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Logitech X300 Wireless Speaker $36 @ The Good Guys eBay


Well it ain't no $15 Officeworks clearance but it's better than a stick in the eye!

Today's deal is the Logitech x300, down to quite a reasonable $36. I can't speak to this models quality but if it's like my x100 you should be very happy with it!

Good for all your general audio needs from listening to music, playing loud sounds to scare people (I put the x100 in a vent and had it play "help, I'm stuck in the vent" lol) to putting in your school bag, sliding it 2 seats up and playing awkward sounds.

Good day.

Original 20% off @ The Good Guys eBay Post

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  • +4

    Great speaker for $36!

    • +9

      Even BETTER speaker for $15 😁

      • Hell yeah! At that price I would have bought one for each room.

  • upvote just for the pranking ideas. $36 is quite competitive with the chinese stuff

    • +2

      I have Parklea Markets $35 speakers and I have the X300. Both have pluses and minuses.

      • The Parklea speakers actually have better overall sound quality and are slightly louder. Definitely brighter mids and highs.
      • Bass is a tiny bit deeper ("thumpier") on the X300. But the sound is muddier too.
      • The mic for the hands free is a bit better on the X300.
      • Parklea job does radio and sd card. Radio reception is meh. SD only useful if you don't want to control what is being played. Put a bunch of songs on a small SD card and play on random, or go to all kinds of trouble to try to get a file order. These features alone wouldn't make me buy the speakers.

      To be honest if I could only have one I'd probably go the Parklea. That said the X300 is in my bag at work atm.

      • thanks for the review, i suppose the logitech are geared at young people which they all imagine listening to music with bass and thumps

        • +1

          You're welcome. The Logitech isn't a bad speaker. I just prefer brighter, clearer high and mid than a thumping bass. The $300 Bose speakers blow all these out of the water of course…but it's $300.

  • If you change the quantity to a large number in "Post to me", right now it says: There are 159 items available. Please enter a number less than or equal to 159.

    Interesting, but not sure if it is accurate.

    • 6 sold in half an hour then - down to 153

  • MUCH LOUDER than x50/x100, four speakers in total: two speakers on the front and one each at either end, room-filling sound for a compact unit, has mic for hands-free calls

    • +1

      I dont think that the things at the ends are speakers

    • At risk of building a speaker collection if I buy any more. If/when my Logitech Mini Boombox expires this could be a good replacement.

      Would be nice to have one that has a good enough mic to be usable for phone calls…

  • +2

    How is this compare to the XiaoMi Bluetooth 4.2 speaker?

    Still deciding which to buy

    • Get the Xiaomi hands down.

      • why?

        do you have both?

  • +7

    5 Watts, BT 2.1
    A bit dated lackluster if you ask me.

    I was thinking about getting this Tronsmart speaker,
    BT 4.2, Stereo, 10 watts.

    • +1

      Nice find, had a look and there is the sequel the T2 linked on that page that is slightly better and cheaper


      • good point

      • +1

        i did a bit of research.
        It seems the T2 isn't particularly newer or better than the T1.
        They're similar, but the T1 is better for treble, the T2 for base.
        The T2 is weather proof and a bit bigger and heavier than the T1.

        If in doubt just get the Tronsmart T6

    • Any benefit to using BT 4.2 for speaker audio, I've always felt the older BT protocols were more stable.

      • The newer BT protocols are more stable, not the older ones. They have better range, and reduced delay.

        • I'm not sure if the audio bit rate is any better but it's supposed to use less power and be more secure.
          Also some features like connecting multiple speakers together for stereo or surround sound.

    • +1

      Man does that checkout hate my firefox, had to use chrome and even then it was a bit dodgy.

      Just bought the T1, cheers!

    • It's loud, for talk back radio in a noisy environment it's fine, but for high quality music it's a bit muddy.

      Worked with s7 after a reboot.

      For music I'd prolly fork out for a Logitech boom somethingorother

  • +2

    but it's better than a stick in the eye

    I'll be the judge of that

  • +4

    I got this a month ago to replace the HP speaker I got a few years ago; a great OzB deal.

    The X300 is now in a drawer as it can't compete with the HP, I am now looking at a UE model.

    When you crank up the X300, it's loud but the range isn't there. I don't know how to explain it but while the HP isn't as loud the music sounds so much better. Maybe the x300 would be good for soft chillout music for yourself but don't expect to please anyone if you are taking it to the beach, the pool or a dinner party.

    Yes I am talking about speakers in very different price ranges but I'm just saying, you get what you pay for here. Listen to the guys at Wirecutter and get the UE Roll 2 for $100.

    • +3

      The term you are looking for is 'dynamic range': The range of frequencies the speaker can reproduce. It sounds like the HP has superior dynamic range but a lower overall volume.

      • +1

        That sounds about right.

  • How do budget speakers compare to some of the more pricey brands like JBL in terms of sound quality?

    • It's completely case by case, model by model.

      • In my experience, budget iems don't comprimize on sound quality as much, rather the build quality is often sacrificed. I was just wondering if it were the case for portable speakers too.

  • It's worth considering the anker speakers which have a quoted battery life of 24 hrs (vs 5hr for the x300). The anker speakers had a deal on a month ago for less than $30 and the new version is water resistant and is in the $40-$50 range.

    • I would go the anker one hands down.. Logitech is great but I haven't heard much impressive things about this speaker.

  • How does this compare to the JBL Flip4? buy this or the JBL for around $100?

    • +1

      If you want sound quality and ruggedness, i'd suggest getting the JBL. It's much better sounding than the Logitech X300.

  • I bought one of these recently in a JB sale for $39. It is not terrible but I wouldn't recommend anyone buy this. My brother has a UE roll 2 and it's got a much cleaner sound and punchier base.

  • +2

    This speaker is good for simple sounds. It plays my bird call playlist really well. I feel like I am in the same room as the bird.

  • Seen many douchebags on public transport, carrying mobile speakers and blasting music at full volume…

  • I am getting the following error message when trying to apply the coupon code (PAYOFF) during checkout.

    This code has expired.

    So, why is the expiry date for this deal still set to 7th November?

    • Miss click lol, I'll report for a mod to expire.

      Don't have fat thumbs.

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