This was posted 6 years 1 month 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Free Kogan Mobile Extra Large Prepaid Voucher Code (30 Days | 16GB) @ Kogan, New Customers Only


new customers only, you can just keep making accounts i guess
Comes with free sim card as well

UPDATE: no need to port number, tried and works fine

Edit 25/10: Available again (thanks pennypincher98), expires at midnight.

Technically anyone can be a 'new' customer - worked on the same email that got the birthday deal.
Note: This actually expires 1 day sooner than the birthday deal despite being several days later
Voucher expires at 3:00AM AEDT on 20/11/2017

Update (26/10): Available for 2 more hours (thanks VKV)

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    Thanks for the awesome deal, ordered and got my voucher within 5 minutes. Have a sim left over from the last deal as well, which is good news.

    • Just thinking.. how do you end up with spare SIMs?
      Each SIM I got was allocated to a voucher so I always end up using them up, but I've seen numerous comments from other Ozbargainers saying they've got "leftovers". How?

      • +2

        Forgot to activate the last SIM by the deadline. Was gutted at that time but I guess it's nice activating it early now

      • +5

        Kogan send out free a SIM if you order one. Very handy to have one spare for times like this. You can then activate asap.

        Activated this offer on spare SIM. Selected number on SIM pack. All working within 30 minutes of ordering.

        • Did you need to transfer a number at all?

        • @gnarkill:
          No Can't imagine ordering, receiving voucher, then porting number could ever be achieved in just 30 minutes! Just activated using number on SIM pack.

  • +2

    This is insane!! I've got 2 existing accounts and both worked so..

    • yea, sucks that the code expires next month but still good

    • +2

      Same, worked on my existing account..:) thanks OP!

    • You only need one account. Just order multiple times.

      • Yes, can order multiple sims under one account, but need to activate them with different phone numbers.

        Most common use for that set up is data and/or also to be able to make calls and send txt if you don't have credit on your regular sim with your old regular phone number.

        • Yeah I meant you just need one Kogan account for ordering as many sims as you like. Activating with Kogan Mobile is a different matter.

        • @tranter:

          Not sure what you mean with "Activating with Kogan Mobile is a different matter"?

          You can activate multiple sims with same account using same name and all other identical information as your first original, you just need to activate with new sim and hence you'll get new phone number, no problem.

          I was unsure about this myself at first when these $1/$4.90 XL 14GB/30 day offers started popping up thinking I had to port out and back in with new sim, unless starting new fake accounts. Luckily, not needed. Hope that clears it up for you.

        • @ozhunter68:

          Ok thanks I didn't realise that. So 'New Customer Offer' is not really true. It can simply be an additional sim and number activation using existing customer details.

          Sounds good to me but not sure why they allow that. :)

        • @tranter:

          Correct. They have allowed that possibly as they might buy big blocks of mobile use and data wholesale from Vodafone and that could have an expiry date on it too. So better getting some money back for that than none as Kogan Mobile does not participate much in mainstream advertising, mainly online.

          Also the obvious that these supposed one off first month deals etc. are a huge promotion and figure building exercise. If we knew how cheaply they were getting bandwidth/capacity/data wholesale from Kogan or Optus, we could be shocked ( would like to know this myself ).

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    Very nice

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    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    thanks op, comes with free sim as well to boot! lets hope the sims activation goes well. Go Kogan mobile!

  • +8

    Works multiple times on same existing account

    • +3

      So you’re saying it’ll just add onto your existing 365 day account?

      • +2

        Would like to know this also!

      • No I mean you can buy the same free plan multiple times using same account, as per replies below.

  • +2

    Voucher expires at 11:59pm AEST on 21/11/2017

  • +1

    "It’s Kogan Mobile’s 2nd birthday! To celebrate, we’re offering a FREE XL 30 Day Plan if you switch your existing number from another network."

    Seems like it'll only work if we port?

    • +4


      "BYO number and device

      Want to keep your existing number? No problem. When signing up, you can choose to keep your existing number or get a new one – it’s that simple!"

  • +5

    I've read the overview but still a bit confused, do we need to move our current number over or if I order this I'll get a free sim and plan for 30 days?

