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Teclast 20000mAh 4 USB Port Power Bank - US $23.72 (~AU $30) Shipped - GearBest



Stumbled across this deal for a powerbank. Teclast is no Xiaomi but still a good solid brand and 20000mah is a nice decent capacity. Says on gearbest site they have 97 left of these. No fast charging unfortunately so be prepared to wait for it to juice up.

Equivalent capacity xiaomi is over $40.


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  • +3 votes

    Wont be fun charging this powerbank if no fast charge or quick charge since its a little over 6 hours to charge the 20k mAh xiaomi powerbank 2.

    • Yep. But am not sure I’ve seen better capacity at this price. Pretty sure every ozbargainer would have 4+ Xiaomi ones knocking about anyway, I know I do.

    • Takes about 20 hours, but really whats the difference? 20000mAh isn't something you carry around for day to day, its something you take when camping or travelling.. in which case unless thats something you spontaneously do, there's plenty of time to charge it.

      • -3 votes

        You might not but some do and charging times mean that much more to them then.

        • What are those people running, that they need 100 watt-hours on a daily basis? Are they using it to power the train on the morning commute? Is that why the trains don't run on schedule, somebody forgot to charge their mammoth power bank.

        • @outlander: i get the peoples commute to work are 30 minutes or under but there are the unfortunate few that take 1.5 to 2 hours one way to work.

        • @xoom:

          The average phone is like 3000mah. What are you doing to drain that 7 times over in the course of one day?
          Face it, for just about everyone a 5000 or 10000 is far more appropriate.

        • @outlander: yes. Just about everyone. Meaning not everyone.

          My tablet has a 7900mAh battery.

          All im saying is there are cases where its good to have a fast charging 20k powerbanks. If you are not one of these guys then ok. Fine.

        • @xoom:

          A recap for anyone playing at home

          Mooney post a deal which, while not unbelievable good, is a very competitive price and could be useful for many people, say anyone looking for a charging solution when camping over the christmas holidays. It's reminiscent of this deal which was popular at the time. This one has twice the usb ports, and is cheaper. Its his first post which makes it quite an impressive effort, something thing should be encouraged. He gives a brief write up and even points out the lack of fast charging.

          In enters xoom. He sees his ability to think critically as his major contribution to this forum, and so he uses that to deliver some wisdom. He takes the principal position as first poster, a precarious position especially for a poster new to the site, and adds his piece. Instead of doing so in a friendly supportive manner, like "Really good price if you need one now. Charging takes 6 hours on the xiaomi with fast charge so I can't imagine how long this will take, but good price nonetheless" he takes a sarcastic tone. Though probably not conscious of his intentions to do so, his effect is to tear the op down in order to make himself feel better and appear superior.

          In enters me, outlander the outlandish, of great melty-face fame. I acknowledge the validity of his argument, but make the counter point that this product isn't really suitable for daily use. Given the plethora of affordable alternatives his criticisms are therefor unfounded. Upon being challenged he digs in, taking on the role of a man of the people, arguing selflessly not for himself but on behalf of the unseen suffering masses. To the idle outsider he appears to be acting on behalf of the little guy when in reality he's using the little guy as a human shield.

          Upon a second challenge, this time with some basic math which supports my position, he digs in even further. His sense of self is wrapped up in his arguments. Rather than see ideas as something separate that are picked up or discard as needed, he sees them as product of himself, and therefor an attack on one of his ideas as an attack on him personally. No longer able to ignore my argument and maintain the illusion of reasonableness, he pivots, acknowledging my statement but in a way that makes it seem obvious and trivial. He once again takes the mantle of the protector, appealing to the downtrodden, including himself this time in the mix as a fellow sufferer. This was no doubt his point from the start, that he needs fast charging because he uses a tablet.

          It's a valid point. But it's also irrelevant to the discussion. Tablet users that consume 20000mah in a single sitting are a small demographic. There are many features that are left out as design considerations in products. Pointing out all of them is unproductive. This, for instance is missing wireless charging. Do I point that out? All I'm saying is there are cases where its good to have wireless charging. If you are not one of those guys then ok. Fine.
          The list is endless.

          While I could continue, arguing further is pointless. No matter how convincing your argument he will not accept them, because although he uses logic the position he comes from is not a logical one - it's emotional. Even if you do back him into a corner, he will run off, claiming something like 'it's a waste of time' or more probably though labeling the person on the other side as unreasonable.

