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2nd Birthday email just received for up to 50% off big brands at Fit Nutrition Fix online.

Get 20% off ATP Science
Get 15% off Prana On
Get 15% off RedCon1

Sale goes for one week only, no coupon code needed.

Fit Nutrition Fix

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    Is whey protein the good kind or are there better options? Creatine dosage? Also how to maximize the n00b gainz?

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      Going to gym maximises noob gains.

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      maximize the n00b gainz

      GrindR can help you maximise knob gains.


      For creatine its 0.3 grams per kilogram(your weight in KG's) for 5-7 days followed by 0.03 grams per KG for the following 8-12 weeks then take 2 weeks off and restart. As for protein your far better off buying from independent suppliers like Bulk nutrients or Myprotein ( I've used both, really good stuff).

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    Any bargains?
    Prices need to be added to the description.

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    What is 50% off? You can get supplements for 20% practically everywhere.


    does this apply to girth buster 500?

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    Not a bargain. Even after discount the price for Oxyshred and Oxywhey are still 20% more expensive than other sites.


    No real bargain, looked at on pro gainer. Much cheaper at extreme warehouse and suppsrus

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