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iPad 32GB Wi-Fi Gold $372.10 (Save $96.90) + $8 P&P if Req / 10% off All iPads @ The Good Guys


10% off plus an extra $50 off the iPad 32GB WiFi Gold model only.

Specs can be found here: https://www.apple.com/au/ipad-9.7/

Apply both codes online at the checkout overview page or show them in store. Only available on the Gold model.

Plus, 10% off code applies to all other iPads using the code IPAD10

Extra $50 off ends Monday.

EDIT: I am aware that both codes do not seem to be working right now. I have message TGG online and via Facebook for a response.

I have since received the following email advertising the offer, so they have no excuse not to honor this.



EDIT 18/09

The $50 expires at 11:59pm tonight. Some users have advised they have managed to get the offer directly in store on back order. Refer here.

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  • +4

    Best price I've seen - great fine OP!

  • +2

    wow, a true bargain.

    • -5

      Is it really?

      I recall the 128GB version being $399 from HN months ago, with AMEX $50 credits.

      • +4

        I've just checked the pricehipster and the cheapest price the 128gb version has ever been on HN was $548 back in June, so it would cost $498 with the AMEX offer (spend $350 get $50 back)

  • +1

    Only registers one of the promo codes for me? How did you get to use them both at the same time? It's like it replaces it over the top

    • +2

      Had same issue. I emailed online support. No phone numbers to call

    • +1

      Now fixed

  • +1

    Which model, is this the 2017?
    Any recommendations on extended warranty options,?

    • +3

      This is the latest model.

  • +1

    Only registering one code for me too. Accepts both but doesn't apply the discount.

  • +1

    When using both code online, only one ($50 0ff) seems to apply…

    • +2

      Now fixed

      • Cheers, bricabrac89! Ordered one.

  • +1

    Same as czd and sora, only the APPLE50 seems to work. Ipad10 is registered, but not doing anything.
    OP, did you manage to get on with the price?

    • +1

      No I haven't used the codes myself as I already own an iPad. Perhaps contact TGG and tell them it is not working as advertised.

  • It will add the 10% coupon if you add 2 to the cart, might a minimum price activation for the 10%

    • +2

      Shouldn't be. It's clearly advertised on the item page itself as use both code1 and code2.

  • +8

    I've just shot TGG a message to tell them it is not working. Not sure I'm going to get a response.

    • +2

      Thanks bricabrac89, awaiting your reply

      • +1

        We already know it now works, but just for reference they responded that they were aware of the issue and it is resolved.

  • +1

    Would officeworks price beat work?

    • +2

      They don't beat prices with coupon code applied AFAIK

      • Just tried at my local, and they said no beating with coupons

    • +1

      My local officeworks beat the price. I bought 2 and then my sister went and bought one.
      Price came to $353.50 each.

      • Can you upload the receipt? Having no luck with getting my local OW to price beat it.

      • You got lucky my nearest officeworks refuses to price beat.

      • +5
        • Tried 2 OW stores with the receipt and they still wouldn't budge. The second store didn't even believe the receipt was real even after asking him to check with store on it.

          Thanks for uploading the receipt, though.

        • @smog:
          Unlucky, maybe others will be luckier.

        • @reeceanthony: Punchbowl in NSW wouldn't match either. They said they might have if it had been an Officeworks close by but since it's in Vic no go.

        • That won't work they always use the internet to check and copies or print won't be accepted.

  • 10% off Apple iPads:
    Applies 14/09/17 – 20/09/17 inclusive. We negotiate everyday so you Pay Less. Discounts apply to most recent ticketed/advertised price as at 14/09/2017. Products may have sold below ticketed price in some stores prior to the discount offer.

  • +1

    Send them message on their facebook page. They are very quick and will usually come up with a solution.

  • +1

    I am desperate for one. Had been waiting for this for a few months! Please tell us we could apply both codes, TGG!

    • +3

      I am desperate for a gold model.
      (and an iPad). lol

      • Me too

      • So what is the plan? You are keeping the gold model and just gumtree the ipad at the discounted price? ;D

    • The other option is to go in the store and purchase it, show the price to the staff.

      • That's the problem. TGG doesn't have that many stores at convenient locations anymore. I thought they all shutdown already last year.

      • That doesn't work with the website codes. Tried on another deal recently. There basically price beating themselves. Depends what the product is and how much margin is there. For a recent deal, I went instore to have a look at the product and they told me just to buy online and it would be ready in 30mins..

        Maybe different here as codes aren't working properly.

        • +2

          Should have clarified, in TGG email it says "… Or show this email in store". Im in the middle of picking one up at the moment. Staff seem cool about it.

        • @bob smith:
          Yes different. It's advertised as in store. I wonder what will happen when they run out of stock Im not in the country at the moment and had to click and collect from quite a few suburbs over as there was no stock around close to me.

      • Show what price? It's still 469 unless both coupon apply.

        • +1

          I think he means to show $469 normal price and also the discount advertising "ENTER BOTH PROMO CODES AT CART IPAD10 + APPLE50 TO RECEIVED 10% OFF + $50 OFF".

          It's clearly stated that both codes can be used together.

        • @DarkOz: Unfortunately that's not how price match works, you have to show them a final figure.

