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Samsung EVO+ 256GB MicroSD U3 95MB/s Card & Adapter $136 Delivered @ Futu eBay


Haven't posted a memory card deal in ages, but this one seems like an awesome price drop. Apply coupon at checkout. Enjoy :)

Original PICK20UP eBay deal

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  • +1

    Great price.

    I bought this one yesterday and thought the price was pretty good http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Samsung-EVO-PLUS-64GB-128GB-256GB...

  • Wow check the previous purchases, they were only $92 recently… how did we all miss that!

    • Saw that. Different products lol. Asked them about this before I posted.

      • +2

        Haha thought as much, was thinking we all need to hand in our Ozbargain badges if we all missed it. :)

  • So compact… So easy to lose.

    • +24

      I know what you mean, I normally keep mine in the phone

      • I was referring to the replaced one you took out of the phone - did you manage to find it?

  • +1

    are these genuine ..? been burned by ebay ad cards before.

    • +4

      Genuine. Futu/SE has sold many thousands of cards via OzB with no issues. For peace of mind, they have a bricks & mortar store in Alexandria NSW.

      • I thought futu was shoppingexpress

        • +2

          Yep, as stated above :)

        • +3

          @tightarse: Sorry

        • +3

          @tightarse: Haha. All this time I've been slightly strongly hating shopping express for trying to get me to close an ebay dispute, and only slightly hating futu for price-jacking the 20% off deals.
          Now I know to hate them both equally, thanks :)

    • +2

      I've bought about 4 from them before and can confirm all of them have been genuine.

    • You need to be careful with the grey imports too. They are genuine but not covered in Australia by Samsung warranty. I have just had a dispute with shopping square who would only give a 1 year warranty when the Samsung warranty is 10 years. I settled by leaving negative feedback and deciding I would make a claim under consumer law if it fails between 1 and 20 years. Still would avoid it (and shopping square) in future.

  • Can someone confirm the card is legit please?

    Bought cards from two (16GB Samsung EVO) diff deals posted and both fake. Can easily tell from the blurred writing printed.

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    • -1

      You can't speculate cards are fake based on 'blurred printing', that's subjective. You need to download an app and test the speed and capacity.

      • +3

        Uh yes you can. Geniune cards do not have blurred printing .. duh.

        • +1

          what a duhbrain

        • +5

          Pfft what's blurry to you isn't blurry to others, just do a dumb google search plenty of people who claim XYZ is fake turns it it isn't. In fact Samsung has changed EVO printing on their cards, I know because I've got several generations of them….but OMG must be fake.

          Speed/memory verification is the only sure way.

        • @plmko: they may pass speed / memory verification if they are factory seconds.

          The blurred printing could mean a worker has stolen them from a bin and printed their own labels

  • +1

    Wow~ it would be so cool to have 256GB on my GOPRO. It will be as big as my laptop.

    • +3

      That sounds like you have a tiny laptop.
      “What is this, a laptop for ants??”

  • +1

    how much are these usually? i understand when these 20% deals come onboard, the shops price hike.. so it actually becomes like 10% discount or something. anyone know?

    • Cheapest price for local stock prior to this was $149.35

      • +1

        nice, thank you

        • This is a discontinued model and the replacement(the word "plus" is used instead of the"+") sells for USD$149. So this is a good price based on that. That said, when on special the new card will probably get cheaper in the near future.

  • Bought thanks!

  • Grabbed one for my Note 8, thanks

  • +1

    This or Sandisk Extreme Pro is better?

    Not too familiar with Samsung Micro SD line. Are these good? Worry more about write speed.

    • +2

      Personal Experience - I would choose Samsung over Sandisk any day of the week. Had many Sandisk die or corrupt data. Switched them all over to Samsung and never had a problem.

  • Grabbed one for my Switch! Thanks, been waiting for a deal!

    • How useful is it to have 256GB for the switch ?

      Was looking to get a 128GB for my switch, don't want to spend too much if extra 128GB is useless.

      • +1

        I have 64gb. If you generally buy physical, then 128 is overkill. The only digital game I've bought so far is Mario Kart and that was about 6-7gb and first party games will be around that threshold. Third party games like nba2k and FIFA will be much larger games and save files and that's when you'll need a memory card.
        128 should be fine for the lifespan of the switch is my call, others might be different. But you can always archive game data you never use so you're left with the save file only and free up space that way.
        Honestly can't forsee a reason right now to upgrade from 64gb. Happy to hear other opinions.

      • Im all digital expect for Zelda. My last download was nearly 14gb for FIFA18. Im only using a 32gb card now.

  • Grabbed one for my S8. With the demise of Groove Music Pass, I shall carry my own music around on the card and use Spotify

  • Already got one in my S8…do I buy another hmmmmm

    • Hi Smurf,

      Can you comment on the speed on these? Any downside? Thinking of getting this or Sandisk Extreme. Thanks!

  • Would this be good for mavic pro?

  • need a 64gb.

