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Sony Store TV's Up to 45% off, KD49X8000E $1099 Free Delivery



Sony Store is having a TV sale, while not all pricing is that good, ive just added them for tracking purposes,

Free delivery and 2% cash rewards.

I guess they have lined up their sale with JB and HN

Model RRP Sale Price % Discount
KDL32W660E $699 $599 14%
KDL40W660E $1,599 $899 44%
KDL49W660E $1,599 $878 45%
KD43X7000E $1,399 $878 37%
KD49X7000E $1,599 $899 44%
KD43X8000E $1,599 $978 39%
KD49X8000E $1,999 $1,099 45%
KD55X7000E $1,999 $1,299 35%
KD55X8500E $2,499 $1,519 39%
KD49X9000E $2,499 $1,519 39%
KD55X9000E $2,999 $1,759 41%
KD65X7000E $3,299 $1,996 39%
KD65X8500E $3,999 $2,399 40%
KD55X9300E $3,999 $2,499 38%
KD65X9000E $4,499 $2,639 41%
KD65X9300E $5,299 $3,199 40%
KD75X8500E $5,999 $4,159 31%
KD55A1 $4,999 $4,198 16%
KD75X9000E $6,999 $4,599 34%
KD75X9400E $7,999 $5,599 30%
KD65A1 $7,499 $5,996 20%
KD85X8500D $10,999 $9,995 9%

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  • Some good discounts there!

  • I'd be suggesting Sony wouldn't be lining up their sale with retailers. They are the ones influencing them.

  • The 49inch X900e for $1519 is getting to be a great deal for a TV with flagship features (plus one of the few full array backlit TV's available with local dimming) but half the cost. Could be alot cheaper if Sony give people big discounts come Black Friday and Xmas time…

  • +2

    I hate my Sony Bravia.
    Wish I never bought it.

    • +1

      What do you hate about it?

    • Sony UI is bad and buggy as with any other android tv. LG webos is very snappy fast response.
      I wish I would not have bought my Sony x8500e but would have bought another LG. No idea of Samsung UI as it is tigen os.

      • +5

        My experience with Sony Android has been fantastic.

        • My x8500c volume control is laggy and disrupts my streaming experience since the last major upgrade of android on it

        • I updated the software today and the volume control is now back to normal yay!!!! good on ya Sony!!!!

      • Love my X8500E….prefer AndroidTv over Tiezen but I have not used WebOS so I can't compare there.

        surprisingly the OS on the TLC TVs is reasonable as well.

  • Not very attractive.
    75X90E is cheaper in JB without even using their giftcard and the 65A1 is same price :/

    • Hey mate what price were you able to get for the 75X90E? I'm looking to buy within the next couple of weeks so it would be good to know how low I can bargain the sales people down to. The targeted eb voucher deal that was posted here a few days ago ( https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/337411) had the price at $3999, were you able to get it lower?

      • JB is selling em for $4558.
        Since it is nearing end of year, talk to JB sales guys and see if they can do EB price.
        30% of their ticket price might be a bit too hard to get.

        • Yeah I was hoping to get for $3.5K but I think I might have to wait closer to Xmas to get it for that price. Will try my luck as they're still making a margin at $3999 if Sony's already doing promotions around that price.


        • @merajaan: let us know how you go. am tossing between 65a1 or this.

  • -1

    Had an unsatisfactory experience with Sony 4k. Got an OLED, and never looked back.

    • +1

      Which oled out of curiosity?

      • LG C7

    • +1

      What was wrong with the 4k?

      • Clouding

    • +1

      More details please

      • -3

        See above comment

    • +2

      I had a very unsatisfactory experience with an LG OLED , got a store credit and got a Sony LED couldn't be happier.

      • -2

        Good for you.

    • +1

      If you use the TV as a monitor, dont get the OLED.

      • Like I am going to use a 4000 dollars TV as a monitor.

      • If you have a bright room don't get an OLED….but in a dark room….

  • KD65X9300E $5,299 $3,199 40%

    This was under $3K during a recent 20% off sale at eBay, so not the best deal imo.

  • KD65X9000E $4,499 $2,639 41%

    Got this for $2495 5 weeks ago during 20% off Ebay sale from TGG

  • JB hi fi pricing for comparison… https://www.jbhifi.com.au/tv-home-entertainment/hd-televisio...

    Wouldn't it be easier to drop by a JB store and pick one up straight away? :/

    • If you have a large car I guess..

  • +1

    What's the best Sony TV for PS4 PRo HDR game content, movies and blacks?

    • +1

      OLED is best for blacks.