    • +1

      Buy first, ask questions later!

    • +6

      You will receive a 'Kogan Mobile voucher' in the form of a 10 digit activation code via email (pretty much immediately), and will receive a Kogan Mobile SIM card pack delivered to you via post.

      Once you have both the voucher code and SIM card pack, you go to the Kogan Mobile Activation Centre, enter in the mobile number as shown in the SIM card pack, and the SIM card number, and the voucher code, and anything else they ask - mothers maiden name, medicare number, blood type, what you ate for breakfast, etc. There's also an option to transfer your existing Australian mobile number to the service.

      I don't believe you can use the voucher code to recharge your existing Kogan Mobile service though (that would be great if we could!)

      I've been with them for nearly a year and find it a great service. The only request I have is if they provided the option to disable internet data use from their app such as what Vaya have. Need to keep the kids internet usage in check!

      • Do you have to give real info when activating the sim?

  • Thanks op

  • Thanks! got two and more than enough now to use till 21/11 including those amaysim deals

    • +2

      Why on Earth was this downvoted? Fixed.

  • Great deal! Ported back to Optus only yesterday on a 28 day plan, so the timing for this Kogan offer is perfect.

  • +2

    Wow, free mobile service… Thanks. Given people can buy multiple times, I wonder how long this deal will last ;)

  • I'm going to Melbourne on holiday next week… hopefully this arrives in time and I can use it with my wireless internet hotspot instead of using up my phone data.

  • +4

    I am absolutely devastated I paid $4.90 for a voucher earlier but I guess now I basically have unlimited data!

    Thanks OP!

    • On the flipside, I'm happy I didn't pay because I was about to!

      How do you use this in conjunction with your Starhub SIM? :P

    • I paid😭
      But needed SIM(s) for my Father from this morning, so the lucky bugger is already set up with a free SIM on a free phone locked to Vodafone (at least for next 60 days).

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    Thanks op :)

  • +1

    Thanks OP!

  • +2

    Thanks Op, great 1st post. Just ordered one on my existing account.
    I can't see this lasting 4 more days, lol.

    • +2

      Thanks for letting us know.

  • when you bring your existing Australian mobile number to Kogan Mobile from another network….


    want to keep your existing number? No problem!

    Which one is correct?

    • +3

      Not sure but condition doesn't seem to be limitation.
      I didn't select number to port - used number on spare Kogan SIM pack. All working 30 minutes after ordering.

      • Ok that's great news!

        Ordered one as well so thanks OP :)

    • +1

      Not sure what you mean - they're the same thing:

      a) Bring your existing number
      b) Keep your existing number

      • Wow I have just realised no one has corrected this yet.
        Copied over the wrong part :P

        What I meant was - do we need to port a number over and can we use a new one?

        • Maybe they meant it to be that way to win new customers, who knows. But a couple of people have said they didn't port, just activated using a Kogan SIM they already had lying around and received a new phone number.

  • +17

    Awesome post OP! Thanks a bunch needed abit of 4g data to update my PS4 :)

    Couldn't sleep last night and realised you could keep checking out on the same account, so saved yaz abit of hassle!

    Kogan Mobile Prepaid: EXTRA LARGE (30 Days | 16GB) Voucher Codes:



    Enjoy :)

    • +3

      Thanks for sharing, I've got 2 and that's enough to last me until expiry though :)

      • You can never have enough though,
        can you? :)

        • +6

          Technically I can't ever have enough but once you start hogging 20 to yourself it becomes morally questionable…

        • @pennypincher98: But what good is 20 if they're gonna expire before you get around to using them?

        • @tastycheeks: For the data probably.

        • +1

          @tastycheeks: I'm obviously not going to get 20 lol, but if I was I could think of a number of ways to use them:
          a) unlimited data for the next 2 months
          b) sell em on eBay
          c) give them to random people I see
          d) have a competition with them
          The possibilities are endless!!!!

    • Thanks. Used the last recharge voucher

    • Thanks ops, used 9712041530

    • Used 7322196625. Thank you.