        • @outlander: There is one item: The laptop. Many laptops' batteries can't last a day's worth of use, especially with lightweight ultrabooks. If your laptop has USB-C charging then a big powerbank like this might come in handy. However the powerbank needs to deliver at least 6 amps output @ 5v for 30w laptops.

        • @outlander:

          Who are you?

        • @mr_asstight:

          I'm your MC double def!

          ..nah, just a bored guy trying to avoid the work he's supposed to be doing, who might also be a little cut that he missed out on cheap tickets to the mormon musical yesterday. Who are you?

        • @outlander:

          I'm your fan now.

        • @mr_asstight:

          Delightful. Another soul for the swarm

        • @outlander: Another one of your fans here… this is the reason why I've stopped posting deals and bargains that I regularly find; if the deal doesn't suit, then move on - don't shoot the messenger.

        • @Hahnski:

          Thanks. Means a lot to hear you guys say that

          I know its tempting to react that way, but don't you see that's just what they want? Their aim is to get people to stop helping each other, to stop posting deals, to divide people and keep them separate. That way when everyone is alone and unhappy they can feel better about their own loneliness and unhappiness.

          Best way to get back at them is to post deals, and challenge their hostility with logic whenever it pops up. When you post a deal and they try and attack you for daring to try and help someone, you'll know you've succeeded in pissing them off :D

      • Takes about 20 hours, but really whats the difference?

        It does for us. We got three xiaomi 20k from ebay. Four dashcams, five iPads, two iPhones and a few Bluetooth speakers drains them like nothing else. Six hours vs 20 hours is no-brainer.

        • Maybe something else would be more suitable for you. Have you considered carrying around a car battery?

        • @outlander: Wow. Another person that has a real life use case for fast charging powerbank and you respond with that?

          Ever noticed every time 10k and 20k mAh xiaomi powerbank it sells out quick. Theres plenty of other cheaper powerbanks but they dont sell as well as these quick charging ones.

          Going by your logic xiaomi or any other powerbank manufacturers shouldn't bother with fast charge or quick charge because as you said just about everyone don't need it.

        • @xoom:

          People want the best, and more is better whether they really need it or not. Also I think its pretty clear it was a joke. But really, whooah's use is atypical.

        • @outlander: i believe the words you were looking for is value for money.

          I had a quick charger well before i had a device that needed it. Now i have a phone that supports qc3. Followed by 2x 20mAh xiaomi powerbanks which also supports bidirectional qc3 charging. I put it down to forward planning.

          Something other consumers might have in mind also.

        • @xoom:

          Nope. Value for money is assessing the situation, establishing the requirements and finding the most cost effective option to satisfy those requirements. This is marketing, taking advantage of blind spots in the human psyche. More is better. Bigger car, bigger house, bigger battery. If you can reduce something to a number in peoples minds in makes it easier to appear objectively better. Never mind that a big car consumes more petrol, that a mansion takes 10 minutes to get from one side to the other, that a bigger battery weighs more and is heavy. More is always better!

        • @outlander:

          assessing the situation, establishing the requirements and finding the most cost effective option to satisfy those requirements.

          My situation and requirements was satisfied by a quick charging powerbank. Yours could have been satified with a non quick charging powerbank. Glad we got that out of the way.

          a bigger battery weighs more and is heavy.

          Pros and cons. A bigger batter has higher capacity. Yes its heavier but i was still ok with the weight. Plenty who bought the 20k mAh xiaomi are ok with it. For the record my 20k romoss powerbank was heavier than the xiaomi and i was fine with it. Except the romoss is not quick charging.

    • Wont be fun charging this powerbank if no fast charge or quick charge since its a little over 6 hours to charge the 20k mAh xiaomi powerbank 2.

      So what? Most people will use a fraction of the capacity and charge overnight. Are you one of those people who watches their products charge and gets impatient because they're not fast enough?

      • -2 votes

        So you dont need fast charging powerbank therefore no one does either?

        • So you need fast charging so therefore everybody else does?

        • Not sure why it’s worth the argumnent Xoom?!

          It’s a horses for courses offer. If your use case is such that re-charging time is not a priority then this is a cheap way to get high capacity.