        • +1

          @demiurge: It wasn't a price match. All he was saying is instead of buying it online we could to go the TGG store and simply show the staff the promotion to get the discount.

    • +2

      Now fixed

  • +2

    10% off other new iPads are good price already.. Managed to get Myer to sort of pricematch TGG ($550 for 128gb wifi only ipad), which works out to be cheaper than the recent Myer 20% off ebay deal after combining with discounted Myer GCs (Woolworths catalogue sale and AMEX Vogue offer) and Myer One points.

  • -3

    GONE. WON'T accept both codes any more. $419

    • Yup. Have the same issue. Although it says both codes are allowed on their Web pages. But I find one will override the other.

    • +3

      Don't think it ever did.

      • I got the price that OP stated for 5 minutes. Went to check with my wife if she wanted it (her iPad is very old). Came back about 10 mins later and began the process again. Nope. Might have to go in-store now… :(

        • +1

          Perhaps they were trying to resolve the issue. As I am yet to get both codes working at the same time. Despite an email showing the offer and it being on the item listing page.

    • +1

      Now fixed

  • +5

    Just received an email advertising the same promotion so they've got no excuse not to honour it in store or even an Officeworks price match.


    • Any chance to upload the email? I'll get it from the store! Thanks.

      • I've linked a screenshot of the required part above

  • Only 1 code will work for me. Either one or the other. But still works when adding to cart.

  • What are the specs for this… just in case the deal starts working

    • Literally the same as the iPad Air 2 WiFi but only thicker and heavier with a faster CPU.

      • +2

        I don't think the screen is as good as the Air 2 either. It doesn't have the anti reflective coating or something like that.

      • Better:

        DDR4 RAM
        New SOC.
        New motion co-processor.
        32.4 W·h battery.


        No anti-reflective coating.
        No fully laminated display.
        Slightly thicker (like 1.5mm's difference.)
        30g heavier.

        I don't know:

        Higher clock speed, but 1 less-core processor.


  • +4

    Just called two Officeworks stores in Victoria and they said they would price beat. Heading into one now, will report back if successful!

    • Any luck?

      • +1

        my local officeworks beat the price by showing the email. $353.50 each

      • Marion SA said they can't match coupon deals. :(

        JB matched the 10%, but 50 off in the 5-10 minutes between stores meant I missed out on that one, so I got a kinda average priced iPad…oh well Mrs is happy.

  • Damn its a shame its not working like its supposed to!

  • +2

    I just bought it with this offer. I added 2 iPads applied the two coupons then removed one ipad. Checked out via pick up and PayPal.

    • +1


      Both codes now working, they must have fixed it

  • +1

    it worked ok for me; http://prntscr.com/glqlsu

  • +1

    I received an email from TGG with their ads, including this deal. End 11:59 18/9/2017. It must work or TGG has to fix their online order system.

  • +2

    Had Harvey Norman price match online.
    No fuss.
    I had Giftcards hence why…

    • Same here, feel great to get rid of HN giftcards……

      I have been holding it for a while, can't justify buying anything there.

      • yeah - too long, and finally found something to buy!

    • can someone upload a harvey norman receipt please, my local store wont match. thanks

      • The good guys store near my place dont have stock. So I uses Chat online with HN and pick up in store. It works for me.

  • +1

    APPLE50 overrode IPAD50 but removing APPLE50 and re-adding worked.

  • +1

    Works for me. Added two then removed one.

  • Thanks! Purchased one.

  • Couldn't find how many GB of RAM for this ipad. Anyone knows?

    • +3

      Think its 2-3GB


  • +2

    thanks op, got 2.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, got one for the better half!

  • I already have an iPad Air 2, is it worth getting this iPad 2017 to replace the Air2? Very good price for the new iPad but I don't see much difference between the two…

    • +3

      Approx 30g heavier
      Approx 1.5mm thicker frame (no laminated display on new model)
      Brighter Display
      A9 chip vs A8 chip (Faster)
      Same Camera Spec
      Same Storage Options
      Same Battery/Life

      … so yeah basically the same

    • +4

      I am sort of in the same boat I have a 16gb air one, the kids are starting to fight over the single pad and the 16gb memory is a burden. From what I can see the doc is air 2 is twice as fast as air 1, the 2017 is twice as fast as air 2. The rest of specs are similar. The 2017 is thicker than air 2.

      Would like to upgrade from air 1 for the fingerprint reader.

      Update I pulled the trigger I was going to hunt around for a cheap China pad for the kids but at these prices, whats the point. Comparable specs would be $250-$300 and it'd be a grey import of questionable quality.

  • +1

    Got one. Thanks OP and Kinko82. I tried the trick earlier but it didn't work. It happens that you need to add 2 ipads in the beginning and not afterwards.

  • Made a purchase but no confirmation email in regards to the order.
    Anyone experiencing the same?

    • It worked for me, got an email confirmation within a minute of Paypal checkout.

      • I didn't use PayPal unfortunately.
        Was the following email from GoodGuys?

        • Yup. I got two back-to-back emails, one from Good Guys "Order Received" and another from Paypal "Payment receipt".

          EDIT: I think I misread your post. I don't have a TGG "Order Confirmed" email. I did opt to pick up from local TGG which appears to be out of stock!

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