3 Months Free Apple TV+ (New & Returning Users) for Xbox Users


But don’t take our word for it. Try it for yourself and see why Apple TV+ is the ultimate streaming service for Xbox users. All you need to do is sign up for a new or qualified returning Apple TV+ subscription on your Xbox before July 7, 2024, and you’ll get 3 months of Apple TV+ for free. No strings attached, no hidden fees, just unlimited entertainment at your fingertips.

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  • +6

    Apple TV+ used to absolutely awful but it's now making some of the best shows 'on tv'.

    • +1

      Can you name a few best show? wonder if it's worth my time signing.

      • +3

        The completely made up adventures of Dick Turpin and Ted Lasso are two very good ones.

      • +8

        Constellation, Severance, Foundation. Apple TV+ does not produce series or movies very often but when they do, it is oftentimes high quality.

        • +2

          I found constellation very slow and boring

        • +2

          Foundation is the best sci-fi I have seen for a while.

        • +2

          Foundation is a really cool series

      • +8

        Slow Horses is fantastic as well. I’m about to start watching Silo, I’ve heard good things.

        Worth a trial run at the very least.

      • +6

        In addition to what’s already mentioned, For all mankind, silo, lessons in chemistry, hijack, masters of the air.

      • +4

        "See" with Jason Momoa was pretty dam good, and they kept it nice and short enough not to drag on like other tv series seem to.

      • +8

        For All Mankind is great, but no one ever seems to talk about it.

        Season 5 soon!

    • +3

      If you're happy with 3 TV shows or less you'll actually watch and then having nothing else then sure.

      You could easily burn through everything Apple TV has to offer in these 3 months and then cancel as no point keeping it after.

      • +2

        That's what I've been doing for a few years Get 3 months a year free, watch everything I like, cancel. Repeat next year.

        I'll never have to pay at this rate.

    • +2

      Apart from one or two shows, It's worthless

    • +3

      Also, less garbage unlike $hitflix, stan and prime so u’ll spend less time browsing through crap and go straight to the show 💪

  • +3

    I liked Silo, Constellation.
    Sugar is ongoing at the moment, no bad

  • +3

    Disappointing when compared with prime

    • +1

      Why? It’s all original shows compared to existing content.

    • +7

      Prime is great value, $79/year plus free postage, nothing else comes close (value wise)

  • if this works it's good in time for All Man Kind Season 5 (I don't think I watched season 4 even)

  • +4

    Selection is very limited, but it includes some of the very best TV shows ever, so a few months free to watch them all is worth it:

    For all mankind (best alternate history sci fi)
    Foundation (best political far future sci fi)
    Severance (best writing/story, most original)
    Ted Lasso (best feelgood comedy)
    Slow Horses (best British thriller)


    • +3

      Currently watching silo, very interesting!

    • +3

      You forgot Black Bird. (best suspense).

  • +4

    Meh, I’ve always signed up for these free Apple TV+ and I watch A couple of episodes of a couple shows and I hate them all.

    • +6

      Sounds like Apple TV is rotten to the core for you.

  • +4

    Kids these days will never know of the Apple vs Microsoft wars.

    • +3

      Back inside, old man!

      • +5

        shouts at cloud based services

    • I used to work on Samsung's software RnD, when the war between Apple vs Samsung hit hard. The wars was never about the phone, but the panel of the phone. It was Samsung who made Apples screen, and Apple didn't like Samsung to make the same screen in their own branded phone. Thats why Samsung make 'edge' screen to avoid copyright, and Apple stop using Samsung panel. Other than that, the partnership still going strong to the point that we work together on developing Apple's softwares.

      That time, I learn about Apple vs Microsoft. Their wars was never about software, or most people believe about OS. Their wars was about GUI that they used on their OS. Aside from that, they never cut their partnership.

  • +8

    I found Mythic Quest hilarious and worth watching on Apple TV.

  • +7

    Apple TV is quality over quantity. Easily my favorite streaming service, especially for TV. I'd rather have limited quality content than an inexhaustible catalogue of reality TV.

  • +5

    Any workaround of getting this without having an Xbox console?

