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Xiaomi Wiha Precision Screwdriver Kit US $24.99 (~AUD $31.24) @ GeekBuying


edit again: Looks like it's not a pre-order any more!

edit: I ordered on the 18th and received a shipped notification with tracking number on the 19th… so maybe they're shipping it early.

Fed up with cheap screwdriver kits getting chewed up and stripping your screws? Time to join the big boys with this precision kit by Xiaomi, in conjunction with Wiha. Won't someone think of the screws??

The 24 bits are 60HRC S2 tool steel and come in a sandblasted anodized aluminium case. It looks a bit like the aluminium shell from the original 16,000mAh Xiaomi power banks. The driver handle is aluminium as well.

Here's an overly dramatic video showing the kit.

If you're not familiar with Wiha, they're the ones who can get away with selling $990 screw driver sets.

The bits are magnetically attached to the case.

List of bits:
- PH000 / PH00 / PH0 / PH1 / PH2
- SL1.5 / SL2.0 / SL3.0 / SL4.0
- P2 / P5
- T2 / T3 / T4
- TR5 / TR6 / TR8 / TR10 / TR15
- H1.5 / H2.0
- U2.6
- Y3
- TRI2.3

Ships in 19 days. 2.8% cashback with CashRewards.

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  • +16

    About time somebody made this. Tired of buying all the cheap quality ones.

    • +2

      Wiha has been in the tool making business for 70+ years in Germany, just look on Amazon and there are plenty of quality sets.

      They merely stuck a Xiaomi name on it this time around.

      • +3

        Can you confirm this from personal experience or better yet a credible link?

        I use Wiha tools for my work (mobile phone repair) and they are excellent….makes me very suspicious with the Xiaomi brand attached lol

        • +1

          Seems to me that Xiaomi is basically making a name for themselves as a high quality Chinese manufacturer. Whether they make it or not I see them and assume the item must be pretty good, not the best, but good.

        • Xiaomi is a reliable brand, not your aliexpress one hung lo fall apart knock-off merchants. They partner with third party manufacturers to produce pretty good quality products.

  • Looks very nice. I have two sets of the Jackly ones, one of them being this which has a neat storage for the bits but has very soft metals, and this $1.35 one which has a horrible plastic compartment and all the bits will fall out when you're trying to to hunt for the right bit.

    • I don't have that set in particular but I have quite a few "Jackly" brand tools. Every one of them is cheap garbage. Ok if you're not using them often but if you are, Wiha is the way to go!

  • +2

    I think this Xiaomi set I bought yesterday is better choice:

    I paid $36 for the driver, and $60 total with another 21pcs bits set.

    Maybe OP should list it together so peoples can have more choice.

    • So the driver doesn't have any bits included ? Link to the extra 21 bits please?
      Noted two models a1 and 1fs

    • +1

      I think this Xiaomi set I bought yesterday is better choice:

      Dunno, I have a cordless one of a different brand and the slow speed frustrates me. I'm actually contemplating the second version of the (rather expensive) ES120 which will have a variable max 400rpm speed and variable torque. There's a setting that can vary the speed based on how much you turn the driver. The Wowstick is fixed at 100rpm.

      Looks like you paid $24 for your 21pc bit set. For $7 more you could get this Wiha 60HRC 24pc bit set in an aluminium case with an aluminium driver. It's a standard 4mm bit set which will also work with the Wowstick. That'd be the best of both worlds. :)

    • Thanks bought one

    • +4

      80% of what you are paying for with this set is the supposedly higher quality bits, which is usually the weakest part of any of these mulit-bit sets. The handle is just there to let you use the bits.

  • Pre-ordered a set, thanks OP

  • +4

    Might just be me, but I think I'd prefer to go to Gearbest's flashsale of $37.83 and get this delivered within 5-12 business days (Priority Mail) rather than save $6 for a pre-order that won't be shipped until the second week of November using Geekbuying.

    (Previous comment removed for posting URL to Gearbest's ad…)

    • +11

      Cue an observant Gearbest rep with a code for AUD26.99

      • Does this mean you used livechat to haggle them down to 27 AUD?

