This was posted 4 years 8 months 23 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Xbox One X with 1 Free Game (FIFA 18, Cod WW2, Star Wars BF2) $567.45 Delivered (Pre-Order) @ Geeky Homewares


Currently the only deal I have seen with a game.
Geeky Homewares
October 10 at 1:32pm ·
XBOX ONE X PREORDERS $649!! Grab yourself one today before they sell out!
Geeky Homewares are throwing in a free game! Chose from FIFA 18, COD WWII, or Star Wars Battlefront!!!!.
Here is the facebook page which contains the link.
NOTE***: Anyone that purchased this deal for the full 665 price, you will be able to message them via facebook to refund the amount taken off by the code GEEK10 as I have just done.

27/10 6pm: Deal is available again (thanks Slicendice2). Ships 1st December

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Geeky Homewares
Geeky Homewares

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    A few minor details omitted from the deal description. One free game is chosen from the three listed. It's a preorder, (RELEASE DATE 7th NOVEMBER).

    • Thanks, updated the title.

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    Is the free game a digital copy or a disk copy?

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    I was thinking of getting one but are they really going to be like $600?

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      Yes, at least initially.

      I want one as well to go with my 4K TV but will wait, hopefully the price will drop next year after release.

    • Yes. $649-$649.95 is the current selling rate at retailers.

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        Dayum. All I want it for is to play Rare Replay with. But it may as well be on the latest and greatest, the load time on xbone menu drives me crazy.

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    Just include all those games in the bundle.

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      I think it must be a standard game giveaway on all preorders of the Xbox One X. Not by this seller itself. It must be given away through the 1 month game pass subscription on these Xbox One X purchases. So you should be able to buy it from any other seller and still get this free game. Microsoft is selling the Xbox One X for $649 delivered which is a better deal than this.

      All these other sellers such as retailers are selling exactly the same Xbox One X 1TB console with this free game. Cheaper from Microsoft at $649.

      • Incorrect, this is an exclusive deal.
        Geeky Homewares
        October 10 at 1:32pm ·
        XBOX ONE X PREORDERS $649!! Grab yourself one today before they sell out!
        Geeky Homewares are throwing in a free game! Chose from FIFA 18, COD WWII, or Star Wars Battlefront!!!!.
        Here is the facebook page which contains the link.

    • Just give us ten free games.

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    Microsoft is selling the Xbox One X for $649 delivered. That is a better deal since it's free shipping.

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      Use with Amex offer @ Microsoft - spend $500 and get $100 back and get it for $549 delivered - cheapest IMO, (maybe a targeted offer though)

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        Yes that's a good deal. So it's $665 delivered from this seller on this thread deal. Why pay $665 when you can buy it straight from Microsoft for $649 delivered or that $549 delivered with that Amex offer. It doesn't make sense otherwise.

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    Thanks OP, not so sure other bundles include games.

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      If you want some more games you can use the included Xbox Live Gold trial and then subscribe to it. You do get 2-4 free games every month on Xbox Live Gold.

      • Thanks, I'm well aware, been on Xbox live for many years :)

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        I believe people on the Xbox Live Gold free trial can't download free games and/or can't access downloaded games once the trial is over - I recently got a Xbox One S and was hoping to take advantage of it myself!

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    Use the discount code GEEK10 to get 15% off, makes this deal well worthwhile; XBX for $567.45 + free game, delivered (COD unavailable by the looks).

    • Nice catch!

      • Just wondering if you’re actually associated or just saw the post of Facebook? Would have been good to put the coupon code in originally as that’s a killer deal!

        • Nope just seen it scrolling through fb. I actually purchased the deal but they just refunded me the 15 percent off once I messaged them via fb.

        • Just edited post, this is a great deal.

        • @jwillk:

          Then why is your thing showing Associated if you have no affiliation to them. And here i was thinking you were a store rep and you actually had any idea of how this online store was giving away an $80 game for free.