          If you need a high capacity and fast charging then that’s available too. Just that comes with a higher cost.

          I’m not sure this is hard to understand.

          Have a lovely weekend.

        • So you dont need fast charging powerbank therefore no one does either?

          If you need a fast charging bank by all means get one but the vast majority do not and are happy with one that charges at a slow and safe speed.

        • @inasero: its about having a choice.

          Lets put it another way.

          One 20k powerbank was fast charging and another was not but both are priced the same. Would you still buy the non fast charging powerbank?

          If you still said yes then thats your choice. To those who said ofcourse i would buy the fast charging. My guess is they bought it because it had the extra feature over the non fast charging one.

          There is no right or wrong answer in this scenario as its ultimately your choice.

        • +1 vote

          @xoom: Which powerbank has 4x usb ports that support QC3.0 and costs $25? I'm interested in ordering one before i order this.

        • @Orpheus: the point i was making if this powerbank suits your needs. Ok.

          But if you require a quicker charging powerbank and the added premium (higher cost) for the extra features is ok with you then buy one with the features you need or may need.


          @xoom: That's not a point, thats just common sense. The people interested in this powerbank at this price point arent going to be interested in a quick charge powerbank thats more expensive.

        • @Orpheus: a further point to make is the difference of this powerbank and xiaomi is about $8. So its up to consumers which features they want from their powerbank and do they think the extra features of the xiaomi is worth the $8.

          Some would think not while others will see value in case they get phones or tablets that support quick charge in future.

        • @xoom:

          Paying 27% more for a better product.

          Btw which 20kmah Xiaomi battery is fast charging ?

          And thanks all, finished a few bags of popcorn


          @xoom: can you provide a link for the 4 usb QC3.0 Xiaomi power bank for $8 more?

        • @Orpheus: there is none. Even the xiaomi dont even do qc3 if you plug 2 devices together anyway.

          Pros and cons. Which feature is more important to you would determine which one you buy obviously.

          The op did try to compare this teclast 20k powerbank to a xiaomi 20k powerbank.

          So you lose 2 usb ports and the display but gain quick charge 3 for a difference of $8.

          At 500mAh per port if you use all 4 usb ports is a con if you compare against xiaomis powerbank but hey teclast is cheaper.

          Again depends which is more important to you.


          @xoom: For $8 less than the Xiaomi you gain 2 extra ports and a display.

        • @Orpheus:

          For $8 less than the Xiaomi you gain 2 extra ports and a display.

          how useful are the two extra usb?

          we can't charge our ipad with anything less than 10.01w. the t200ce cap each usb at 5w or 10.5w for all four.

          and a display.

          25% per led. we swap it over with a full unit when there is only one led left.

        • @Orpheus: you can choose to look at it like that.

          Others choose look at this way for $8 more you get bidirectional qc3 charging. Sure you lose 2 usb port and the display as a trade off. Pros and cons.

          Again depends which is more important to you.


          @whooah1979: how useful is quick charging when youre going to charge it overnight anyway and already have a seperate quick charging one thats smaller and portable?


          @xoom: thanks Captain Obvious.

        • @Orpheus:

          how useful is quick charging when youre going to charge it overnight anyway

          With quick charging you may not need to charge overnight.

          And even with a flat bettery the thing will be charged up before you get your 8 hours of sleep while your non qc charging powerbank won't even get halfway. Handy if your powerbank is nearly flat and you just remembered you need charge it the night before a long trip.

          already have a seperate quick charging one

          You already have a quick charging powerbank and you are asking how useful quick charging is?

        • @Orpheus:

          how useful is quick charging when youre going to charge it overnight anyway

          we dont know. we use the xiaomi to qc during the day and wall chargers to charge the xiaomi at night.

        • @Orpheus:

          already have a seperate quick charging one thats smaller and portable?

          not sure what this means.


          @xoom: price and four ports. Are you saying you can only own a qc or a non qc? Clearly nobody is stopping anyone for owning both.


          @whooah1979: there are smaller qc powerbanks than the xiaomi 2 port, which isnt even 4 ports anyway.

  • Output: DC 5V / 1A, 2.1A ( max )

    means effectively 500mah per port on load.

    That's kind of like.. having an 8TB USB hard drive but on USB 1.0 1.5MB/Sec transfer rate.. LOL

    • means effectively 500mah per port on load.