  • +1

    sweeeet. never paid for apple and still have managed to get at least a year in free trials. one of the better services for quality, just not quantity

  • +1

    Legend - logged in this morning looking for a trial code so i could watch the baseball and here it is :)

    Thank you sir

    • +1

      Haha same boat. Giants fan and went to watch the game on MLB tv but it's an Apple TV+ game :(

  • +1

    Please ignore what you've read and give Argylle a chance. We saw it at the cinemas and I loved it.

    Now sure, Bryce Dallas Howard and Sam Rockwell are basically my top two celebrity "I'd (profanity) the hell out of that, and I'd go gay for that" picks respectively, but it was a really fun movie. Definitely going to cash in another 3 months of Apple to rewatch it with the missus sometime, cheers.

    PlayStation gave us a year and we never used it. Now Xbox will do the same and we'll watch this one movie (again) if I'm lucky.

    • Something to think about that while "profanity"' you'd have a balding Ritchie Cunningham as a father-in-law.

    • +1

      Your bias is showing. Argylle is a terrible movie.

      • +1

        I'm not being an internet jump down your throat guy, but can you please tell me what you didn't like?

        As a Mathew Vaughn fan who enjoys everything he's touched, bar like the Kingsman movie, I thought it was very him. Stylishly shot, lovely visuals, fast fun dialogue, relatively basic premise with enjoyable characters to pull you into it. I liked it a lot. My thoughts are a bit scattered, we haven't seen it since the cinemas, but there's a good chance we'll watch it tonight so I'll be able to put together a better sentence or two, but I'll be surprised if I don't enjoy it,

        • For one, terrible CGI. Two, terrible action. Vaughan can do better.

          • @Thiefsie: The CG was a bit shit at times, I enjoyed a lot of the action scenes and whatnot too but I won't pretend it's not cheesy as (profanity). Like, the bit where he drives the jeep over the buildings, etc. the effects are dodge and the action is silly but I enjoy me some goofy shit. I loved the rainbow shootout and the oil spill scene…but I do remember the oil skating as having genuinely, takeyououtofthemovie bad CG.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: I thought the first half of the movie was good ,
              then like a lot of Hollywood movies it lost its way and dribbled on for a bit and it was over .

              Franklin seems good so far
              There’s a new season of Loot

          • @Thiefsie: Bruv, I watched it again yesterday and enjoyed it a lot more even. Movie is good fun, cool action and shit man. I actually really liked it going back knowing they were together rather than it being twist 5462.

            Like sure don't take the movie seriously and all, but I had a big ol fun time. Definitely gonna watch it again before the 3 month trial ends.

            • @TheDukeOfNukem: Fair enough. I have no place yucking your yum. I thought it was hot trash, just like Operation Fortune - nonetheless we can have different taste! Roadhouse is almost as bad, except Connor just makes me laugh haha.

              • @Thiefsie: I never checked out Fortune. I meant to, given The Gentlemen put Ritchie back in the good books, but it did look pretty shonky from the trailers.

                IDK I think the thing with Argyle is if you don't like the main two, you won't care for the second half in particular as they get (back) together. I liked them, but I can see if you didn't that like, it's definitely gonna make the last hour or so a slog and a half.

                • @TheDukeOfNukem: See what you think of Fortune - honestly it's probably the better movie imo. But it falls flat in the humour for me - I must be too old for Aubrey Plaza schtick and dead pan (dull) humour from the rest of the cast

                  • @Thiefsie: I'll check it out sometime. Forgot she was in it. She was alright in the new Chucky movie but definitely an acquired taste. Fortunately I like her enough, Nick Offerman from Parks is someone I've seen too much of in too many places, she's yet to overstay her welcome with me though.

              • +1

                @Thiefsie: Had to go and up vote this comment solely so you didn't think I was the one down voting lmao

  • Top Pics:
    Black Bird
    Ted Lasso
    Mythic Quest
    Tetris (Movie)

    Masters of the Air
    For All Mankind

    Slow Horses

    • Air is worth a watch. My wife likes Palm Royale

    • Good list.

      I think you got downvoted for saying someone's fave show was just "ok" 😂

    • +1

      You forgot Platonic
      and Slow Horses should be higher on your list,
      It just starts a bit slow.
      Severance is definitely the most original storyline,
      eventhough there was a Ben Affleck movie with a similar plotline.
      For all mankind was kinda epic I thought ,
      but maybe you need to be a sci-fi aficionado.
      Silo has potential to be very good and it’ll be interesting to see where they go with it.

