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Australia Post Shipster Membership (Free Delivery on Orders Over $25 at Selected Retailers) - First 2 Months Free


Australia Post's new service called Shipster is offering the first two months free.

For your order to be eligible for the free shipping, your order needs to have been over $25 with the retailer and the shipping cost less than $20.

To apply the free shipping, include your registered email address at the checkout with your chosen retailer, and free shipping will be automatically applied.

UPDATE: Wednesday 22 Nov: Shipster is now available Nationwide

List of retailers:

  • A Little Luxury
  • Adore Beauty
  • The Athlete's Foot
  • Australian Gourmet Gifts
  • Babies R Us
  • Baby & Toddler Town
  • The Beauty Club
  • Birdsnest
  • Black Pepper
  • The Body Shop
  • Bobbi Brown
  • Booktopia
  • CAT
  • Chemist Warehouse
  • Clinique
  • Costume Box
  • Cotton On
  • Cotton On Body
  • Cotton On Kids
  • Crayons
  • Culture Kings
  • Domayne
  • Dreamform
  • Elite Electronics
  • Estee Lauder
  • Get Wines Direct
  • Hairhouse Warehouse
  • Harvey Norman
  • Hairhouse Warehouse
  • Hello Molly
  • Jo Malone
  • Joyce Mayne
  • Kogan
  • Laura Ashley
  • Lorna Jane
  • MAC
  • Merrell
  • Misha Collection
  • MOMMA (Ministry of Mineral Makeup Australia)
  • Mr Supplement
  • Myer
  • Oto Stick
  • Ozmosis
  • Pakronics
  • Peppermayo
  • Pet Supplies Empire
  • Platypus
  • Princess Polly
  • Review
  • Rip Curl
  • Rubi
  • Running Bare
  • Saucony
  • Shaver Shop
  • Showpo.
  • Sketchers
  • Sperry
  • Stuck on You
  • Styletread
  • SurfStitch
  • Target
  • Timberland
  • Tiny me
  • Tony Bianco
  • Toys R Us
  • Typo
  • Vans

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  • +7

    This is only available in selected areas: You're a resident of metro Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney

  • +2

    Free shipping applies to orders from participating retailers with an order total of $25 and over and shipping costs under $20. Shipster is currently available to residents of metropolitan Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. First two months of membership free.

    • T's & C's: "Following the introductory offer, you will be automatically charged $6.95 per month until you cancel your Shipster subscription".

  • +22

    Good deal if you are in a capital city that is not Perth, Darwin, Canberra or Hobart :/

    • +20

      WA is like the Alaska of Australia. Hobart is Hawaii. Not sure what's going on with Canberra…

      • +12

        Its not often Hobart likened to Hawaii! lol

      • +1

        Lonely planet World third best cities in 2018

        • +41

          You got third & world in the wrong order.

        • +2

          It’s November 2017. Are they levelling it and rebuilding before 2018?

        • @Pobman:

          Indeed. Tasmania is a lovely place but the ability to secure a job as a professional there is another story.

        • +1

          @Shiny Mew:


          You can be a professional anywhere you like, just ask Gerry Harvey.

    • Shipster is now available nationwide to all postcodes

  • +9

    A lot of those retailers are also in the Amex spend $75 get $25 back deal.

    • +31

      Did a quick cross reference. The following are on both Shipster and the Amex spend $75 get $25 back deal:

      Booktopia (Click Frenzy offer not out yet)
      CAT Workwear
      Platypus (+ 20% off today for Click Frenzy)
      Skechers (+ 20% off today for Click Frenzy)
      Sperry (+ 20% off today for Click Frenzy)
      Timberland (+ 20% off today for Click Frenzy) - Thanks puffinfresh
      Vans (+ 20% off today for Click Frenzy)

      Click Frenzy offers here for those participating in it.

      • +1

        Also Timberland

      • +6

        might want to also add cashrewards for the Quad stack! i.e. Shipster, Click Frenzy, Amex connect, CashrEWARDS

      • BTW, you can always get free shipping on Booktopia if you go through

  • +3

    Works really well, I used it with Myer a couple of times and shipping is automatically deducted once you put your email in

  • +2

    That's interesting - I just received the following email from Shipster:

    Great news - Shipster is now offering even better value. And because you’re one of our first members we’d like to say thanks - by giving you the first three months of 2018 free!^ ^If you’d prefer a full refund, rather than 3 free months, please contact us through our help page.

    • Yep I got this as well.. sweet. definitely worth it.

    • ohhhh i havent got it :( must have been too late

    • Indeed, early shipster adopters gets an additional 3 months free (Jan to Mar)

      • Any idea when Perth will be added?

        • +1

          No idea to be honest. They are looking to add more postcodes to more cities and regional Australia but no definite information just yet.

        • @Hunnypooh: Cheers for the reply.

      • Is that offer still valid? Or was there a limit to the number of people getting that offer?

