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20% off 62 Selected Tech Retailers @ eBay


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    OP can you please sort the list of vendors in alphabetical order for easier and quicker lookup?

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      Can copy pasteboard into excel. Sort alphabetical.

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        this is not just for my own benefit but for everyone

        • +17

          Done :)

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          @doweyy: thanks, by now many have wishlisted items and are familiar with eBay vendor names so they just go look straight for their names in the list hoping it will be included in this sale.

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          No worries, I understand. The addition of e-global digital cameras is surprising, have never seen them in these deals before.

        • @doweyy: there are two shoppingsquare entries maybe one is for grey imports and other for local but I wouldn't trust both of them

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          @ozdesi: Would you trust one of them at a time?

        • +2

          How can you tell which ships grey import if both list the item as being shipped within Australia?

        • +1

          @KupoHo: I can't for sure so I said maybe

        • +1

          @chickenface: lol probably

        • +2

          @ozdesi: I like you, used to be wary of these guys.
          I bit the bullet once and since then have been using them fairly regularly with no issue.
          They have 2 seller ID's and supposedly one is OZ, the other is openly not.
          They both ship mostly (if not completely) from OS

    • +30

      Don't know, why don't you look and report back to us?

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    I really wish that Amazon can hold a bit longer, say a few more months before really launching officially, so that we can always get more bargains on ebay one after another.. then also my money may go out of my wallet one after another..

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      competition is only going to increase from here why worry?

      • Not sure who down voted me, but it is my fault, because I should make my SARCASM more obvious..all I wanted to say is that the longer it is Amazon to be up running, the more eBay is feeling the pressure, the more discounts eBay will do in order to keep the customers. There, I think all make sense now, compared to my previous comment?

        • I didn't down-voted you, hope it makes you feel better. Have a nice day!

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      Amazon won't come till late 2018 actually. At the rate they're expanding, they'll need at least that long to fully begin operations in Australia.

      eBay is already ahead of the game and they're hatching plans for beating amazon with a prime-like subcription services and daily deals for certain subbed uers. Though most ozbarginers are definitely looking forward to buying from Amazon because the price jacking has somewhat damaged eBay's reputation.

      • +5

        Meh, eBay is doing nothing. They're just a bunch of money thirsty broker that sucks money out of sellers. It's time for someone to come and teach them a lesson for being complacent and greedy.

      • +4

        Amazon is going to have serious issues providing prime delivery services without either expanding DHL or trying to somehow fix Aus Post.

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        It's not only price jacking that is hurting eBay's reputation. It is illegal and they could be hit with a rather large class action.

        There are quite a few dodgy dealers on eBay now too, who have figured out how to remove negative feedback.

        Also many products marked as local on eBay actually come from China.

        Overall, IMHO, eBay is getting dodgier.

        • who have figured out how to remove negative feedback.

          Interesting. Can you elaborate?
          I recently had my negative feedback appealed against by the seller

        • +3

          yeah i bought something the other week listed as coming from Oz which took about three weeks to get here and had a tracking link to a .cn website. so dodgy

    • More players in the market will only lead to more competition which will lead to more price wars.

      • Yes of course, now my point before is, the longer it takes Amazon to officially launched, the more pre-Amazon eBay sales we get. As long as my wallet is still able to keep it up with it.

  • No minimum spend?

    • No minimum spend. Usually the case for these selected seller deals.

      • Thanks mate

  • +10

    Voucher name should be PJACK20

    • I'd prefer POWER40

    • +8

      The prices are higher at hungry jacks (tm)

      • +22

        Went to Maccas & the girl serving was wearing a burqa. I noticed it was quite dirty and tattered and a bit smelly. It actually put me off so we walked out and went across the road to Hungry Jacks. Here was another girl wearing a burqa. I was happy to see that it was clean and it actually was nicely decorated with beads and sequins. That's when I realised - the Burqas are Better at Hungry Jacks

        • +3

          Was the girl at Maccas Pauline Hanson?

        • +6

          @bunnikins: No, she was busy doing a kids party as Ronald

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          Welcome to Australia

        • +2

          @Bluberry: it’s a great joke!
          How is it racist?

        • @yoyomablue: I'm gonna guess he was trying to be sarcastic and forgot the /s.

          Upvotes for everyone!