        • Nah, just leaving it to fate if someone from GB decides to slay the competition on price :)

          My frickin GB order page is already 4 pages long, doh!

        • @thelastnoob:

          GB price right now is AUD 36.53. ($5.29 higher than OP's deal)

          The way of an OZB'ian is to pay less, not more :)

        • @X3:
          What deviner said above that you can pay a little more to get this a lot sooner if necessary

          "I'd prefer to go to Gearbest's flashsale of $37.83 and get this delivered within 5-12 business days (Priority Mail) rather than save $6 for a pre-order that won't be shipped until the second week of November using Geekbuying"

  • +4

    I use Wiha screwdrivers everyday. The quality is fantastic.

    I have no doubt these will also be of high quality.

    • Also use them daily, quality is indeed fantastic.

      I'm not so confident of the quality of this set though. This product begs the question - why the collaboration? and who actually made the product (and therefore determines the quality). It's not at all uncommon for a typically low quality Chinese company to "collaborate" with a high quality (usually Western) company. The Chinese company produces a low quality, cheap product, and pays the higher quality, well known company a fee to stamp their name on the product, thus attracting buyers who are after a high quality product.

      Sometimes you do actually end up with a high quality product for cheap but it's bloody rare.

    • Then, why no upvote?

      • I'm only commenting on my previous experience with Wiha products.

        I have not done any price comparison, so I can't say whether it's a deal or not.

        Sorry mate

  • The question is: does it have all the bits I need to [email protected] into my consoles and apples products? I always seem to be buying a new set for 1 or 2 bits

    • -1

      Need a heat gun for Apple products. There's no screws. You have to remove the screen, which is glued to the case, thus the need for a heat gun.

      Also, it's easy to break something if you don't know what you're doing. Apple does it intentionally so you have to go back to them. They score low on repairability ratings.

      • +6

        Dont worry xiaomi leja heatgun on the way….

      • +1

        To be honest I only threw in Apple because others have their products and they're a pain in the backside. I was more asking if it just had all the obscure bits, I have a heat gun and a hair dryer for more delicate work (like my hair) already :)

      • Every iPhone I have ever repaired required screws to open them up. Only time I have needed a heat gun was for an iPod Touch.

        • +1

          Typical troll. Apple actually have fairly easy iPhone repairs. I think there was one iPod nano that was a bit risky to disassemble, which might be what you're talking about.

        • @no not me: Oh fair enough. I myself am not the biggest fan of Apple or their products, but I always seem to end up fixing them for friends and family. The devices I was talking about were definitely the iPod Touch 1st and 2nd gen models. Maybe even the 3rd. I always found it strange that they were pretty similar devices to the iPhone counterparts released at similar times in generations, yet they always secured the phones with screws, but the iPod devices always needed a heat gun to be able to separate the front panels.

        • @mdogxxx: Hm, it is odd. I think Apple opt for screws in a number of their handheld devices now because the Apple Store will repair things on-site and it's not viable to have things glued down. I think a lot of their glued stuff has to be exchanged or have a given part replaced entirely, so it probably works out expensive for them in the end.

          What annoys me is the MacBook lineup and lack of ability to really repair anything, apart from the trackpad. But I guess even that could be worse, the new Surface laptop is totally glued together and can't be opened without using a blade to slide the suede-like exterior seams :/

      • +1

        Repairing handheld Apple stuff is generally fine. Upgrading, not so much. Repairing HTC is far, far worse. Even jump on iFixit, iPhone 7 scores 7/10 repairability, compared to Galaxy S8 (4/10) Note 8 (4/10), LG G6 (5/10), Pixel XL (7/10), HTC 9 (2/10). So Apple seems to be pretty much fine for phones. Laptops not so much, 2016 MacBook Pros scored 1/10…

      • Not true. There are a myriad of unusual screws/bits across all Apple products (iPhones and Macbooks mainly).

        Source: I fix Apple products every day for work ;)

        Edit: I agree 100% about apple and the repair ability. It's mainly on their iPad's and Macbook Pro's - as you say they really do go out of their way to make them hard to repair.