        • Unfortunately if you sign up now, you can't get the free 3 months till March 2018. That offer is only for those who signed up for shipster earlier on (prior to Nov if I am right)

        • @Hunnypooh:

          Where can we find this offer? I don't want to pay 2 additional months (ie. free Nov & Jan, pay for Fed & March) only to find out there's no free 3 free months once March comes.

        • @fufufu: if you have signed up for shipster when it was introduced, you should be getting an email as mentioned by ruckmauler.
          However if you are signing up for shipster now, the current offer is the one op posted which is free first 2 months.

          So if you have not gotten an email from shipster informing you of the free 3 months, you would not get free 3 months.

      • Any idea when would this offer expire?

  • +5

    Ongoing cost is $6.95 per month.

    I view this is a direct competition to Amazon Prime membership (when it launches)

  • +9

    What a bunch of ship!

    $83.40 a year for something you may or may not get use out of due to limited number of retailers.

    More like shamster.

    • +11

      How is an optional service a sham?
      If you don't buy from those retailers… don't sign up for this.

      Maybe you think woolworths gift cards are a rip off cause you don't shop there either?

      • +1

        I think that’s a clumsy analogy really. A Woolworths gift card isn’t a subscription model that you continuously pay for with an unknown benefit (as even if you think you like the retailers included now, it’s unknown whether you’ll continue to buy from them in future). A Woolworths gift card you can buy once, at a denomination that suits you, and be more assured you’ll spend it.

        • Which gift card is free? Sign me up!

        • +2

          @bio: yes, I stupidly got confused between Woolworths rewards cards and gift cards. That makes my whole point nonsensical. Everyone can carry on and ignore me now haha

        • @ihavecentsnotsense: 10/10 my friend. 10/10

    • +3

      Think of it this way. If you were going to pay shipping for an online purchase from one of those retailers.. Might as well take the subscription for that month.

      • -4

        I typically pay under $10 for shipping, and often get free shipping. I'd have to make a purchase or so every month for it to be worthwhile. I certainly haven't done that this year.

        • -1

          This service is not for you then. There are plenty of people who shop a lot more than you though. Not every service has to be created to suit just your requirements.

        • +1


          When you have to buy an item or two a month from exactly the right retailers at exactly the right price point just to break even, it's not for a most people. So many places offer free or cheap shipping. So many things will be excluded.

          Downvote all you like.

        • @syousef: You're still thinking of your own usage pattern. Keep in mind there are lots and lots of people out there who have different shopping habits to you, e.g. someone who buys vitamins or medication monthly from Chemist Warehouse, a new book once a month, baby formula once a month, etc.

        • -1


          Hands up if you have had to pay shipping for an item worth over $25 from a small selected list of retailers at least once a month AND paid shipping of over say $8.

        • +3

          @syousef: Once again you're still stuck thinking of your own usage patterns. You need to realize there are many other people out there who are different to you.

          You might find it impossible to fathom that anybody would order diapers or baby formula online once a month, another family member buys some new clothes once a month, then someone else in the household buys some wine or a book, someone else buys cosmetics, and all sorts of variations of the above. But people do actually do that. Most households have more than one person living in it, and combined, people can easily shop online more than once a month.

          I don't know if I'll continue after the trial expires, but I can easily see how it can be really useful to households.
          Personally I'm waiting to see how Amazon Prime goes when Amazon properly launches here.

        • -3


          Let's repeat ourselves about 6 more times, shall we?

          How about you waste your money on this ship and Amazon Prime ship and any other stupid ship that any other company comes up with. Meanwhile people who recognise it for what it is won't.

          Enjoy your "different usage pattern" of spending hundreds on shipping that you don't actually use.

        • +4


          Enjoy your "different usage pattern" of spending hundreds on shipping that you don't actually use.

          It's amazing how even today, some people think there's only one way of doing things - their way. Everybody else is wrong.

        • -2


          You are so enlightened! Will you lead me into the bright new future?

          Amazing how people are so willing to be fleeced and defend those fleecing them.

        • +2


          Will you lead me into the bright new future?

          No, but I'll get off your lawn now. :)

  • +2

    So the usual Ozb question, where does it tell you exact date when free trial ends and how do you cancel?

    • +17

      Don't worry. You know how efficient and wonderful the customer support is at Australia Post. There's no chance at all they'll make your life a living hell when you try to cancel. Btw your parcel is waiting for you at the nearest depot.

    • +2

      To answer my own question -

      Your first monthly payment of $6.95 will be charged to your preferred payment method 2 calendar months from the date you signed up.

      You can cancel your Shipster membership at any time. Simply contact our customer care team. Keep in mind that cancellations can take up to 48 hours to process.

    • +1

      Apparently they will send you a reminder email at least 10 days before your first monthly payment is due.
      And you cancel through this help form

      • I didn't receive any reminder email, and just be charged $6.95

        • Same here. That's why I have just dug up this old post to see the date I signed up for the free two months. Damn it! They got me. Someone said there's a way to cancel future payments in PayPal in a comment here so I have to look for that comment now.

