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NBA League Pass 2017 - 2018 - 2 Day Trial Then 20% off Season - $93.40 AUD (VPN Required)


Cheapest league pass I have come across so close to the season opening. Only 8 days into the season or roughly 4 games per team into the season. Use either a Brasil VPN or Mexican one to obtain the reduced pricing of US $89.99 ($116.75 AUD) and then apply the code at checkout to reduce it to $71.92 US ($93.40 AUD). No VPN is required after a successful sign up to watch games. The package will give you 2 days free to try it and then will charge your card for the season or month. Rates as per XE. Not sure when code expires. Enjoy.

chorong Cheaper to pay in MXN (Pesos) - Comes out to ~1200MXN after the 20% off, which is around 82AUD as per Google rates (using a no international transaction fee card)** - Thanks Chorong

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  • VPN in title

  • Great price. Too bad my internet connection isn't good enough for 6000kbps and the replays have ads :X.

  • make sure when you sign up, you untick the auto renewal function!!

    • Not completely necessary. If you keep auto renewal ticked, they will charge you the price for the region you last used. Mexico/Brazil/Canada are normally the cheapest ones each year so it means that every year when the send you the email warning of auto-renewal, you can just let them charge you if its still the cheapest. If you untick i'm pretty sure you have to use the VPN to charge the account which puts your details at risk (if you use a public VPN) and effort.
      Ozbargain is not only about cheapest prices but also about minimal effort (opportunity cost).

      • wrong

        League Pass auto-renewal happens on 1/9 (https://watch.nba.com/nba/termsofuse.htm) and the cheaper deals come out a lot closer to the start of the season (eg; https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/333629 this deal came out in October)

        So if you leave auto-renewal ON, you'll potentially be charged a lot more

        • This season, auto-renewal included the 10% discount at the start of the season at my Canadian rate which was about $20 aud more expensive than the Brazilian or Mexican counterparts. So having auto-renewal on this season not only locked in my Canadian rate but also the 10% discount.

          Keep in mind that the three mentioned above are normally the cheapest every year (with the exception of India which doesn't work globally).

          Cost-benefit analysis on everything. Willing to risk your payment info through some free VPN to get another $10 or $20 discount? Not for me either risk or time investment wise, hence why I kept auto-renewal on. Up to you, just trying to show there's benefits to that option for some people too :)

  • You definitely don't need a VPN to watch the games after you have signed up?

    • 100% sure, I've done it for multiple years

    • Watching now on my work computer. I seriously think this is the most asked question on OZB. Better to be safe than sorry though :-)

      1400 games await.

      • +2 votes

        Where do you work that you can watch the NBA on your work computer and are you hiring?

        • I'd actually prefer to have work to do as sad as that sounds. Ex Government - private utility.

  • sorry i am new to this, can someone do a tutorial how to use vpn to purchase? do i need to download an app or something? thank you in advance.

  • I paid 99. I hate myself forever

  • I've never bought a league pass before so can I can confirm this includes the playoffs?

  • I'm using Hola VPN but I'm getting the League Pass Pricing of USD$249.99/year. Tried both Mexico and Brazil.

    Could someone please help me figure out what am I doing wrong?

  • Can anyone get it to work with the Android nba ap? It does not work there for me. Pc works fine

    • Whats the issue? Works fine for me. Latest version etc etc?

      • It keeps asking me to log in everytime I click watch game. According to the setting tab, I'm already logged in. I tried restore purchase and it does nothing.

        • Delete - reinstall.

        • @Gringoesai:

          Thanks for the suggestion, but still no good. Tried is a couple of times and restarted the phone too.

        • @jasonlka: Yeah I have had issues in the past but normally a reinstall fixes it up. Could be an issue with the phone compatibility (no idea really). They update the app quite frequently as it gets buggy. I'm sure it will come good eventually. Have you tried on another device?

        • @Gringoesai: *Android device

        • @Gringoesai:

          Yea tried it on my tablet too and it's the same problem. Tried making a new account and that one is worse. Keeps saying my user name / password is invalid.

          Everything works fine on pc for both accounts. Huge bummer as I will be watching on mobile primarily.

    • Yes. Had it working on my GS8+ before I could get it to work in Chrome on OSX.

  • Cheaper to pay in MXN (Pesos) - Comes out to ~1200MXN after the 20% off, which is around 82AUD as per Google rates (using a no international transaction fee card).

  • Do you put ur australian address or a random mexican one?

  • Just signed up and it won't let me watch NBA TV - keeps saying it's not available in my area…?
    I can watch games no problem.

