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  • Where's the cheapest place to get the filters from?

  • How easy is it to port out from amaysim after 6 months is up?

  • Saweet - cheers TA :)

  • bought one

  • Go for amaysim. Vaya so far has been terrible - trying to port my number for a week now.

  • Is 2GB enough for a basic user? (I've never had any data before! Yes, I'm old :)

    • how long is your string sir?

    • It's enough if you don't stream music or watch YouTube

    • If you've lived without data at all, you can live with 2GB easily.

      • Not really, I've used 4GB within 15 days and I haven't had data before.

        • All he'd have to do is use his phone the same way he was using it before, and 2GB would be enough. He has room for facebook and email checking, and letting his apps sync. He didn't say he was going to turn into a data hog overnight.

        • @lostn: But then what is the point of the data being there in the first place if he was using it the same as before?

        • @lostn: yep, most everything I do is by WiFi at home, I find I only want mobile data a few times a month…
          otherwise, just scanning email headers, sending the odd email, updating Facebook would be nice :)

        • @hogwarts:

          But then what is the point of the data being there in the first place if he was using it the same as before?

          There doesn't need to be a point.

          Maybe the plan just included it? Sometimes things are included even if you don't need or want it. For example many car features are now in basic models when they used to be addons or premium model only.

          It's hard to find an unlimited plan with no data and it is sinificantly cheaper than having 2GB. These have gotten cheaper and cheaper. He was attracted by the $21 for 6 months access, not the fact that it has 2GB. I don't think you can find a no data plan cheaper than this. If I didn't use data I'd get this plan too. If this plan is cheaper than whatever he is paying now, then it's a no brainer even though there's no point in the data being included for him.

          The data is there for emergencies when he can't get to a wifi hotspot. E.g. You're lost and need GPS.

          I've always had data but don't use more than 0.5GB. I have a 4GB plan. I use my data if i need to check the web but can't wait until I get home.

    • That depends. How old?

    • Take it from a 70 y/o… 2gb is plenty if you just want to browse your emails, do a bit of social media and have a look a around.
      It may not last long if you watch videos or download programs etc.
      Try one of these for a month and then you will have an idea of how much you will use…
      Kogan 16GB $4.90 30 days.

    • alot of peeps like yourself need more phone than data…2GB is more than enough

  • This appears be for New Amaysim customers, am I able to take advantage of this 6mth renewal if i already have an Amaysim number?

    • +2 votes

      port out, port back in, you are a new customer

      • sorry for the silly Q, but that would mean i porting existing Amaysim number out to another carrier, and then porting back in. Doesn't this imply additional expense to another carrier?

    • I contacted Amaysim asking about adding a new 6 month voucher to my existing numbers, and they said no problems. Did not matter that I was already a customer. I did not attempt it though, purchased 2 Vaya 3 month deals.

    • +6 votes

      I'm following the suggestion from Rodo here (although I just went and bought the Telstra sim for $2 from the servo instead of getting it online):


      "1. Buy the Groupon deal now. Do not activate it yet.
      2. Order free Telstra SIM. It should arrive in a couple of days (was overnight for me).
      3. After Telstra SIM arrives, activate SIM and port number to Telstra (took less than 5 minutes).
      4. Select Day-2-Day plan. Do not load any credit.
      5. Sign up to Amaysim and activate Groupon deal with Amaysim. Request number to be ported to Amaysim (need to provide different email address than what you used previously - Gmail alias address will work well for this).
      6. Amaysim will send you new SIM. This took 3 days to arrive.
      7. After Amaysim SIM arrives, activate SIM and you are all set.

      Took me 4 days from start to finish. I did not make calls/txt or use internet when on Telstra (3 days) but could receive calls. I could have bought credit if needed."

    • I think you'll have to use a different email address.

  • Currently with Vaya, can I port to amaysim from Vaya?

  • Wasn't the Brita 20% off recently, desktop & app?

  • I hopefully understand that I can buy the groupon amaysim deal until the end of tomorrow and have to use the groupon deal at amaysim by 25/10. Then I should receive the amaysim sim between two to seven days layer. How long after receiving the sim do I have to port my number to amaysim?

    • If I'm not mistaken, you can buy the deal now and redeem it at Amaysim by 25 Oct 17. However if you choose to port your number across, there is no time limit to activate.

      • Just keep in mind that the amaysim deal commences when you open an amaysim account and redeem the offer, NOT when you activate the amaysim SIM card. This is the advice I received from an amaysim rep, which doesn't appear to be mentioned anywhere. The further advice I received was that amaysim cannot change the end date of the deal period so will credit any days that have been missed because of this.

        • In my case, when I chose the option to port my number, the SIM wasn't preactivated. If you choose to get a new number, then the SIM is already activated when they send it. So you lose a few days.

      • How do you know that there is no time limit to activate if you port your number across?

        Source please.

        • I did the port in the last deal. Waited until the current month was up and then activated and ported with the new Amaysim SIM.

  • Chroist Almoighty

  • I'm a (profanity) genius. Bought the amaysim deal and forgot to use the code and went straight for paying $25/month.

    Good job, brain.
    Here's hoping the support team can help.

    • I did this too and they refunded me fine.

    • They will help you stop, but I can't see them reversing the charges as that is their normal fee and offers like this are used as bait..

  • If anyone has a dual-sim phone… Using this amaysim deal + a vodafone 365 prepaid would be perfect if you're the kind to tether occasionally.

    vodafone allows you to use your credit to buy data packs on the fly. If you need a quick 2GB of data for a hotspot, then it'll only be $3 of your credit. The '1 day' data packs last for the day you purchase and all of the next day.


    It'll allow you to use your amaysim for the little stuff, but still have the freedom to purchase large datapacks with your vodafone if you wish.

    • or 2 amaysim on the same dual sim phone ?
      total 4GB for less than $8 per 28 days
      assuming 4GB is enough

  • Just be warned that when this Groupon offer first appeared it took 11 business days for amaysim to post me a SIM card, which had messed me up as in the time waiting I had to pay my current carrier on the 1st October for this month's phone plan. And I live in metropolitan Melbourne! If the amaysim SIM card doesn't arrive in a timely manner, purchase a $2 amaysim card at a retail outlet, advise Amaysim of the new SIM card number and ask for the $2 to be credited to your account - this was the process I had to follow as advised by an amaysim rep.

    Importantly, the amaysim deal begins when you open an amaysim account and redeem the offer, NOT when you decide to activate the amaysim SIM card - it wasn't until my third chat with an amaysim rep that I was advised that amaysim will credit any days on the deal that are missed because of this.

  • Can anyone confirm the comment made by "amts" above that there is no expiry of the voucher for the Amaysim deal provided I bring my own number?

    "If I'm not mistaken, you can buy the deal now and redeem it at Amaysim by 25 Oct 17. However if you choose to port your number across, there is no time limit to activate."

    If so, is that written anywhere?

    • Found this on the amaysim activation page
      "FYI - you can start your number transfer whenever you’re ready"

  • So just to confirm the Amaysim deal - that’s $21.60 for the whole 6 months? Or $21.60 each month?