        • @jwillk:

          Ohh okay, might be worth unticking the associated status then if you don’t work for them or weren’t asked to post :)

        • @hollykryten:
          No idea, this is my first post lol

        • @doweyy:
          I can't untick it now unfortunately

        • @jwillk:

          I'll report the post for you to get the mods to relieve the associated status then!

        • @doweyy:
          Thank you!

    • Surely the online store must be making a loss selling at $567.45 at that 15% off and throwing in a $80 game with it at their expense?. I thought it was hard to believe at the $649.99 price let alone this.

      • Winning Appliances Kitchenaid Mixer + Spiralizer price error all over again /s

  • Listing now states out of stock. Just as I added to cart. Would have jumped on this earlier if I knew they did AfterPay. Ah well. Already have PS4 Pro. I can wait for a better deal somewhere down the line.

  • Conveniently now showing as out of stock.

    • Wow, that's odd..

    • Perhaps they realised the 10 percent off was too much. Thankfully they refunded me the 10 percent as I actually paid the full 665.

      • +1

        Code was actually for 15% off. Unbelievable deal for me, I'd pre-ordered my XBX direct with MS to cash in on the cash rewards at the time which was about $34 back. This deal made it even cheaper again and got a free game I was planing on getting anyway.
        Holding on to my MS pre-order for a week or so just in case.

        • They refunded me $120 which took the total down to 545 lol insane deal.

        • @jwillk: Ha, even better. Nice work

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    Using the code, it makes the Nintendo Switch $399.50 and PS4 Pro $484.50 plus postage, which is decent. Never heard of this website though.

    • +2

      I can't find any negative reviews on their social media accounts or on google, hoping for the best. Just got the xbox x with cod ww2 for $545 lol seems wrong!

      • I was taking too long to make my mind up now it's out of stock :( Did you pay with PayPal? Hope all goes well for you. Bargain.

  • Have they managed to design a system with a built-in PSU yet?

    Edit: They have it seems…

    • Hahaha for a long time. I was using a PS3 years ago which had a built in PSU.

    • +1

      Xbox One S also has it.

  • Man this was a good deal

  • AWWW WHAT!!! I would have bought this in an instant. Great deal to those who got it.

    • Deal is back but you will receive the xbox in December

  • +1

    Remember that christmas sales are coming soon also

    • My spidey senses tell me this might be a one off occasion or deal like the refurbished GTX 1070 laptops and desktop earlier this year.

      Let's hope not.

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    New stock for Xbox one x with December 1st second shipment.

  • Pretty shitty that it's second shipment, but I still ordered for a great price, tysm OP

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    Whay wait for Dec 1st shipping when you can have it 7th Nov from stores? Probably at an initial discount also…

    • Jb hi fi is selling for 650 with no game.
      Microsoft themselves is selling for 650 with no game.
      I haven't found a better deal anywhere. I was lucky enough to get the first release and will get it on the 7th.

  • Damn, knew I should have subscribed to this - sold out again!

  • Do most ppl here that are buying it already have xbox one and upgrading or buying for the first time?
    I have a PS4 and 360 - have been waiting for this for a while. But think I might see what happens with Christmas bundles - I still have maybe 30+ games in steam too that I need to play. And Steam Christmas sale is fast approaching again…

  • Has anyone who ordered from this deal received their console yet? I'm on order for the 2nd wave Dec 1st, no communication from store yet…

    • I'm on second wave as well. No dice.

    • Yep, I got my order the following week of release, but only because I'm in a country area so delivery took a bit longer. Just waiting on my free game to be delivered now. Doubtful you will hear anything from them again until they send your order, you will get a shipping notice with tracking details.

    • I got first order, received it on the 10th due to some public holiday delays.

    • Contact them via facebook if you need to know anything they're very helpful.

      • Might do this in regards to my free game. Got the console and tried emailing them regarding the game though haven't got a response.

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