          Edit: Got it. It was doweyy's comment here:

  • +1

    Aww man. Just ordered Click and Collect from Harvey Norman, but could have used this for free shipping…

  • They keep increasing the cost of stamps and complain about not making money.

    How does this fix their problems? I don't get it.

    • +11

      CEO pay out and bonuses??

    • Increases their volume by getting customers/companies to sign up with them instead of the myriad competing delivery services e.g. fastway, toll and so on.

      And then when the company has signed with them, all (or much more of) their traffic goes through Australia Post, even all the regularly posted stuff that isn't signed up for 'shipster.'

      Plus they get a side perk of committed volume or income through the 'subscription' model which is also popular with businesses, even if you wouldn't have bought something from a participating company that month…

    • They keep increasing the cost of stamps and complain about not making money.

      They weren't really complaining about not making money. They are making money, but were sustaining heavy losses from the letters delivery part of the operation because of governmental obligations. So they're "not making money", just not in the way you're thinking.

      Parcel delivery is what makes them lots of money, so this should help increase profits.

    • +1

      The Australia Post "letters" business and their "parcels" business are run separately.

      An old report says that they are operating legally by not propping up one with the profits of the other.

      Hence this is an initiative purely from the "parcels" side. Letters has nothing to do with it.

      For letters to make money, they need more people to send more letters. People aren't doing that. So they increase the cost: those that have to send letters will give them more money. Those that don't, now won't.

  • does this work with ebay stores

  • +1

    Great offer, they just need few more retailers. I have been using it since it was started a few weeks ago. Hopefully this free service will give them membership boost and they can negotiate with other retailers such as David Jones, COTD etc.

    • +2

      More stores are slowly being added. Possibly chemist warehouse, domayne, zanui, elite electronics etc

      • +2

        Can confirm those stores are added.

  • +8

    Thanks! Signed up with Paypal and just instantly cancelled the billing agreement so they can’t charge me, this is really helpful around Xmas time.

  • +2

    Make sure you cancel your membership a little earlier:

    You can cancel your Shipster membership at any time. Simply contact our customer care team.

    Keep in mind that cancellations can take up to 48 hours to process. To avoid being charged for an additional month, please notify us in advance of your monthly recurring payment. A customer care consultant will let you know once this has been processed

    Unfortunately it's not just a one click cancellation.

    • +4

      Choose paypal as your payment method.

      If/when you want to cancel you can just log in to your paypal account and cancel the pre-approved payment.

      • +1

        Unfortunately, you are still liable to pay if you don't contact Shipster to cancel. They can forward your detail to debt collector or your credit rating will be affected if you refuse to pay.

  • +2

    Reminder set on ozb to cancel before trial runs out.

  • How about order a tv from kogan?


    Should be able to track online/app/phone the delivery driver/vehicle [like you can with a pizza] so you have a rough idea when he is close to your address, NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!!

    • That will cost time and money. How much more are you willing to pay? How will you convince postal workers and their unions to allow them to be gps-tracked the whole day?

      • +3

        A/P own vehicles are already tracked, [like UBER] it's all about letting us have the information on our consignments via tracking number only after logging in.

        Tracking the vehicle or console NOT the driver, unions don't support vehicles, cost A/P peanuts, alas A/P would get the most expensive and complex program made, after all they paid that clown $4mil a year…

        • It's always very easy for armchair CEOs to make decisions. It's quite different when you actually have the responsibility on your shoulders though.

          Everything's easy when you don't have to face any consequences from the public, the government, the unions, the workers…

        • @eug: However the armchair CEO doesn't get that 4 mil as compensation for facing up to the tough issues.

        • +1

          @havebeerbelywillsumo: Of course not. They're not facing up to the tough issues. :)

        • AP want to minimise their responsibility to deliver parcels as much as possible. That's why you only get the postcode it was delivered to.
          According to the toothless tiger ombudsmen that is sufficient proof of delivery…
          They (they being the government) only want the profit that the boom in online shopping has brought.

  • OP - looks like Chemist Warehouse is one of the retailers. Good timing for Click Frenzy.

  • Funny how all of a sudden there's shipping deals and big online sales like the one starting tonight.Competition is a beautiful thing…lol

  • No Ballarat well that's just great isn't it

  • When you goto checkout on a participating site, i assume under shipping theres a new option for shipster and you have to log in, similar to paying with paypal? Just curious how easy this is to actually use when online shopping.

    • Apparently you just enter your email in checkout and if it matches a Shipster account, you get free shipping automatically.

      So in theory people could share a subscription? (though you wouldn't get email invoices etc.)

      • Hmm okay. Seems easy to exploit if that's true…

  • +1

    If they get Dan Murphy on board, I can imagine that this would boost membership.

  • +1

    Brilliant Australia post why couldnt you just make your postage costs cheaper and generate more business instead of fancy bullshit deals.

    I wonder how many pony tails were paid to think of this …

  • +1

    After clicking on "Paypal Checkout", the Paypal popup states that it wants to charge $6.95…? Is that just an authorisation charge which will be refunded or is the screen supposed to say $0.00 ?

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