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Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum (White) - $317.99 Shipped (SG) @ Shopmonk


Primary Features :
Cleaner Types : Vacuum Cleaner
Function : Suction,Sweep
Self Recharging : Yes
Suction (pa) : 1800pa
Dust Box Capacity : 0.42L
Working Time : 2.5h
Battery Type : Li-ion
Battery Capacity : 5200mAh
Product weight : 3.8000 kg

Very good price for a decent robot vacuum cleaner.

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        • @ajerazzor:
          Ok I used the 3 digits before rv
          Says it was in Tullamarine on the 8th at 4pm

        • @ajerazzor:

          There you go.

        • @ajerazzor: I didn't dispute and I can mine is in Vic.

          I'd say it's by order number

  • Got a phone call this morning, asked "we have the item now, do you still want it?" despite receiving cancellation confirmation email two weeks ago.

    I affirmed my decision yet no refund given still.

    So basically their tactic is buying time and taste water. / I will never purchase from them again.

  • +1

    Circling back - my vaccuum has been delivered! Not sure it has been the best experience - would have been better for some proper communication from the seller.

    • Received mine today. Totally agree that they need to better their communication skills but happy I have it now.

    • Still waiting. :(

      EDIT They just sent me a reply with tracking number that works with DHL. Looks like it might be here Monday.

  • Mine coming today finally, however 24th day when eta was about right but the email 2 weeks ago saying it would be here in 5 business days just got my hopes up. If they were more accurate with that it wouldn't have been an issue.

  • :( not till Monday I assume. Tracking still hasn't left Victoria.

    Luckily I didn't stop vacuuming 3 weeks ago when I ordered it

  • Mine is working its magic as we speak!

  • First and last time using Shopmonk

    Experience so far:
    1. Ordered item on 18/10/2017
    2. Told it was shipped on 26/10 and to expect it within "3 to 5 business days" but the tracking ID provided was useless
    3. Asked where it was on 2/11 as tracking ID could not find an item and it had not been delivered
    4. On 3/11/ I was told by a customer service rep that there "has been an inadvertent delay in servicing the order which happens to be beyond our control. We are shipping the product by tomorrow and should reach you by 4 to 5 working days"
    5. Asked again on 8/11 as the item had not shipped, was told "We are in the process of shipping your order and we expect it to reach you by the end of this week"

    It is now 12/11 and still not received any item or tracking ID to inform me it has been posted.

    Have just asked for a refund and will report them to my bank relevant consumer body if item is not delivered and/or refund not processed by Wednesday.

    Have been told nothing but lies the whole time.


    • +1

      According to Auspost SLA, you should get your product this Wednesday or Thursday.
      Shipping from Melbourne to Perth takes 5-6 Business days.

  • No - they said I would get it last Friday…. and then a week or so before that.

    Got an email from a so-called customer service rep today saying it was "awaiting collection" from EASTWOOD POST SHOP. That is in NSW, I live in Perth as clearly stated in the delivery address.

    Liars and useless, am reporting them as a scam

    • i dont think its a scam, just incompetent. Others have theirs (not me)

      • Yeah not a scam. It will be here.

        I was panicking too, don't get me wrong, they are fairly incompetent. But their tracking number from day one was right, just weird.

  • Either way - reported to paypal dispute and https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/

    Encourage others also getting done over by these scam artists to do the same

    • It's not a scam, just a poorly run business.

    • Mine just arrived at distribution in Welshpool fyi

  • Paypal dispute submitted back in 24 Oct and still didn't get the money back.

    I love their little tricks of putting bogus tracking number and buying a month.

  • Mine arrived today (Perth)

    • Mine arrived in Perth yesterday.
      Not the best experience.
      Confusion with delivery times didn't help.

      • yeah, i agree, it wasnt great. but we have it now, and well, it cleans.

  • I will never use SHOPMONK again. What a terrible experience.
    First they agreed to cancel the vacuum, for which I was grateful because I was stuffing them around.
    Then they shipped it anyway a week later (drop shipping?).
    Then they sent me a return label (again, grateful).
    Once I had returned it, they just stopped communicating.
    Now I’ve had to escalate a claim in PayPal. What a pain. I can’t imagine having to deal with this company for any sort of warranty support.