      I don’t know how anyone understands what Foundation is about without having read the book(s).

      • +1

        @beach bum
        All fair calls.

        Slow Horses, I liked it, wife didn't. Having a show about a toxic boss isn't for everyone hence I moved it down.

        For All Mankind first episodes were bloke dominated, then switched and became a female character led story. Wife hated first episodes then loved it. First seasons were really strong, but it started to get a bit farcical in later episodes.

        Platonic, some funny writing but I'd put it in OK.

        Silo agree 100%

        Foundation agree

        • You’re kind of missing the point of their leader in slow horses , this is a group that has already disgraced themselves and is in the penalty bin until they redeem themselves or perhaps die in the process ,
          As slow horses they can win or off to the metaphorical glue factory.
          An analogy for the toxic boss might be the Sargent Major hounding recruits through basic training ,
          except they are in mi5 and he’s a drinking burping eating farting OG .

          • @beach bum: No I get all that. The boss was deemed a screwup regardless of how he treated his team. Still a toxic boss regardless of anything that happened before. The baiting of ex alcoholic woman on the team was particularly disgraceful. The character had some good one liners but he was a sea hunt.

            • +2

              @scratchy: In real life this would be true ,
              maybe I saw it as there is more to the story to explore where this would be resolved through the story arc , and maybe this came to some conclusion but I can’t remember now .
              Just remember that this show was exceptionally good , and surprisingly so as it just got better and better .

  • I just saw 3 months free YouTube Premium being advertised on Xbox. So I've just signed up for that. Better than Apple TV+ IMHO.

    • Hi, do you see this offer on your xbox or on the mobile app/laptop?

      • Yes. It's still in the Game Pass app.

  • Do you get a code to use or have to do through your console?

    IF there's a code, anyone not using it mind DM me one?

    • +1

      When you open the app on your Xbox it makes you login or sign up, and the 3 months are credited to your account (after putting in a bank card), you can cancel the auto renew immediately and keep the 3 months and then go remove your credit card (out of the app, doesn't let you do it in app), I just did it to watch Argylle again.

      I'm down to log you in and claim the 3 months if you want, shoot a DM or whatever, and then you can run and change all your passwords 10 times. But yeah, it's all done in app on the Xbox. If you have an Xbox or a mate with one, go do it there if you wanna save trusting a rando.

  • hmm i still have the LG TV one to take up, But if i take that up, It means it wont expire in time to take this offer up as well :(.

  • +1

    Says I've already had a free trial

  • Not showing up in Xbox perks for me. And lately no luck with any apple free trial any more, somehow.

  • Just start another apple account ,
    Takes 10 minutes .

    Any free trails related to purchases though, you can only redeem once .

  • Is this deal only on the Xbox someplace or via the Perks section, As I dont see it as one my Perks? But I havent checked my actual Xbox yet, just on the Xbox app.

    • Download the Apple TV app and it'll basically say "Here's a 3 month trial" when you sign up

      From the link: "Signing up is easy. Just open the Apple TV app on your Xbox and follow the instructions. Thru July 7, new or qualified returning Apple TV+ subscribers get 3 months free of Apple TV+."

      • So the only way to get this is to download the apple tv app on the xbox? I didnt want to use this yet but wanted to make sure its available otherwise i could use my LG offer.

        • You accept on the Xbox, but then you can log in on any other device, including your LG

  • +1

    Thanks OP I just signed up. You can also cancel straight away to avoid being charged in 3 months

  • Can anyone please confirm what 'qualified returning' users means as in the copy…? If I have an expired membership will it work??

    Thru July 7, new or qualified returning Apple TV+ subscribers get 3 months free of Apple TV+.

    • It seems to mean customers with a previously expired subscription.

      Well. I just had a subscription expire today. Jumped on my Xbox One X to install the Apple TV app. It gave me a 3 months free trial straight after i did the activation.

  • Cheers op, my free 2 months expired and just went to the Xbox and it offered the 3 months , cancelled straight away so I don’t get charged in 3 months

    • Same .. sub expired 11/05 .. uninstalled & reinstalled app on xbox .. 3 mts free again :-)

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