        • +4

          @yoyomablue: Bluberry doesnt get it. Its people like them that cry and use the r word incorrectly

        • -7

          @Putnum:No i wasnt being sarcadtic and yes i got the joke.

          Perhaps think before you make comments about other peoples religion and culture.

        • @Bluberry: you obviously don’t understand the basic definition of the term ‘racist’.
          You would probably hate Jim Jefferies, the sharpest comedian on the planet

        • +2

          @Bluberry: I did think before I re-posted a joke from 2011, thanks. Can you show me where in the joke there is any offensiveness to the Burqa? If 'wife-beater' rhymed with 'burger' would I be offending bogans? Get a life mate.

        • @Bluberry:

          Great…now I've only got 3 negative votes left for the day. Hope nobody else decides to be politically correct today…

        • -2

          Yes i get how you dont see the offensive side. Ignorance is bliss to some.

        • @Bluberry: is it? I’ve never been inside an echo chamber - can you describe it?

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    So these stores jack up most of their prices and you get 5-10% off instead of 18% with PARTY18.

    • PARTY18 is site wide so what stores are you talking about?

      • +3

        Price jacking makes the 20% code only about a true 5-10% disc.

      • +5

        The stores included in POWER20.

        Say store A has item X for $100. You could have gotten it for $82 with PARTY18.
        Now the price gets jacked to $110 for POWER20. You pay $88.

        Was that easier to understand for you?

        • -5

          Price jacking is applicable for PARTY18 as well, so its no longer $82 but you pay $110 - 18% = $90.2

          Hope this makes it easier for you to understand

        • +4


          Stores usually don't price jack for site wide coupons (as you pointed out above).

          Hopefully you are able to understand now. :)

        • @bobjane: Above stores will not have two listings for the same item so you can't apply coupons differently.

          If you are talking about different stores i.e. one from this list and another not in this list then MAYBE that could be the case if they BOTH were selling item for the same price and store on this list jacked up the price.

        • +2


          Haha perhaps you are trolling me skillfully.

          As of a few hours ago, PARTY18 existed and POWER20 didn't. So there was no reason for the stores listed above to raise their prices. Since ebay pays for PARTY18, not the stores. You could have applied an 18% discount to unraised prices.

          Due the introduction of POWER20, these stores will now raise their prices tomorrow because part of the discount comes out of their pocket. You are now getting a lesser discount.

          If you still can't understand this. Then I'm definitely getting trolled. :)

        • @bobjane:

          To be fair a majority of these stores were in the PICNIC sale, so their prices won't change before 10am.

        • @bobjane: I'm not trolling, I didn't realize eBay was paying 18% off from their pocket. But now I get your point.

        • Yeah so the reason 18% (or even 15%) sitewide discounts are so good is because there's an economic incentive for sellers to drop their usual prices EVEN LOWER as they compete for a nice fat slice of the extra sales generated by the discount.

          Price jacking happens for non-sotewide sales because even if the participating sellers' prices are only $5 less than the next cheapest non-eligible seller, they'll still get the sales. It's bullshit and should be dealt with by the ACCC. But…

          …I have a feeling the ACCC doesn't really bother with ebay as ebay has done a pretty good job of painting their own reputation as a dodgy counterfeit / knockoff / no warranty grey marketplace.

      • Does not work for me. Sure it's Site Wide?

  • +4

    LF search link please

  • +21

    Lol, galaxy note 8 at shopmonk is $1749 , $250 higher than Samsung's RRP

  • +9

    Search Link (most stores)

    • +17

      This one works on all stores. 😉

      • Haha I was in the midst of fixing my link but you beat me to it, ty :)

        • Good job, but auscamsales is not in your search link. 👍

        • +5

          @O O: not sure about that store: au scam sales

      • This doesn't seem to work. I searched via this link and tried the code and it didn't work.

    • tyvm

  • Any chance we would see a discounted Apple TV 4k over the next coupke of days? Was almost about to preorder one.

  • Wireless1 last had GoPro hero5 for $300 and wireless one is back on the list woot


    • its $549.00? with 20% off it would be $440 not even close to the old deal :(

    • Where did you see wireless 1 in this deal?

  • +1

    wohoo….i smell Amazon now..

  • interesting to see some of the cool name store like "fromchinawithlove" in the list.. made me wondering how these store got the chance to participate the sales?