    • tried 3523223829 but didn't work. Invalid Voucher .

  • +3

    I must be strong and resist the temptation to buy more than I need…
    But the checkout is so damn easy and quick!!!

    • +5

      The work experience kid in their IT department is going to be in trouble.

  • +35

    OP throw away your L plate, this is probably the best first post in ozb history 😅

    • +3

      Username checks out

    • hahaha

  • +15

    Poor Kogan

    OzBargain, forgive them, for they know not what they do.

    • How many $2 right offs was that. Not even a new customer.

  • so if you guys are porting your number to this deal then where do you Port your number after this deal? and where are you porting from? I feel like I could be making a better decision with my mobile plan. I only really need my number so my grandpa can call me once a year from his home phone lol.

    • +9

      You should visit your Gramps instead.

    • +6

      I've just ported from Vodafone to Optus earlier this week. In 26 days when the Optus plan I'm on expires, I'll then port to this Kogan deal. After that…probably back to Vodafone.

      If you keep on eye on the mobile starter pack deals here on OzB, it's usually easy pick up a few each month for $5 - $10 for what might normally be $30 credit packs, and then you just switch between them each month. Makes for a cheap "plan" each month with decent data, and the porting process is pretty quick I've found - never waited more than 5 or 10 minutes for a new service to go active.

      • +13

        This guy ports.

  • Are SIM's posted out?

    • +1

      Sent via Kogan Drone.

      • +2

        Nah their drone is broke…mine arrived this morning via carrier pigeon.

        • +3

          Carrier pigeon drowned…mine arrived in a bottle on the beach.

        • +1

          @Steptoe: Malcolm Turnbull delivered mine. (Just as well too, since he's doing nothing else of any use.)

    • +3

      Personally delivered by Ruslan in the Koganmobile.

      • I more meant are they posted or couriered and do you need to be there to sign for it but I guess I'll find out as I just ordered one :)

        • +4

          Simply arrives in the letterbox in a brown envelop.

        • +2

          @alvian: As should anything from Kogan - so the neighbours never find out.

  • +4

    Good for creating new uber eats accounts and using 1st time customer promo codes.

  • ~FREE deal is valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only who transfer their existing Australian mobile phone number from another network only. Not valid for customers who transfer their existing Australian mobile phone number from Vodafone. Limit 1 per customer. Not valid for existing Kogan Mobile customers. Personal use only. Offer available on Kogan Prepaid Extra Large 30 day plans purchased before 11:59PM AEDT Sunday 22 October 2017. Offer voucher will remain valid for use until 03:00AM AEDT Monday 20 November 2017. Free Offer does not apply to subsequent recharges. Not available for commercial or resale purposes. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers. Not transferable and not redeemable for cash.

    I don't know if they can run a script to find out where your number was ported from, or if it was ported at all. In which case they might bill your CC for the full amount…

    Take care, you can spend an extra $2 to get a dummy sim from somewhere else if you don't have one.

    • +2

      Free deal is valid for new Kogan Mobile customers only

      who transfer their existing Australian mobile phone number

      Limit 1 per customer

      Not valid for existing Kogan Mobile customers

      These are not enforced despite what the T&C say (as of 1 hour ago).

    • Telstra sim is free.

  • What would happen after 30 days?

    • +26

      It will be day 31.

      • huehuehuehue

    • +1

      If you don't pay anything (or you cancel any direct debit before then) - nothing - it just ends. i.e. Toss the SIM away.

  • in 5 mins it went from 7800 clicks to 8395 clicks :)

  • +2

    You don't even have to have an account or log in to get the deal!

  • ** FREE XL 30 Day Plan if you switch your "existing number from another network".

  • +1

    Free sim free internet, reminds me of Mr valentine from the kingsman movie, and what a great movie that was, so was the second one :)

  • +5
  • I soooo want to get in on this deal but worried it will port my existing number from Telstra where I have a sweet deal already?!?! Decisions… Decisions…

    • +1

      You can get a new number. Porting is not necessary as of 1 hour ago despite what the T&C says.

    • +1

      ??? There is a 0% chance of that happening.

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