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Nintendo 2DS Console + Mariokart 7 $119.20, Nintendo 2DS XL Console + Tetris $159.20 + P&H @ EB GAMES eBay


2 decent prices for these consoles especially the new 2DS XL, Prob a good xmas present :)

Nintendo 2DS Console + Mariokart 7 $119.20
Nintendo 2DS XL Console + Tetris White $159.20
Nintendo 2DS XL Console + Tetris Black & Blue $159.20

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    thx mate, guess it's the better thing to do after finished watching the Apple Keynote.

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    If anybody notices the Switch coming back on sale… This sad fella missed out the other night! Good deal on 2DS though

    • There's a refurbished one

    • Me too. Hesitated on the Switch as wanted neon. Picked up a 2ds xl though. Pretty good deal.

  • I need one of these so I can play the new Metroid.

    • i heard the 3d on the new Metroid really works well

  • Silly question, but where am I supposed to enter the code? If I click Buy it now, it takes me to a page where I can try to apply a coupon code, but it keeps telling me that I can't use the code PICNIC?

    • Sorry are you still stuck?

      • Figured it out. I had the correct spot for the code, but what was wrong was my eBay account country setting as I have been using it overseas. Changed that to Australia and the code worked just fine.

  • Is the game an actual cartridge or is it built-in?

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      Thumbnail answers that question

      • Doesn't specify for the 2DS XL only the 2DS, wonder if that means it's a physical copy for the XL.

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          Mariokart is installed on 2ds. Tetris is cartidge for the XL bundle

  • noob question for a first time 3ds buyer. do I need to buy any other accessories ie. memory card etc for the thing to work?

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      The 3DS (not sure about the 2DS but I assume it's the same) comes with a low-speed, 4GB micro SD inside. You'll want something bigger if you plan on downloading any games rather than just buying physical cartridges.

      As for accessories, again not sure about the 2DS but neither the N3DS nor the N3DS XL come with a charger. So you'll need a charger. Or at least a $1 USB charging cable off eBay.

      • Thanks. I managed to confirm it does come with a charger.

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    You might as well advertise the 2DS XL as the "New!" 2DS XL.

    PS: Nintendo has to change how they name things.

  • Soooo, R4s, are they still a thing?

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      I believe you need sky3ds+ to play 3ds games.

      • Cool thanks, i will give that a look. There really aren't too many games beyond pokemon that im interested in enough to pay for (especially after the cost of the 2ds itself) so the only way id get one is with an R4 (sky3ds)

        • I am in a very similar situation. I am getting the 3DS only to play Pokemon and Dragon Quest

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          Don't pay attention to the guy above you. Sky3DS etc. are ridiculous. You need an R4i to play old DS games, and you can use that to install custom firmware on your 3DS.


        • Thanks mate. I think i will give it a shot, enough games to justify the cost of a 2ds to pass the time on travel to uni.

        • @thearbiter117: the R4 let's you play DS games but not 3DS. Are you saying the custom firmware you can enable via the R4 also gives you 3DS game capability?

  • Thanks! There's postage $4.95 btw

  • For anyone still looking for a switch.
    The (grey)brand new ones are back in stock.

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