    • Yeah I just checked and mine is unavailable as well. I rarely watch it but it is good to have. Might come good eventually. Not sure. Maybe email support?

    • I had the same problem. Saying my login for nba.com was correct but everytime I went to watch.nba.com it would say my account was locked and wanted to reset my password. After going through this process 3 times, I downloaded the app on my android phone, logged in there and was able to watch games. I then tried Chrome and magically it started working. Give this a go and let me know if it also works for you.

    • Pretty sure it's because the package available from Mexico doesn't include NBA TV, I discovered same thing today as I usually watch the post game press conferences. My season package from Mexico says it only includes regular season+playoffs, doesn't mention NBA Tv. My package last season from Canada included it so I'm assuming it might just be a regional thing, so depends which one you signed up from

      The Aussie package includes NBA tv but I'm not spending a couple hundred bucks more just for that.

      • Mines canadian and no go. Def had it last season.

        • Would like to hear from other users using some country other than Mexico or Canada and see what they've got. I reckon it's some sort of blackout thing for their local markets from this season onwards, and Mexico and Canada are right next to USA. Maybe if someone who used Brazil or India or Vietnam can chime in, we might know more about it.

        • I'm having same issue with NBA TV not available in my area. Only started this morning. Was working fine last night. My package is through Mexico. First time having this issue. Previous years I've paid via Argentina, India and Canada which all had NBA TV. In all the receipts I have from previous years they all specify "Regular Season + Playoffs Subscription" which is the same as this year's.

          Checked with a friend and his package was via Mexico too and its still working for him.

          I'm going to be missing out on Inside NBA!!!

        • I had the same problem. I could view games but NBA TV Live stopped working on all devices yesterday. Can confirm it's working now. I signed up using a VPN through Mexico 10 days ago

  • Anyone managed to get the PS4 app working? It completely bombed out last year and the devs seemed wholly uninterested in fixing it.

    I can watch it via the web and my RPi Kodi box, but the PS4 app was a lot more convenient to use and I'd really rather not spend half the season configuring streams again…

    • what PS4 app? I can't find it in the store

      • You have to get it through a US account, but it works on all accounts once you've installed it. Well, 'work' in the sense that it loads up, but fails to do anything related to streaming matches…

  • Just managed to pick it up using Mexican VPN cheers

  • Does anyone know if you can watch the games using a PS3?

  • FYI 7% on cashrewards as well. No idea if it would work if using a vpn.

  • isnt it free if you simply make like a $1 deposit on bet365??? i can access all nba matches cause i have bet365 account

  • NBA TV stopped working for our region. Anyone get an answer from them?

    • I had the same problem. I could view games but NBA TV Live stopped working yesterday. Can confirm it's working now. I signed up using a VPN through Mexico 10 days ago

    • NBA TV is working fine for me, purchased via this deal in Mexico.

      Weird thing is I can be logged in watching a game, I then click the NBA TV tab and it says that i'm not logged in - so I log in again and it works. After that it has no problem switching between the 2 tabs.

  • awesome.. Thanks, signed up via mexico. works fine on iphone and pc. will test tv tonight :)

  • I got 2 days free then just got billed the full 1500mxn by looks of it even with using code

  • wtf why do they keep giving discounts

  • Hey guys I purchased the league pass via Mexico vpn on my mobile and signed in on the app and it says I'm in blackout area video not available. But it's working when I log in on my iPad, any idea as to why it won't play on my iPhone?i even downgraded the nba app to same version as iPad and still no luck:(

    • Seems to be an isolated device issue. Not sure what to offer for advice especially if you have downgraded. Clear caches, delete/reinstall app etc. If it works on one device, should work on all. Email them if it continues.

  • A warning and similair issue to posters above - Was charged the full $1499 MXN after the two free days it's showing up as $102 AUD on my CC.

    Anyone had the same issue and contacted them? Guess it's a bit suspect when you have Aus billing details but purchased through Mexico.

  • Also used the code 2DAY20 via Mexican VPN to be charged two days later the equivalent AUD without the 20% discount.

    I spent ages waiting to talk to someone via their 'live chat' only to be told I must email them and for then be disconnected without any further chat.

    Writing this post to hopefully save someone some time.

    Will update further once I hear a response from their Support team via email.

    • I would be interested to see how they respond to this. Please keep us updated!

    • Good news - they replied to my email within 36 hours advising they would amend their processing error. And 48 hours or so after that, I received a refund of the overcharged amount ($20.81). Very happy with their prompt customer service.