Click Frenzy 2017: Tuesday Nov 14 - 15, 2017

Click Frenzy 2017 officially begins 7pm (AEDT) Tuesday, November 14 2017.

As always however, most deals will probably be posted earlier that day or even the night before.

You can follow all the deals and view previous deals/discussions via the OzBargain Click Frenzy 2017 Sales & Promotions page and discuss the event in general below.

Deal posters and power users may tag any related deals as 'Click Frenzy', they will then automatically appear in our sale page.

Remember to click subscribe on your favourite stores to get an email and/or web notification if any deal is posted for them.

Promo images from Click Frenzy:



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Click Frenzy


  • eBay is one of the retailers listed this year, from Facebook post

    here's a sneak peak at just some of the companies involved:
    Adidas Australia, Flight Centre Australia, MYER, Chemist Warehouse, Sony Australia, Cotton On, Sheridan, BONDS, ASOS, Air New Zealand, Peter Alexander Sleepwear, 2XU, eBay, House, First Choice Liquor, Newbalance, Under Armour,, OROTON, Rebel Sport, Catch, BCF - Boating, Camping, Fishing, Sunglass Hut

  • is click frenzy every couple months now?

    • Every 6 months, May and November each year. I believe November is the bigger one.

      • Click Frenzy in November
      • Click Frenzy Mayhem in May
      • Travel Frenzy in August

      Catch and eBay are participating this year so it could get interesting.

  • Goodbye money…

  • Looks interesting, how do people feel about click frenzy? It's my first time, i would like to know if its even possible to attain these crazy deals, hope they arent like catch's [email protected]

  • Email received today:

    Items from $1, this will be the biggest Click Frenzy yet and it's only days away




    Conditions apply, stocks are limited and at these prices, we know these items will be sold quickly. The Go Wild treasure hunt will occur at various intervals between 7pm AEDT Tues Nov 14 and 7pm AEDT Wed Nov 15. Instructions will be forwarded via email.

    Make sure you open your Click Frenzy emails during that period to get exclusive clues when the 99% off items will be on sale. Click quick! While stocks last.

    See all the retailers on the main Click Frenzy website



    Twitter competition link

  • does anyone bother with this anymore? a large quantity of mediocre discounts with a few very limited actual deals.

  • ASOS will have 30% off

  • Is it worth waiting for Black Friday/Cyber Monday or will their deals be the same as here?

    • It depends on the store but generally for Australian retailers Click Frenzy will probably be as good as it gets, many don't participate in Black Friday/Cyber Monday and if they do you'd imagine it would be a lesser offer if anything.

      Look at past deals for the store also to see if there is some trend in past Click Frenzy/Black Friday deals to see what they usually offer, if anything and how it compares.

  • I'm still new to clickfrenzy and subscribed when I saw it advertised on facebook. How exactly does it work? The prices on the posters look too good to be true

    • Basically it's a big sale event that a number of retailers participate in, offering some offer/discount as part of Click Frenzy. You can see the deals/stores that participate above or on the Click Frenzy website, there isn't any need to subscribe to Click Frenzy itself, it's just an email list.

      However to gain subscribers, Click Frenzy themselves, via their website (unlike everything else which are sales offered directly by the retailer) have a number of low priced items like the $10 TVs etc. They will probably send out clues as to where to find these items on the actual Click Frenzy website, they are low in number and incredibly hard to get. Probably not something to worry about unless you have some free time as there will be 10000s of people trying to get these low priced items that there might only be 5 or 10 of. If you are interested you can subscribe to their email list and wait for details on the $10 tvs etc from 7pm and onwards.

      For most of us Click Frenzy is just a day where a heap of retailers have sales, some good, some average, but on OzBargain the best deals get voted and it's also good to keep an eye out for stores/retailers you are personally interested in.

  • Is there any deal for guitar, amp, pedals and accessories?
    Please let me know if you see one


  • So what should I buy? Don't need anything but its Frenzy time.