      So what? You don't have to use all four ports and there are plenty of products that don't need a lot of power like Mobius cameras. If you have to have something that can fast charge get something that meets your requirements.

      • eh.. I'm only answering some of the people's questions on this. It's not like it was actually stated by the OP and dont want people to pull the wrong trigger only to find they arent happy with the purchase of a massive trickle charger that takes hours (years?) to charge their modern devices.
        Considering the OP DID compare it to the Xiaomi which DOES have QC3 capabilities on the same apparent battery capacity. Oh.. That's why it's $15 more outside of being a better brand and known cells that are used?

  • 4 USB ports and digital readout for the win.

    A larger capacity bank is easier to keep within 30%-80% charge range, which will prolong the life of your bank. Smaller banks need charging more often. You won't find a fast-charging bank with 4 USB ports for a cheap price, so this fills its role in areas the others don't. Lots of people don't need fast charges or fast top-ups. Or have the devices that use the tech.

    Plus every manufacturer's claims are inflated anyway. So a larger bank is always beneficial. My only concern is the quality of the cells: https://review.gbtcdn.com/upload/gearbest/review/20170924/2B...

    • My only concern is the quality of the cells:

      And theres this other problem. Unlike xiaomi, romoss and anker. This teclast product could be an unknown quantity when it comes to their battery.

      • Yes. Just illustrating there is more to a bank than fast charging. Cell quality is among the most important though.

        To be fair, I don't know what cells the other manufacturers use either. Any one of them can go cheap on a whim.

        • My concern is if we all go for a 'race to the bottom' as cheap as possible. Corners could get cut and safety can be and have been compromised.

          That is not to say the big boys cant get it monumentally wrong either. Looking at you samsung for the note 7.

          What we should go for is value for money.

        • @xoom:
          Yeah, the problem is it's often hard to find out what's inside with all the useless shill reviews online.

          Ps. All the top-tier manufacturers have had massive battery recalls through the years. So there is no absolute guarantee of safety with any of them.

    • My only concern is the quality of the cells:

      The retailer's ability to ship on time would be more concerning. Some buyers are reporting long process times.

      • I rather long process time over the powerbank never arriving. Which is what happened to some here.

        Bought 2 xiaomi 20k powerbank 2. Arrived in 2 weeks from smithfield nsw. So my guess it was drop shipped in bulk to smithfield then posted from there.


      Who really cares about lifetime of the bank? Just buy another one. Everyone aleady has a dozen xiaomi chargers.

  • Seems you have to choose priority shipping. Costs $4.43.

  • OP you should revise this to include the US price in the title. US$20.19 (AU$25.44~) will get a better reception
    Also point out the 4 usb ports and inbuilt light.

  • Thanks OP. I really like the display, the fact it has both a micro usb and lightning port for it to be charged with, and that it has an led so can be used as a torch. The four USB ports is nice when travelling with my family, although physically it may be hard to charge four devices whilst they are being used unless you have some long cables.

    What is a shame, as mentioned, is apparently no QC2 or QC3 for charging or being charged.

    Definitely a +1 from me, but I think I'll wait and see for now what people think of the actual capacity & quality of the units before considering jumping off the Xiaomi train.

  • I get it. I really do. You guys are trying to outsmart each other. It's like boasting about your manhood's length. Just stop, most people here wants a good deal based on their needs and it looks like it is to some.

  • All power banks should have a percentage indicator. They should make that standard.

    • It is a handy feature. My romoss powerbank has just that.

    • All power banks should have a percentage indicator. They should make that standard.

      Why? It makes no real difference to the operation and the percentage indicator is not that accurate anyway.

      • Why?

        It helps those users that have problems working out how much each led is.

        • It helps those users that have problems working out how much each led is.

          If a user is too stupid to work out what four LEDs mean when it comes to battery life how will they work out a percentage? Especially when the percentage varies and is not accurate because it's based on volts which vary depending on load.

        • @Maverick-au: If you're down to one of four LED lights, it could mean 25%, it could mean 1%. That could either mean taking your battery with you, or leaving it at home and turning on your power saving mode that day. So yes, maybe I'm too stupid to work out 4 LED lights, so having a percentage indicator would definitely help me. Hurr durrr….