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DJI SPARK Mini Drone 1080p Alpine White $543.20 Delivered (HK) @ eGlobal Central eBay


i was looking for my first drone when i came across this deal, pretty good price. looks like 20 Available.
$534.7 after cashback

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    Better off buying the Phantom 3 SE which shoots 4K, 25 min battery life, 4KM range for $614.96 shipped from HK (GearBest). Use coupon "DJIP3SE"

    This is a very good deal for those wanting portability however. Spark only shoots 1080p and has a 2KM range with the controller and 100m with WiFi.

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      Yes, I have to agree. During 18% off I bought a used Phantom 3 Advanced for $650 delivered with 3 good batteries and a dying one. So good batteries will give me about an hour of flight time.

      Spark flight time with the battery is about 12 minutes usable (16 total) AND it only has a 2-axis gimbal not a 3-axis gimbal. Only does 1080p @ 30fps whereas my advanced will do 2.7k @ 30fps or 1080p @ 60fps.

      The Phantom 3 SE is not the best one, like the Spark it doesn't have lightbridge and I don't want dropouts.

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      wow didnt realise they are so cheap now ! I had the Phantom 3 Advanced which I sold almost a year ago for $900 and was waiting for Mavic but then gave up. Mavic is still $1600 for the fly more combo which is too much for someone like me who just wants the occasional aerial videography.

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    I have one of these and they're great for hobbyist drone flying and some fun. But you'll certainly need a controller and another battery. So I strongly recommend the fly more combo.

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    Have the Spark and it's a great drone for small areas or packing light to go somewhere. It's versatile and nimble and easy to use…. BUT! It needs the fly more kit. Battery life is woeful, so you need extra batteries and using it without the controller is gimmicky at best. Forget about the hand signals, as I can not get them to work consistently.

    If you want a high end selfie drone, it's a good buy. If you want something more engaging, get a Phantom.


    It's now 519.20 after a price drop - pretty sweet price with shipping by DHL…. only 1.5hrs left of code however