    • +1

      No, you'd need a Y000 bit for some consoles and apple products.

  • Should work well with my Xiaomi WowStick that I bought from Geekbuying too. lol.. But these cost as much as that powered screwdriver though!

    • +4

      I just love that name, Wowstick. Could be anything. Do you want to see my Wowstick?

      • +2

        Keep it in your pants!

      • +1

        Wowstick to screw. Needed to come from Banggood. lol

  • +2

    I want a deal on Xiaomi WOWSTICK 1fs Electric Screwdriver.

    • +1

      Sounds like a good plan đź‘Ť

      • +2

        Maybe do the deal on the Wowstick A1 or the 1S lithium versions since people don't like the torque from the AAA battery ones. I didnt buy it because didnt think it was worth $70.

        • Too much or too little torque from the aaa? Assuming too little, however to be honest if it's a good quality item that will last I prefer having a replaceable battery, and speed is more important to me than torque, as I am most likely to use this with electronics so torque isn't an issue

        • +1

          @Jackson: people were complaining it did too little in Torque below (<5nm). But these are small screws to be honest and really no need for massive amounts of torque.

        • @bchliu: people here snob over tools all the time, it's a plague

  • +1

    Thanks ozbargain for another unplanned purchase.

  • +7

    The Wowstick is crap. Look up reviews from people who actually work on electronics…

    Sceptical of this set also. Saw reviews saying the anodising comes off very easy. I use Wiha tools for work everyday and never has it ever looked like the anodising was going to come off. Seems like a red flag. Wiha probably cutting a lot of cost to get to this pricepoint.

    Also has been $22.99USD @ Banggood in the past.

    • Hmm, which Wiha tools do you use are made of anodised aluminium? Are you referring to the black oxide coating on their screwdrivers?

      Also has been $22.99USD @ Banggood in the past.

      Yeah, that's when I bought mine. I didn't bother posting it though, as stocks were quite limited. It was during their big sale two weeks ago.

    • "Working Mode Dual Torque 0.2/3 Nm"

      This explains the weak ass performance.

      The not so fair comparison (for a scale purpose), the cheap-ass Ikea $20 electric screwdriver is 5 Nm, The Ryobi 18V driver is 40-50 Nm.

      • +4

        Ahh… 5Nm on a tiny PH00 screw would instantly destroy it. :)
        The Wowstick has its uses, I just find the slow speed and 2 fixed torque settings too limiting. I'm looking forward to the second version of the rather nsanely expensive ES120 opensource screwdriver which can do up to 400rpm with multiple torque settings.

      • +2

        You seriously do not want to strip screws of that size and nature. You can go with the more expensive versions of the Wowsticks that does not use the 2xAAA batteries but the onboard Li-Ion ones that should give you much better torque. But I've already got bigger drivers for the bigger screws. Its only when I am taking apart phones and laptops that I need the wowstick for.

        It easily unscrews Loctite screws even with this level of torque from 2xAAA batteries.

  • How are these vs wera?

    • I was contemplating getting the Wera too, but these are cheaper and the bits should be just as durable. The Wera can still be useful in some situations though, e.g. if a screw is deeply recessed.

    • +1

      Wera is my preference, I've had a number of sets of whia, there's not a lot between them.

      • +1

        Wera laser cut screwdrivers are the best I've used by far. It's great they sell a bit of it at bunnings.

        • But Wera don't have lasertip in precision series, and their precision series is incomplete, e.g. they don't have pentalobe one.

        • @O O: Yeah I haven't bought any of their precision ones yet. These wiha ones look reasonable.

  • Pretty tempting.

  • The $900 screw driver set isn't just your ordinary driver set though. They are the ones that let you control the torque being applied. Still overpriced but it's a completely different animal.

    • Yes, point being they make serious tools, not your everyday Craftright or Trojan stuff.

      • Agree on that front.

  • Damn, woulda bought one if it also included the Y000 Tri tip

  • Is this considered a deal because it's a Wiha set for $31? Or is it more expensive elsewhere? Wondering what makes this a bargain, that's all.

