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[NSW] Tray of Blueberries $7.99 Harris Farm Broadway


Saw this at Harris Farm this morning. The sign says the blueberries are “rain affected” but they looked normal to me. I asked a staff member to try and they tasted great.
Hopefully this is useful to someone.
Box has 12 punnets 1.5kg total
$5.34/ Kilo. Great price

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Harris Farm Markets

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  • Excellent price. At their Glendale branch 4 weeks ago I scored a tray of 15 X 250g punnets of strawberries for $6.99.

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      And you didn't post it here for us?

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        There were only 8 trays left. Probably sold before I returned home.

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          The "Submit Deal" button is between "Deals" and "New Deals".

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          @Scab: Have we done this dance before?

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          @Scab: less than 10 items, won't make the cut at ozbargain.

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      Glendale had the blueberries on Sunday, $7.99 tray of 12 punnets.

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        Ah well I missed out this time.

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    Have been eating a lot of blueberries lately.

    Have also discovered they do funny things to your digestive system if eaten in abundance… (ie 1+ punnet in a day)

    • poop changes colour ehh

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        And it's not blue!

    • I learnt the other day that bears living on a diet of wild blueberries apparently have their fat turn purple and their meat becomes sweet.

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    Blue rain?!

    • lol, was going to say exactly the same thing.

    • DIGESTIVE system :) So it wld be blue rain thru the bunghole, which wld be the worst kind of nasty

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      Surely it should be… "Purple rain, purple rain…" :)

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        The you must purify yourself in the waters of lake Minnetonka

  • Please post if they are at the Manly store?

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    Are they Aussie blueberries?

    • Assuming they are OzBerries, not Chiberries:

      Once frozen, maybe they turn into Frozberries <TM> anyhow?

    • According to the blurry text at the bottom of the price tag in the photo- yes.

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    just a word of warning, they might be fine now but they'll turn rather quickly in the fridge - that's why they have to get rid of them quickly.

    I'd leave two in the fridge for the next couple of days, the rest in the freezer.

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      Also an opportunity to make blueberry jam.

  • Will deliver to Adelaide ?

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    Damn, wish I could pick up a box. Been loving eating bluebuerries recently. Bought 500g for about 9$ at costco the other day

  • Any deal at St Ives store?

  • Are there any left?

  • Blueberries freeze pretty well. Great deal

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    great deal. sadly all gone now :(

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    Thanks OP!
    Went and got some at 3pm. Saw a few punnets with tiny bit of mould on a berry or two, so agree with others, they will need to be eaten or frozen asap.
    On another note, hats off to Harris Farm for the new shop layout that encourages people to use boxes instead of bags, esp when this will probably cost them more in labour (at least with me, the cashier had to wait and help me to pick the right size box and sort and load things into them etc, would've been faster for her to just dump everything into plastic bags).

    • Don't feel bad if you miss out. Wife's going through them now. Lots of them starting to mold. Still good berries, but quite a bit of work.

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    Could be from South America too

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    This deal is back!!!!
    Just picked up a box from Harris farm in Broadway.

    Still quite a bit left, but won't be fore long!

    Enjoy ^^

    • Well spotted.

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        More today! Imperfect blueberries $8/tray, imperfect strawberries at $7 a tray too!
        Some moistures in them though, so won't keep for long. We'll make jam with them tmr. :)

        • Good move. My wife made strawberry jam last time.

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