  • How to get in quick?? Is the payment through paypal?

    • For the 'Go Wild deals', ie $10 TVs, $2 Fitbits etc. last year it was PayPal or credit card. I think the general consensus is that PayPal was the quicker of the two.

    • Make an account at

      Goes to said website and the store is currently not available so can't make an account… What a pro tip!

  • any stores selling genuine fragrances?

    • I reckon 10% off at Chemist Warehouse would be the way to go, they are already pretty reasonable for fragrance prices.

      If you signup to the 2 month Shipster trial you'll also get free shipping from Chemist Warehouse.

      • doesnt chemist warehouse sell low graded fragrances? has anyone had any experiences between department store fragrances vs discount chemist fragrances?

        • How does that work? I mean it comes in the same box and everything. It'd be an issue for the brand if they were to provide 2 identical products but one was of a lesser quality.

        • @knk:

          just hearing that discount chemists fragrances are different to department store ones, not sure if true or not but its gotten me thinking everytime I spend money on fragrances.

        • @sixpointnine:
          Yeah I've heard that too, doesn't make any sense to me though lol.

          I've bought from chemist warehouse and….it smells normal? lol

        • Nope exact same. Department stores would lead you to believe that because all of their stock is overpriced.

  • Do we need to register or should I just wait on Ozbargain? lol

    • For the 'Go Wild deals' ie $10 TVs etc. you should register now to be safe, if you want to play that game :P Although likely someone will copy paste the clues here like last year, if they are following that same format.

  • Has anyone got the email for the treasure hunt yet? Curious to see if they've mixed it up or if it's the same as previous ones.

  • Click frenzy website is up and running now, showing all deals a bit earlier than 7PM

  • Apple 10.5 Inch iPad $10
    Your instructions are:

    Be in the TV & Home Theatre category on Click Frenzy using any device between 8pm - 9pm AEDT Tuesday 14 Nov (tonight!).
    Browse the deals there and keep your eye out for a banner that will appear some time within that 60 minute period. We’re not telling you when so you need to keep a good lookout.
    When you see the banner, write down the DISCOUNT CODE and CLICK IT QUICK – you’ll be sent to our special Go Wild store where you can get the iPad for just $10. ONLY AFTER you apply the discount code. You MUST apply the discount code otherwise the charge is full price. We will refund anyone paying full price by mistake but you will not be able to claim the item.

    XBOX ONE S 500Gb $4
    Your instructions are:

    Be in the Car & Bike category using any device between 9pm - 10pm AEDT Tuesday 14 Nov (tonight!).
    Browse the deals there and keep your eye out for a banner that will appear some time within that 60 minute period. We’re not telling you when so you need to keep a good lookout.
    When you see it, write down the DISCOUNT CODE and CLICK IT QUICK – you’ll be sent to our special Go Wild store where you can get the Xbox for just $4. ONLY AFTER you apply the discount code.

  • These things seem like a 1 in 10,000 chance or so (or at least, 1 in 1,000). Sounds like you have to carefully watch your screen for an hour just for a chance, and if you're quick enough, you can get one.

    Perhaps if they have a great deal at 3am and most people are asleep, your odds go up! :)

  • Big W code not working, anyone else having same problem?

  • How do they get away with such bait advertising tactics?? because they aren't really a store?

  • Lenovo and dell are also doing a "click frenzy" type event. Lenovo used to be on click frenzy

  • anyone have any idea where the banner appears? in the top ad slot? or just on top of content? etc?

  • the hour is on now……

  • Great way to burn your battery life - keep on refreshing click frenzy page and Ozbargain for an hour.

  • Welp that was easy

  • Ipad just went that quick, WTF, no chance to get wow. Got to checkout stage

  • sold ouuuuut

  • Sold out

  • Got one

  • saw it, added to cart, was gone by the time i could checkout, usual click frenzy but at least i got a look lol

  • typed the promo code in wrong 5 times. lol

  • Forgot the code at checkout was using I instead of 1