      I'm looking at this 75 inch beauty: http://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/sony/x940e
      Best price I found was $6800 from Harvey Norman, but this sale makes it $5600…

      • +3

        I've got the Sony X940E 75" that is the replacement for my faulty LG OLED , and I know this is a controversial thing to say but I see no difference between the blacks on my top of the range Sony compared to the OLED.

        As someone said in a review I read , "there's more to a good TV picture than good blacks" it's important to have bright white's too …. something OLED's struggle with.

        • +1

          So I take it you are happy with your purchase? This is a hard offer to pass up considering I've been looking at this TV for a while now….ugh $5600 is still a lot of money to drop on a TV…

        • +1


          Yes very happy with the purchase ,I didn't realise how good it was until I tweaked the picture settings when I had it at home. Mine was $6900 on special (RRP was $8999) so $5600 is a bargain.

          Yes it is a lot of money , but its' something that I get pleasure from and will use everyday for a long time.

        • +1


          Thanks mate, I don't think I'll let this opportunity pass and I'll order it now.

          Edit: Ordered!

        • But it's power consumption is double what 75X9000E has. Did you see a surge on your electricity bill?

        • @Lionheart: Good decision, you'll love it

        • @frugalfred:

          Where can I find info on how to tweak the picture settings like you have?

        • +1


          I used this as guide , but made the brightness on mine almost to max.


        • @frugalfred:

          Don't know how I missed that, love that website and read that review tons of times, but cheers!

    • +1

      For Black - A1,
      For HDR - Z9D

      • Have been hunting the Z9D specifically and directly and with hunger in my eyes and foam at my mouth for the past 3 days. Had it all lined up for a buy today, and BAM, today just got even better with all the recent stuff at Harvey Norman. I am finally a proud member of the Z9D club does secret Z9D dance moves since secret handshakes are for chumps

        • Isn't the Z9D last year's model? Been trying to find a few models from last year thinking that I could save a bucket load of cash over buying a current model but couldn't find any stores that carry it. How much did you end up paying for it and where from?

        • +1

          @merajaan: I've found a few 2016 Models in my local JB hi-fi, nothing too special or fancy but the Z9D is a rather specific one which is essentially sold out everywhere. I rang over 12 Harvey Normans and 1 Sony Kiosk from QLD all the way down through NSW. I ended up scoring my Z9D for $3995 with a $200 gift card from Bundall. Most places if they have stock, will only have floor stock available, but let me know if you're interested in the TV and I can send you a message with a list of all the stores that (as of 3 days ago) had stock and their ticketed prices.

    • Any of the x9 series. X900e is the cheapest and comes in the biggest range of sizes. Only Sony store has the 49 inch though. Best blacks would be x900e and x940e as they are full array backlit with local dimming. X930e (edgelit) has great brightness so hdr movies look better. Other than that no real difference so probably get the X900e over the 930. Probably wait til end of November/ December for the best sale prices

  • are Sony TV's worth buying anymore these days

    • -2

      Yes and no

    • If you have to ask, then having the best image quality mustn't be that important to you.

      Their top models (VA panels) have the best image detail, up-scaling, motion handling, uniformity, brightness and black levels of LCD TVs.

      OLED TVs are too similar to differentiate as they all use the same LG panels.

  • Anyone have feedback about 75X90E ?

  • I have a 55X8500D, and don't think I'd get another android TV until picture in picture, and multi stream recording is available. I wrongly assumed an "smart" android TV could do it and have been left disappointed.

    TV is generally fine otherwise, but can be quite slow to respond some times.

    • Hey Pax, how is the volume control on you 8500d? Is it laggy or does it interfer with streaming like netflix or youtube?

      • My volume control is through my HT system, so TV volume is never used.

        I can never understand from day to day why there is a lag difference when activating menu or the TV guide though.


        • finally they released a software update that has sorted the volume control issue out!

  • Which 65" out of this range should I go for? There's too many to choose from…

    • If you are not getting X9000e. You may as well just buy the Hisense 65N7.

      • Fair enough. And the X93000e not worth the extra cost?

        • Depends on the price difference and the personal preference.

          Basically, 9300e has better HDR (Dolby Vision and much brighter) in the cost of 100kw/h more power consumption.

          It is more future proof. If you watch Netflix, HDR movies or play HDR games. You may want it. But does it justify $800 more? It's your call.

        • @windwai:

          Thanks Windwai.

  • For those who are interested, JB Hi-Fi can offer $5300 for 75X9400E today.

  • thanks! sale is still on, ordered a KD49X7000E for 899. Need a TV, but can't be bothered to shop around and this came along which looks like a good spec & price for what we need!

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