expired Lenovo Flash Sale - up to 40% off Select Laptops: E470 ($795), ThinkPad E570 ($1,149), E570p ($1,599), X1 Carbon, T470, T470s


Lenovo have a 40% off flash sale ending 11:59pm 11 October 2017.

  • Thinkpad E470 from $795
  • Thinkpad E570 from $1,149
  • Thinkpad E570p from $1,599
  • X1 Carbon from $1499 (Note: This model only comes with 128GB SSD).
  • Thinkpad T470 from $1549
  • Thinkpad T470s from $1,889

They also have another promotion running for some laptops with the coupon DEALS.

P.S. Cash rewards was reduced from 6% to 5%.

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    You can also use DEALS see here for example

    near the bottom of the page


    There was a time (just recently) when CR was 7%. Ebay has reduced CR to 1.25% from 1.3% and others seem to be following. Not sure if this is just pure coincidence or some deals between them and Cash Rewards coming to an end and then being renewed at a lower CR rate.


    rather buy the Predator computer deal on atm, the specs on most of the computer are overpriced.


    How do these prices compare to what they were yesterday?

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      The E570 and E570P are close to $250 - $300 more expensive in this deal.


        Yeah the E570 was under a grand a month or so ago. And the E570P was only a hundred or so more than that.


    my T420 still going strong, wish I had 8gb though.


    You know, these deals still seem overpriced to me. I've grabbed a few Edge series e5x0 Lenovo deals over the years and always around the $700 mark. The specs are similar to these current deals, in fact including upgrades to the standard offering.

    The Aussie dollar wasn't too much different either at the time in comparison to current rate, so I'm wondering why there's such disparity in prices…?


    Such a shame I missed this E470 deal as it is now $1,056.00 with FLASH, and had to talk to a Rep to get it with the SSD and i7-7500.


    I am looking for t470 3 celll external battery. It is not available on Lenovo site and the eBay ones are not great / reliable either. Does anyone know from I can get one for reasonable price

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