    • +1

      It's a Wiha set for $31, and it's more expensive elsewhere.

      well.. almost. There's an aliexpress seller that has it for 70c cheaper, but the wait time is 45 days on top of shipping time.

      It also looks nicer than a normal Wiha set. :)

  • the aluminium is a nice finish, but i dont see a hole in the top of the drive in order to poke a bit through in order to provide torque. NTM that this will get slippery in the hand…. Thoughts?

    • I suppose it depends on what you want to use it on. Precision screwdrivers aren't normally used for applications that require large amounts of torque.

  • +4

    If the screw is recessed then bits and their holders usually don't fit in the hole deep enough to get to the screw.

    • If only the bits were longer :(

  • +1

    I'm really sceptical this is genuine Wiha.

    • Better tell Wilhelm Hahn, the CEO of Wiha then! :)

      • +1

        Yeah definitely not a photoshopped version of this image:

        The bloke seems to be able to strike a good pose for new products!


        Seems very shady at the least…

        • +2

          Do you really think a company the size of Xiaomi is going to counterfeit screwdrivers? Come on…

          Looks like Xiaomi did what it usually does, and acquired a smaller company that specialises in something like they did with Mijia and Yeelight (in this case, maybe imonkey?) and rebranded it.

          They won an award for this toolset too…

        • +1

          @Deviner: So, if it's made by "imonkey" (screams quality!) where does Wiha come in exactly?

        • +2

          Yeah definitely not a photoshopped version of this image:

          Well, better tell him that the largest tech company in China is using his image without permission. Because such a high-profile company would definitely get away with it, right?

        • +1

          @eug: it's obvious at this point that wiha had nothing to do with the design or manufacture of this product… Why put their name on it?

          Something is fishy. Balatant cash grab by Wiha? I would like to think not. Xiaomi "paying off" a reputable tool company to give credibility to a cheapo toolset? More likely. Xiaomi illegally using their name? Not likely.

          It would be like Fluke putting their name on a Jaycar multimeter. Disgraceful!

        • @Doge:

          it's obvious at this point that wiha had nothing to do with the design or manufacture of this product… Why put their name on it?

          What makes it obvious?

        • +1

          @eug: As you showed above it's clearly made by 'Zhuhai imonkey technology Co., Ltd.'. The point still stands… What did Wiha have to do with this toolset? Why is their name on it when they didn't design it?

          I'm sure it's a fine toolset for occasional use at home fixing phones and what not (I will more than likely buy one when they are cheaper) but let's not be delusional thinking Wiha had anything to do with this or that it will be to the same level of quality as there German made counterparts.

        • +1

          I don't think you're going to find all your answers on OzBargain Doge, to be honest.

          But from what I can see, imonkey is a Chinese company that make tools and won an award in 2017 on, what seems to be, a reputable German tools website.
          That same website awarded wiha with an award in 2017 for one of their screwdrivers also.

          What affiliation wiha and Xiaomi have together remains to be seen and it may well be just a case of wiha selling the rights to use their name with this product… but that's more of a negative sell-out tactic by wiha, than a negative from Xiaomi.

          Either way, the screwdriver set is dirt cheap and has an award for Product Design… so it can't be all that bad.

          Xiaomi don't tend to push out low quality items so I wouldn't be particularly worried about this if I were buying it.

        • +1

          @Doge: Having a companies name beside a product doesn't automatically mean they've designed it. In a lot of cases, it just means they have endorsed it in some way (ie. their reputation is also on the line if the item is of poor quality).

        • +2


          As you showed above it's clearly made by 'Zhuhai imonkey technology Co., Ltd.'. The point still stands… What did Wiha have to do with this toolset? Why is their name on it when they didn't design it?

          Where does it say that Wiha didn't design any part of it? That's a product design award, which refers to the … design of the product. They could have purchased bits from Wiha (or manufactured them under licence) to design their product, just like how Xiaomi designed excellent power banks with LG and Samsung cells.

        • +1


          They could have purchased bits from Wiha (or manufactured them under licence) to design their product

          Now you're making sense. Why couldn't you have come up with that theory earlier!

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