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3x Pack I-SLING Nylon Braided Lightning, Micro USB and Type C Cables for $9.99 Shipped (RRP $36) @ ozsupplycentre on eBay


Best Quality 2.4 Amp Fast Charging Cable.
Nylon Braided - Highly durable, long life, Safe.
1 Meter Length each Cable.
Connects and Data Sync with USB port on computers and laptops.
Connects with mobile power charges and power banks
Love it !!! Or we refund your money in full…
Brand Promotion … Limited period offer..

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  • MFi? Cos I’ve got NFi

  • Vendor in title please.

  • Had some of these. Threw them out due to cannot charge compatibility. Not the best quality imo..

  • No deal. Nobody should be using untested, unreviewed USB type-c cables.

  • Are these MFI?

  • Just ignore the rest including this brand and buy blitzwolf aukey and the other one I forgot..

  • 96% feedback on only 1500 sales isn't great.
    Personally I'd avoid just on that.

    • -5 votes


      96% is fine, and what's the big deal, you have eBay and PayPal protection?

      Totally unwarranted neg.

      And please tell you your eBay username so I can block you.

      • eBay and Paypal protection is fine - but it's the inconvinience of having to go through that.

        The majority of their neg feedback is that the products aren't of great fit, or compatible.

        It is obviously the buyer's choice to make that purchase, but it's always best they check to avoid that disappointment.

        • 96% feedback is not a reason to neg a deal, in the last 12 months they've had 1696 positive, 30 neutral and 57 negative.

          That's not that bad, and it's not a major reason as per deal rules.

        • @Scab:

          It is bad. You have to really be doing something wrong to get below 99% IMO. Anything below 98% I avoid straight up. This is someone speaking with 2,500 selling feedback

        • @upsidedownlemon:

          There would be no business in Australia that has 99% satisfied customers, why is eBay somehow held to a higher standard, especially when the buyer has so much protection?

          If anything below 99% is bad, then pretty much all shops everywhere are bad.

          And take a look at this seller's feedback, one of the neutral ones is because the item arrived a few days after the estimated delivery date.

          You have to be freaking kidding me, the estimated delivery date is just an estimate and provided they ship within their specified time frame and use the specified service then it's out of the seller's control.

          But no, some precious and entitled buyer decided that's not good enough.

        • @Scab:

          I agree that eBay is held to quite a high standard. Most customers are happy right off the bat provided the service is good and most important the item is of good quality. If not, most people are happy to work something out so they get a solution.

          Neutral feedback doesn't affect percentage score. Only negative does.

        • +2 votes


          I realise neutral doesn't affect the rating, it was just an example of the people you have to deal with.

    • +3 votes

      So you then proceed to neg me?

      Instead of negging everyone, perhaps you should take some time familarising yourself with the voting rules.

      96% feedback is not a "major issue" and nor is it a reason for negging a deal.

      • It's not my neg on you.

        Defective product
        - Major issue with product in that it doesn't work the way it should.

        If it's not of great fit, or compatible, would you not agree that it's defective?

        Sorry for looking out for others!

        Edit: Also I was actually looking at these - I need some more cables, my originals are falling apart.
        Checking the feedback is the only way of knowing the quality of their product.
        They aren't listed as Made for iPhone, feedback says that some of their items aren't great, so my own conclusion is to avoid.

        • You keep changing reasons, first it was because of 96% feedback and now it's a major issue with a product?

          Checking the feedback is the only way of knowing the quality of their product.

          So which feedback of the cable are you referring to?

          Most of the neg feedback is for a screen protector and not a cable.

        • @Scab:Feedback's totally depend upon individual requirement and expectations

        • @vishi1981:

          What does that mean?

          Obviously the neggers have never sold a thing on eBay, 96% is fine, and none of the neg feedback is for this cable, it's all for screen protectors.

        • @Scab: i totally agree mate .. i have seen the feedback's , its mostly with the 3d protectors .. and yet there will be other customers who are satisfied but never leave the feedback .. and as you said ebay and paypal protection is enough to move ahead .

        • @vishi1981:

          there will be other customers who are satisfied but never leave the feedback

          Absolutely, most people don't bother leaving feedback so it would be easily over 5000 sales.

          Also, few businesses would have more than 96 out of 100 satisfied customers, but that's not good enough for the neggers.

  • 96% feedback from just 1500 transaction.. yeah no.

    • Yeah no, it's not 1500 transactions, it's 1500 people who bothered to leave feedback.

      You obviously don't have a clue and have never sold a thing on eBay.

      • We get it mate.

        You're the one that has a clue, and you're the only one that sell things on eBay.

        Now relax and enjoy your evening.

        • +3 votes

          We get it mate.

          No you don't get it, not if you think it's 1500 transactions.

    • Our experience shows that about 40% to 60% of satisfied buyers never bother leaving a fb, while 90% to 100% of unsatisfied leave a neutral or negative feedback.

      • How do you know 90-100% of unsatifised customers leave feedback? Do you ask all customers if they are satisfied?

        • How do you know 90-100% of unsatifised customers leave feedback?

          Customers with a bad shopping experience are more inclined to share it publicly in fb, a review website or ozb.

          Happy or content customers goes about like nothing happened.

          Do search on ozb and compare the number of complaints vs happy posts.

        • @whooah1979:

          I agree with what you've said, except I still don't know how you know that between 90 and 100 percent of u satisfied customers leave feedback. I certainly know I've had some bad experiences where I haven't done anything about it

  • 3m cables for me or nothing.. highly recommend paying the extra price for a bunch of anker powerline+ micro usb cables (if you need them not sure about type c availability).

    Cablegeek.com.au used to stock them a few months ago but upon further looking they only seem to do up to 1.8m now. Could just be a stock issue.

    Amazon is probably your best bet for stock availability but there are some other local ones that sell 3m ones too just gotta do your ozbargaining searching.

    For micro usb cable:

    For Apple Mfi certified lightning cable:

    Can't find a 3m or 10ft USB Type C Cable that ships to Australia from Amazon atm.


    Hi guys

    Great comments and thanks to @Scab and @vishi1981 .. Thanks for taking the effort to reply to some neggers..

    For every one so you guys know.. Its a new brand, selling at an introductory price..

    Why would you pay $12.99 for 1 cable when you're getting 3 for $9.99 delivered.

    As a seller in the last 12 Months we have Sold > 9000 items with 1698 Positive, 30 Neutral and 58 Negative.

    We are responsive to our customers, if you send message, we reply with 24 hours, provide replacements and We offer full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

    Happy Weekend…..

    • Can I choose:
      1 x lightning
      1 x Micro USB and
      1 x Type C


        Thank for your message..

        Sorry, these are bulk packed and breaking each type and then colors is a major logistical challenge.
        Hope you understand and appreciate that.

        Please check our other items for magnetic cables, if you like them..