    • Yeah, I wonder myself with vendors like 'that' one.. only 200 feedback and a 95% score. I assume they just have to opt in and agree to work out a margin for discounts they are prepared to cover on their end for the non-sitewide deals like this one. On a second gander.. even their positives are negative sounding :P

  • +1

    Damnit, really wish futu_online wasn't so bad at price jacking, really been wanting to grab an all-round top spec gaming monitor to last me 5 years like my old BenQ.

    • +6

      After someone posted last time about a good deal they found on a WD Red hard drive, I got excited because I wanted a WD purple…. Until I realised how much they jacked the price. Even after the 20% discount, MSY was still a fair bit cheaper! I've lost faith in these "sales". I'm convinced that they only keep the prices low on a couple of items as bait for people to get excited about, with the intention of people just buying other stuff without checking first "because 20% off!!!11!!One!!"

      • Yep and when people neg and speak out the neg gets removed and they get negged.

  • +5

    Just been looking at the computer stuff its about 30% cheaper on static ice. Tired of these selected store deals. Just missed the 18% site wide :(

    • +5

      18% sitewide starts tonight at 6pm

    • +1

      I would have to sell my family into labour and get a mortgage on the house if someone like MSY or PLE joined eBay for the 18-20% sales.

      • Well technically they have.. 18% off storewide tonight..

  • It does too. Thanks : )

  • Any clue for mirrorless camera?

    • +5

      I have 3 buttons and am normally silver.

    • +1

      I use lenses, but looking through them you'll see no reflection

  • Any good stable, features riched media player out there guys? Xiaomi?
    Currently have an old Boxee streaming from a NAS. Need something modern.


    • +1


      That with LibreELEC on it and you have a media player that will play pretty much anything and won't have any of the drawbacks of the Mi Box (lack of passthrough audio and auto frame rate switching to name a few). A few threads around on Whirlpool about the setup as well as on the LibreELEC forum.

      Recently bought one as I was sick of the crap that was happening with my main HTPC running Windows 10 and haven't looked back since getting it.

      • Thank you. Wil look into this

      • Thanks for the tip.

        Can you run TV tuners through these Android boxes like you can on a Windows HTPC though? My family still likes to watch FTA, which seems to be difficult with these all in one media boxes.

        • +1

          As far as I know it does, but will have to check on the LibreELEC forums for the answer on the exact one. I'm pretty sure people have used the PlayTV tuner without issue on it.

      • Thanks for the tip - got one and got it worked earlier in the week.

        What do you use to control yours? I'm tempted to get one of those tiny keyboard/trackpad combo things, but open to suggestions

        • Yeah seems there could be a couple of issues with some defective ones coming out lately, glad yours wasn't one of them!

          I have an old Hauppauge MCE remote that I bought years ago. Still works great. I had a small keyboard with trackpad on it and on Windows it worked well (until I upgraded), but haven't had a need for it now on this box as everything is meant to be able to be controlled by the remote. Only pain is if you have to enter in text, but I do that rarely and have my wireless keyboard I used for my PC in the lounge room anyway.

        • +1

          @Porthos: I found a remote.conf last night that works with the latest LE and the mecool box! Dosen't have a physical keyboard, but has some learning buttons for the tv so pretty happy with it.

        • +1

          @Domingo: True, I forgot I used the one supplied by WRXTASY and worked well with my current remote. Didn't worry about the included one as the one I have has an external IR receiver as the box is tucked away. Glad it works well for you!

    • +2

      Nvidia shield TV is the best I have seen especially using PLEX. Though its probably cheaper to buy on Amazon.
      Plays 4K, HDR and passes Dolby atmos and other HD audio easily. Also can use the remote that came with my tv to control it. Couldn't be more happy. Very easy to setup too and the remote has a built in microphone which is great when using PLEX or youtube search.

      • I have an Nvidia Shield TV as well in my bedroom and it's good, but for over 1/6th of the price the M8S Pro+ is almost just as good, maybe a slightly little bit laggier in the GUI.

        • Interesting, I might buy one for the parents to use and try it out.

        • @ruddiger7: It takes a little bit of setting up, but only probably 30 mins or so. Once it's done it should be all good. One good thing to do is trasnfer the data porting of LibreELEC to the internal memory (still keeping the microSD card in though) as it drastically increases the speed of the device - https://forum.libreelec.tv/thread/9425-howto-boot-from-sd-ca…

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