expired Direct Flights to Tokyo, Japan Return from Brisbane $707, Sydney $708, Melbourne $711, Adelaide $736, Perth $763 Via Qantas


Qantas is having a sale on flights to Tokyo, Japan. Travel in Nov/17 and late April to June/18. Flights are direct from Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Brisbane to Tokyo Flights $707 Return.

Sydney to Tokyo Flights $708 Return

Melbourne to Tokyo Flights $711 Return

Adelaide to Tokyo Flights $736 Return

Canberra to Tokyo Flights $736 Return

Perth to Tokyo Flights $763 Return.

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    can you upgrade these to business class with points?

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      No, these book into the cheap fares that can't be upgraded for international flights. However if you have a domestic connection included, those flights can be upgraded with points.

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    These special flight deals makes me think if I should hold out buying tickets overseas at end of year and wait for deals like these.


      I would love to know as well, 4 of us flying to Japan in Aug next year… buy now… or wait for something better at Christmas (if it happens).

      i think the sweet spot for me is $600 - $650 per seat for a full fare airline (not the cheap ones)… love to know best time to buy.


        Deals like these pop up whenever….
        Great for pack and go anytime people….Not good for famiky travels…..Too risky waiting.

        If rich, can go on a surprise trip every time these deals pop up


          I've noticed good sales have in the past hit about april-june.

          Not full service but I bought return tickets to Japan last year on Jetstar for $368


        Depends where you fly out of. We fly out of canberra so these prices match even Jetstar's return free fares by the time you factor in a flight to Sydney or goldcoast, seats, meals, entertainment etc. Plus Qantas go direct to Haneda now which is much closer. But my experience is based off traveling as a family.


          Wish we have the same in Melbourne!
          Most of the flights I've found using the above link are MEL-NRT, HND-MEL or vice versa. Can't seem to find any Haneda-only flights….



          The Skyliner to Ueno only takes 41 minutes from Narita and is quite comfortable. Well worth the $28.


    Is there a link to the precise dates for Qantas to look at their website? The IWTF site is horrid


    Since there are Osaka flights too, is it possible to fly into tokyo and out of osaka or vicevesa?

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      Yep it's possible to book it like that.

      Just select Multi city on the Qantas site and you'll see the prices.

      I was able to find

      SYD - KIX (9 May 2018)

      NRT-MEL-SYD (18 May 2018) (add $6 for the direct flight from HND to SYD)


      The transfer via Melbourne is not only $6 cheaper but also earns more QF points and status credits.


    This is a good price for a full-service airline

    We've just got back from Tokyo and paid over $1200 return on Thai for PER-BKK-HND (short notice, school holidays etc)

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    Note that for $743 you can book MEL-NRT return with JAL, which a Japanese airline and I've been told it's better than Qantas (would be great if anyone can confirm)


    Whilst these prices are great… given I just paid $380 return from Brisbane to Tokyo (via Cairns) I'm not going to jump on them.


    Can I use qantas FF for any upgrade for Adl - Japan flights?


      After booking I noticed I couldnt upgrade with points via Qantas site as base flight was super discounted or something like that

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    thanks..got 2 return for $1500 in late March so hopefully catch a part of cherry blossom. Not sure why but felt more 'safer' going through flightcentre so I got them to match the auntbetty price. (they own auntbetty so was no problem)


    When does this sale end?