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Xiaomi Yeelight E27 USD $11.89 / AUD $14.83 Delivered @ GearBest (25% off)


Original Xiaomi Yeelight 220V E27 Smart LED Bulb - White

The RGBW Yeelight is also on special at $US16.89, 24% off.

Edison (E27) screw, get a cheap bayonet adapter on eBay or at Ikea.
Remember to turn off insurance and choose free shipping!

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  • Any advantage of this over the RGB Multicolor version ?

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      This one should be cheaper, but due to pricing wars, the RGB has become the cheaper variance.

      • Where is the RGB cheaper? I'm looking to put one in the kid's room.

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          Currently the RGB variance isn't on special. But if you look at past deals here, you can see that the RGB version has been cheaper.

    • Also wondering if the WHite only is brighter than the RGB version.

      • According to BangGood, the white vs RGB versions have 550Lm vs 600lm respectively.

  • Not to me. Both are 600lm @ 4000k. So if you can get the rgb version for similar price then there would be no need for this. I have both and the are same brightness.
    edit: looking at Geabest description both are 600lm. In the flesh they are same to me.

    • Do you use the colours much? I noted that the RGBW was also ~25% off.
      I'd think that 50lm wouldn't be noticeable unless it was the only light you had.

      • Nah. only used it to show off to my 4yr old and wife. After that was set to white only. Sometimes play with dimmer. Have played around with Google Home/IFTTT on it but family still used to physical switch.

        • I'm trying to get into Google Home. Do you know if you can you tell it to set the colour and brightness by voice?

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          Yeh you can set the colours by voice, i think you are limited to use the spectrum that google offers (which provides you a fair number of colour options) but dont expect to be able to say "Ok Google, set my bedroom light to rgba(200,125,50)".

          Heres some info: http://forum.yeelight.com/t/yeelight-work-with-google-home/1...

        • @v00d00 AU: That's awesome, thank you.

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          @Tihocan: For me I have to set it thru IFTTT to work with Google Home. Last used about a week ago. Have yet to look thru Google Home's settings

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        RGB is the way to go.
        My kids love the color changes. Also it has a Musicflow mode which makes it change colors with music. Its like kids party time.

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          Definitely agree with you on this one. Would wait for RGB to go on sale again, wouldn't be too far off. So far I have 4 RGB and one on backorder at Banggood. Just need few more for whole house disco

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          Same here. Got 4 and few more on the way.
          I have connected them with Xiaomi sensors as well as night lights etc. One in the patio works with door sensor. Colour everywhere.
          Will be getting more.

  • Does anyone know if there is such a thing as E14 to E27 converters?

    • eBay, although you want to be careful as E14 are lower wattage than E27.

      Should be ok as LED are low wattage but I would still double check.

    • Yes there is such a thing. It would stick out from the socket a bit.

  • Still have not received my 2 bulbs from previous deals about a month ago? Is it time to whinge to them yet?

    • Got one of mine last week, still waiting for the second…

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      Givem 5-6 weeks. The ships carrying gearbest stuff are powered by slaves rowing with oars.

      • Slave drivers need to use the whip more then

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    Question about these.
    If I for whatever reason needed to turn on one of these lights and didn't have access to the app is there a way to just turn them on manually?
    Do you just turn the light switch off and then on?
    I assume it has to be switched on all the time for the app to be able to control it.

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      Can't say 100%, but all over brand I've used will turn on from the wall, though if you turned then off remotely you'll need to wait at least 3 seconds with the power off before turning on.

      Also, they default to white

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        Yes, as mentioned, you just use physical switch and it will come back on.

        You can set the default colour/brightness that it will use when switched on like this.

        And yes, of course it has to be switched on all the time for the app to be able to control it.

        • Awesome. Thanks. Ordered 3 to give a go now that I've discovered some fittings in our new place are actually E27, not bayonet. :-)

        • @NigelTufnel:
          Lucky you. I feel stupid, because I can't actually figure out how to remove the lights in my apartment. They seem to pull down from the roof, but I can't figure out how to detach them 😐

        • @Salmando: I hate it when that happens. Is it one of those dome things? At my last place, one had latches around the edge, the other had spring clips on the inside.

        • @Tihocan:
          Could be spring clips, but I'm reluctant to sick my hand in the roof. Might be spring clips but don't want to pull it down harder

    • If switched off at the switch, On-Off-On in quick succession (up to a second between clicks) works for the ones I've got installed around the home. I've never found this in the official documentation though (because I've never looked), so its possible that ymmv.

  • I'm logged into my account and the page show $14.98 but when I add to cart it changes to $19.91 even with the free shipping. Anyone know why?

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      Is display price in aud?

      • Yep displays in AUD.

    • Rogue coupon?

  • Do they work with apple homekit?

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      *requires Homebridge

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