    • +8

      Thanks for letting us know.

      • +3

        No worries,
        Picked one up for $32 with PICK20UP.

        $3 off the best price on ebay.

        • +8

          Appreciate the update.

        • +3

          on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happened next

        • +3


          I received a confirmation email and an email from cash rewards letting me know my purchase has been tracked.

  • Awwwwww yisssssssss. Bought one. Been needing a bigger SD card for all the videos I take with my phone.

  • No 400GB ones out yet? lol.. waiting for that to drop in price..

    • Might be a long, lonely wait..

      • Took about 18 months for the 256GB to drop to this price.

  • Does this work for GoPro Hero 5? Can anybody confirm?

  • +3

    I will buy it even though I dont need it.

  • +4

    256 gigs on the size of a 5 cent coin crazy man. Thinking about getting one not sure if Xiaomi note 4x will handle it. Its $1 more than i paid for the phone.

    • +1

      I think sandisk released a 400gb microsd card recently.

  • Thanks TA, needed this for my S8+ and the wifes. Was thinking of getting the sandisk 200GB from amazon. Better brand and capacity for just a little more and local stock :D

  • -1

    Looks like they've now jacked it up to $179 - 20% = $143.20.

  • would this work on my gopro hero 5

  • +1

    Latest 2017 version 100 MB/s is out, so seems they are reducing old stock.


  • How does this card go with adoptable (shared ) storage in Android? Do apps load show and break?

  • Bought. Thanks OP.

  • Hi all,

    Just need some advice as I've found another item that looks like the same thing.
    Can I get someone to explain the difference to me?

    Original item (this post)

    Similar item:

    • +1

      The negative feedback seems to say that the memory cards they sell are fakes with much lower write speeds than advertised.

      • Thanks for your advice.

    • +1

      Look at the feedback for the cheaper listing you found. There's a lot of negative feedback for fake/counterfeit products. Not worth the risk IMO.

      • +1

        Thanks for your advice

  • Hello all,

    What tools are recommended for testing these cards?

    I'm using H2testw and I'm getting a write speed of 41.0MB/s (packet says up to 90MB/s).

    Would this be a limitation of my hardware or test program?
    I'm using my laptop (Sony VAIO Pro13).

    • Tested using the card reader on my asus ux303ub laptop.

      Getting about 80MB/s

  • +1

    Anyone else notice the delivery date when they ordered? Mine said Wednesday but after purchase changed to the Tuesday the week later.
    Happened last time I bought a sd card that the date mysteriously blew out.
    Amazon prime next time I'm afraid, sorry Gerry.

    • +1

      Lol, contacted seller and he says order shipped on Tuesday 11th, and its an eBay error.
      But received tax invoice just now saying only NOW it's been sent. Btw the Tax invoice says sent 7/10 (the day ordered)

      The old drop shipper switcheroo!

      Why not just say, paid date, wholesaler shipped product date, despatch from our office date, and cut this BS.
      Because it's only 277km away for 10 days wait.

      • Yea according to ebay i should have received it on the 12th, but i got an email on the same day that says it only got shipped.

      • looks like some folks got a first batch and they may have had to call for another batch to be delivered later.
        mine came today, likely from being sent friday. post mark on envelope says processed saturday evening from sydney (SWLF).

  • +1

    Has anybody received yet ? Mine still says order being prepared.

    • +1

      Mine arrived last week. Bought two.

    • +1

      Delivery due Wednesday, 11th and yet no email no package, nothing. Asked them the question four days ago and no response at all. Epic fail.

    • +1

      Ebay told me it was shipped the 6:09PM on the 6th October, but I'm presuming it was actually sent Monday morning the 9th. Was estimated to arrive Thursday 12th October. Haven't got it yet. A little surprised as SD cards are usually ship quickly. I'll probably only "worry" if I still haven't got it Wednesday.

      • I have the same details as you Spectator, leaving for holidays on Friday will be pissed off if I have to buy another one fro. A store to take with me.

      • They finally responded and now want to pretend they sent it out on the 10th. OH PLEASE! If they did, they would have updated me in eBay and by automated email (which besides the message sent they still haven't done). Something dodgy going on here.

      • I bought 3 on 8/10 and they arrived 11/10.
        Ebay email tax invoice came 2 days after that (13/10)

  • Anyone else still waiting …mailed a week ago if you believe ebay but nothing as yet

    • I picked up my from the post office today. :)

    • I have not received mine, bought 7/10.

      • Great glad it's just not me I ordered 3 things that day and neither have showed up thought a stand in postie had pocketed them all but no one else in the office is missing anything from that week.

        Ordered a saw from japan and bag from uk that have all arrived quicker than domestic parcels.

        • Did anyone get tracking numbers for the delivery?

        • @omguleh:

          No tracking regular snail mail and no tracking… their fairly trusting game for something that's worth so much. Mine finally turned up on Friday though so I'm happy had six things all up that all turned up that day seems like Auspost was just saving them up for the end of the week.

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