but they still having trouble to sign me up sigh

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    Just signed up through live chat sales to the $30 15gb plan, existing optus customer currently with 2 months left on my contract (was on the $40 sim only plan).

    • +1

      including Optus Sport? see my comment below

      • Yes ofcourse… its part of the plan, you can't exclude that bit…

  • I am currently in the middle of an absolute struggle trying to get this plan.
    The Optus member is denying things that the terms clearly state.

    me: it says 12 months Optus Sport included though…
    optus: yes that means data free streaming. you must pay for the subscription first.


    • +1

      Remember your dealing with very low IQ people on chat, just signup and argue the terms and inclusions later if its not there. Much Much easier this way.

  • Signed up to the $18.75 per month deal and received a temporary order showing the correct amount.
    Today received an order confirmation showing I will be paying $40 per month + $9.95 one off fee.

    Spoke to Optus about the error and they just told me to wait till I get my contract to see if I am approved for the lower cost per month.

    Reminds me why I left Optus all those years ago!

    • Yeah. I'm wondering if I'll actually get what they told me I'll get.

      I've got the chat transcript to prove it anyway

    • finger crossed. hope my order and books are in order :|

    • Q: When will the 25% discount be applied and how long does it last for?

      A: 25% discount applies to the monthly access fees only and does not apply to handset repayments or other charges. The discount will be applied by the second bill. The discount will last for 24 months.

      Q: When will I get the access fee discounts ($5 and $10)

      A: The $5 and $10 access fee discount will be applied by the second bill. The discount will last for 12 months

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    Coming up to 2 hours on online chat with Optus, 4 different CSR's, 4 different responses and who the offer is for/not for… getting nowhere…. they are actually driving me to disconnect from them completely!

    • +1

      wow, having the same experience!

    • +1

      I gave up after 20 mins, the person I chatted to clearly had no idea and didn't want to help.

      • +1

        I wouldn't waste more than 2 minutes on one person. Just keep closing and trying someone else. You pretty much know straight away if they are going to be helpful or not.

    • I'm getting close to disconnecting completely. Loyal customers are being suggested to pay more money for less of everything… absolutely pathetic.

      Is there anywhere which will somewhat match this?

  • -2

    Can a current Optus customer who has managed to get this deal please PM me your mobile no. so I confirm with CSR

  • Can anyone comment how well optus sport works on Apple TV? EPL included seems like a good deal.

    Will the 12month offer cover the world cup?

    Is it worth signing up for 24 months?

  • +1

    Spoke with a really helpful guy on live chat, I said I was hoping to sign up for the $18.75 deal etc, he knew about it, said fine. He didn't ask about free trial or anything. I confirmed it included every thing etc, he said yep all good and I went through the process. Got an order number - all good - just waiting for sim now. Hope no issues when I go to activate etc, but I printed out the chat so we should be covered.

    • same here. Signed up with $30 plan. Live chat guy was helpful. She pasted with the standard $480 penalty, and I corrected her with $144, she agreed.

      Printed the chat history and waiting sim arrival next week. Thanks OP.

  • Great deal thanks for sharing!!!!

    Anyone can sign up to this deal as long as you are new to Optus or if you are an existing customer you can re-contract onto this deal.

    • Tried multiple times as an existing customer trying to recontract but no luck

      • Yeah I'm trying to get my wife on that as she is with Optus now. Speaking with the online chat now actually. I swear I saw new and recontract on the deal but now I can't find it and the chat dude is saying new only.

        EDIT: actually I just saw it. Half way down the page where it gives an overview of both deals it "New and recontracting services only" so if you are out of contract with Optus you are eligible to apply.

        • I'm a recontracting customer, and i threatedned with legal action for false advertising because they wouldnt give me the deal.

          Anyone have any tips on how to get them to cave?

        • @tabboo:


          How are they doing anything illegal?

          I thought the deal was for selected people who signed up for the EPL trial. Or did you get the email? In that case I guess they are :)

          They don't have to give it to anyone else.

          My advice is to keep trying and be polite about it.

