This was posted 4 years 3 months 18 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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HP EliteDisplay E272q 27 QHD Monitor - $529 Shipped @ HP (Plus Bonus $70 Visa Gift Card, $100 Cashback with AmEx)


seems a good deal for a 27 QHD Monitor
$359 after $100 AMEX cashback and $70 Visa Gift Card

$100 off AmEx Offer

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  • Good find OP, just noticed it's $389 through the Corporate Portal, which seems like a good price considering the additions to this deal.

    • Thanks.
      how to order one through the Corporate Portal?

      • I'm not too sure, I got the link through my work's perks portal, might be worth asking your work if they have a corporate account with HP?

      • Try

        But I don't think you'll get the gift card as it is not listed on the page.

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    How would this compare to the Dell U2715H? Particularly for gaming.

    Looks like this is a 10 Bit AHVA-ips panel compared to the Dell's 8 bit AH-IPS. Better inputs on the Dell too. Anyone used this one?

    • This HP mode is good for gaming.

      The IPS panel will be better for anyone concerned with more accurate colour, whilst the AHVA panel is faster IPS-like tech but with less precise colour reproduction.

      Anything VA panel based stay the hell away from (philips 40" screens) as you'll notice shadowing/ghosting during fast paced motion.

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    awesome stacking OP! solid first post

  • I just grabbed a secondary monitor for $299 from PLE, 2K/IPS/4ms/27" - Would definitely want to make sure you were fully stacking if you went with this.

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      Post it then.

      • Not a discount, merely an extra choice/suggestion for a monitor with better specs for 2/3 the price. It's something I would want to know if I was here for a new monitor deal.

        • Do you have a link to it?

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          @bbbargain: If you grab the ViewSonic, keep in mind they have a 30 day pixel perfect warranty, so you can get an return/exchange if only one pixel is dead/malfunctioning or things like backlight issues. Worth mentioning due to how often this problem comes up these days.

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          @ltwo: Impressive. Wish I had the money and the space for more monitors! I have a 27 inch Predator, two more the same size would be ace.

        • Ive been waiting for the VA2719-2K to go on sale to get a secondary monitor too lol, I reckon it defo looks better than the HP with thinner bezel and having a standard price of $299 is pretty awesome. With the 14ms response time though, do you find issues with it like video play back lag?

        • @XC3LL: Just remember with the Viewsonic you might want to budget for a monitor arm, the stand on it is only tilt adjust while the HP is hight tilt and swivel.

        • @ltwo: $299 for a true 10-bit monitor? Sounds real suss :/ Even for the HP 8+2 sounds too good for a 1440p sub $700 monitor.

  • Is the $70 based on purchase date, or delivery date?

    Likely the purchase date, but not sure. The $70 gift card offer ends 06 Oct 2017.

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    thanks OP. just bought one. Now need to find a deal on explanation to the partner why impulse buying a monitor at midnight.

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    7ms and 60hz, if any 'gamers' care.

  • Real tempting but I've wanted to grab something 60+Hz like the Asus 75hz VZ27AQ. Sadly no user reports if this can overclock successfully. Or any reviews really…. But dat price

  • Dream color??

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  • Just went to buy this then realised ANZ cancelled my frequent flyer amex last month. Doh!

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    No speakers, it seems?

  • I've ordered one. Don't forget cashrewards which will give you ~12 dollars

  • good monitor, and good price!

  • Awesome, thanks OP. Bought!

  • Before you purchase anything… check

    I've used my work email, and works fine.

    EDIT: nvm, that's what the OP used. I'm a dope.

  • Man was just looking to buy a monitor replacement, awesome find OP. Bought!!

  • Great!.Bought!

  • I got the same monitor but in 24” for $240.

    • What's the model number? Is it the same resolution?

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        Elite E243. Check out the resolution online please - think it may be 1920*1080 9ms

  • Guys, anyone received $70 Visa Gift Card yet?

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