expired Belkin 2-in-1 Stylus Pen $5 @ Harvey Norman


Don't know the quality but it's got one 5-star review. Regardless, pretty fantastic price for a stylus and pen 2-in-1.

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    Cant find any local stock. $14.95 for postage. Ohh well.

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    Bought a couple of these a while ago on special think it was more like $3 and it's an ok pen but the actual stylus splits quite quickly. Something to note.


    Pink available for pickup at castle hill store.


    That stylus type with the black rubber dome is ok, unless you actually need it for accuracy… then it's like playing with Lego Duplo compared to Lego Technic

    The crap pen manufacturers pack it with something like steel wool, and better ones use a metal spring-like weave

    I use a Dagi Stylus for generic stuff, and annoying people with the laser pointer. it uses a flat transparent disc tip on a spring instead of a dome, easier to see what you point at, and the spring acts like the crosshair point. the domes dont have a center, but depend on what angle you squish it on the screen.
    I have a Wacom Tablet for detailed junk.