        • @chromium: i know, but at the top it says for new and recurring customers. I tried being nice to a few, and it didnt work, so i tried to threaten with false advertising claims and whatnot. Didn't work either. just trying different methods i suppose

        • @tabboo:

          Lol. I didn't get the email but was able to get the deal by porting from a prepaid Telstra number.

        • @tabboo: I tried similar methods and they don't even admit it says recontracting on the advert. I think the only option is to port to any other provider (including Optus resellers as that is a port) and then get the deal before 2/10.

        • +2

          @billybob1978: scumbags admitted they were wrong by changing the advert!

        • @tabboo: yeah so true. It's just annoying that the online staff couldn't admit that it said recontracting and that they made a mistake. Even though they should be looking after their existing customers.

        • +1

          @tabboo: although the Critical Information Summary still says "New and recontracting services only" haha idiots.

        • @billybob1978: dumbasses. I'll see how i go over the phone. I'll bring points up, and get them to be sick of me.

          I will update

        • @tabboo: sounds good. I'll try and call as well and update.

        • @billybob1978: I got nothing. I took the screenshots of the original site and submitted it to the accc. Not sure if it counts as false advertising.

  • +3

    They have sneakily gone and changed the conditions to "new services only" after yesterday it saying "new and recontracting services".

    Yesterday: https://imgur.com/a/IGPkH

    Today: https://offer.optus.com.au/eploffer

    • +2

      Optus is scum. I will be leaving now. A company that treats its customers worse than new customers does not deserve my money.

      • +1

        Most companies are like that unfortunately.

        I got this deal for my son, wondering if should try and get it for myself too.

        Currently on an old Telstra prepaid. $50 for 4GB, but I can use that $50 on Google Play for netflix, Google music, apps, etc

        • I just had a chat with someone. apparently when i call their prepaid team over the phone, they will be able to assist in changing my number from post paid to prepaid, and back again, which will make me eligible for the offer. I saved the chat log confirming they can do this, and got the staff member's ID number. Will follow up as to whether or not this works

        • Yep TPG is notorious for this. Its a way they can increase their customer base by offering exclusive deals to new customers. Going to Telstra or another carrier won't change this, unless you continually change carriers after each new contract.

  • I got the $30 deal with free sport yesterday, but had to sign up again with a new number. The sim is coming today, and then I'll just cancel the old number as I'm out of contract. Not worried about having a new number as I pretty much only use it for the EPL anyway. Probably should have just got the $18 deal, but I might get some use out of the 15gbs.

  • just an update….

    got my account all sorted yesterday. downloaded the yes optus app.

    look under entertainment, optus sports is inactive.
    called CSR.. said it will take up to 48hours for the system to update the status.
    check the status again this morning and its active :)

    p/s: read lots of horror stories about optus sport app not playing ball with other devices ie. not being able to cast onto tv.
    i would like to say it was a pleasant experience for me last night. i was able to cast from my iPhone to my android tv without a glitch.

    london derby tomorrow… are you a blue or a red?

    enjoy the weekends guys…. :)

  • Activated the SIM and the Optus app shows 14 GB plan and not 15

  • Regretting this already. Support is a joke. Been on chat for over an hour trying to find out why I have 14 GB instead of 15. The chat keeps ending and I have to through the whole process again.

    They keep putting me through to the sales team to put in an order for a new plan. Absolute shambles.

    • sorry to hear that. i'll be pissed too if this happen to me.

      what did the critical information summary says when they send it to you? was it 15gb or 14gb?
      I suspect they might have put you on a wrong plan from the beginning.

      hope you get it resolved as painlessly and as quick as possible.

      • It said 15GB in the CIS

        • it should be easy to resolve since CIS said 15GB.
          i know its hard to keep a cool head, but these guys are minions
          perhaps ask what can be done to get it sorted

          a little bit of nice-ness goes a long way if not TIO should be straight forward

          my CIS said 30$ for 3gb which does not telly to the deal offered.
          CSR said discount is added separately once i agreed to the deal.
          before we end the chat, CSR said he applied the discount and optus sport

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