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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB for $1199.20 Shipped @ Buy Mobile on eBay


A good deal for AU stock.
Hoping we would see even better prices soon. Holy grail would be a $1000 Note 8 AU Stock.

Original 20% off Selected Tech Stores on eBay Deal Post

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    Ebay code?

    Some effort into your deal?

  • Still haven't shipped from previous deal. Listing said it would ship yesterday.
    People who bought from Vaya have the phone already.

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    If it was Australian stock the warranty should be 24 months instead of 12.

  • Was going to get it from these guys with the last code (same price) but went with Telstra 60gb XXL plan instead. Got the phone yesterday and will get the wireless charger shortly.

    This will now not be eligible for the wireless charger. But price is good.

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    These things are getting more and more ridiculously priced each year.

    • And yet people will still buy them.

  • Curious, if there needs to be a warranty repair on this phone, can you go straight to Samsung or do you need to beg the eBay seller to help?

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    87% positive feedback.. yeah no thanks.

    Edit: URL for ebay feeback https://goo.gl/ULNuUj - comments are pretty damning. Long processing times, selling items that are not in stock, etc

    • this guys took 2 weeks to ship out LG G6, Drop shipping Seller.

      But if u can wait 2 weeks go for it as it comes with paypal protection

  • I'm still waiting for my "pre-ordered" phone that was advertised to despatch on the 22nd September.
    I'm almost tempted to cancel.

    • Just so you know, the invoice has no GST listed so its very sketchy.
      Also,eBay is listed mutliple times so not sure if it's eligable for the free charger. And the invoice date was the wrong date.
      I cancelled and ordered from Bing Lee. Expecting it to arrive Tuesday.

      • Correct it had no GST and I challenged that and they said it was "factored in the price" but shows the RRP of 1499 - so as far as I know, they got 1499 and that eBay subsidised the 20%. So sketchy

        I cancelled on Wednesday noon, heard nothing, then on Friday morning they replied it was already despatched with a tracking number and due for delivery that day. I had a look at the tracking number, and it said it was despatched on the Thursday.

        So tempted to return it..but then I'd have to pay shipping..it's just at home still in its seal.

        • If you paid with paypal, you could probably get free return shipping?

          What was the date on the invoice? Likely you'll get free wireless charger?

          I mainly worried about the GST, since I'm going overseas next month, rather get TRS than maybe getting a charger.

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