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Bose QC Headphones Airline Adapter $9 Delivered @ Bose Online


People who recently purchased Bose QC35 II (series/version 2) from Harvey Norman or e-bay deals (like myself), might consider getting this adaptor as it's not included in a package.

I had a bad experience with the cheaper adaptors which doesn't last long.

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    • YMMV with those, I had a cheap one split apart on me. Another one wasn't moulded correctly, the two prongs were bent inwards a little.
      This one at $9 is probably more well-built than the $10 ones you buy from stores.

      • My experience with the cheap ones is they fall to pieces in seconds. The Bose one is a quality item. AliExpress do not off in-flight delivery. Of course the real answer is take your own entertainment on a tablet. Just don't get caught. Or take an Ipad.

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          Someone who has never flown here.

          What do you mean don't get caught? are you not allowed to watch movies on your own device or something?

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          Dont get caught? It's not illegal to watch your own movies. Also the Bose one is not quality, did you read the reviews?

          "too easy to break."
          "one of the pins just broke off. I got maybe an hour use from it."
          "3rd time I've purchased this part. They are very fragile."
          "They work, but are too easy to break!"
          "Mine broke and now I need a new one"

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          Tablet is a homonym.

        • @vee124: I think they might have sold more than 8 of them.

        • @vee124: agreed. mine broke quickly and i generally use my laptop.

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          True, but i still think $9 is too might for something that can be picked up for 80c

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          @BrainSand: Don't get caught listening to your own audio during take-off, landing and announcements. The in-flight audio system relays cabin announcements. Worst case you get an embarrassing tap on the shoulder and asked to remove.
          Actually.. re-read the comment and it doesn't make sense. Maybe piracy was implied idk :>

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    as it's not included in a package.

    They have the gall to charge you $400 for headphones and don't include an adaptor!!! Wow…

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      I got mine from Myer, included them.

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        Maybe the OP lost his. It's included with the QC35.. even the QC15 comes with them.
        There's a dedicated slot in the QC35 case for it too.

        • Not included with QC35 II apparently

        • @nexus4: That'd be really penny-pinching! At least a genuine one is $9, which is around what you'd pay for one at a retail store. I would have thought Bose would charge something ridiculous like $19.95.

        • Not with the new model

        • @nexus4: Yup, they were not included in the QC35 II that I received.

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          Sounds like Apple where they sell you the phone and everything else you pay a premium for lol

      • Is that with QC 35 or QC 35 II, the II does not include them.

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      I can't believe this. Yes, the adaptor is included "free" with the QC35 but Bose can't afford to include it with the $400+ QC35II ?!?!

  • Or 3 for $4.85 here
    Not sure what the benefit is of spending that much. It has no electronics inside.

    • agree, there are cheaper options. But it will be painful when you realize it's not working while using them in flight. It's worth getting Original Product while you spending $$$ on a premium headphone.

      • Why not just buy 3? It still works out cheaper

    • +18

      PSA: These are NOT equal to your run-of-the-mill cheap adapters. They DO have electronics inside. I have personally opened them up to check. You can too, it's relatively simple with a few standard screws. No annoying adhesives or clips to fight through. I find it very strange that Bose makes absolutely zero claims/advertisements about this.

      They have 4 resistors wired to form a 'buffer jack' or 'RF attenuator', you can google these terms. Very commonly used in radio enthusiast communities. Basically, they reduce the background hiss/noise by a huge margin, at the expense of slight 'smearing' of higher frequencies. But, the DACs on planes are so shit, and the electronic noise is so loud, this is 100% going to be worth it every time.

      You may also see these stuff being advertised by audiophile brands like ifi as 'audio purifier', it's the same technology, costs a few cents to make, they're charging 100000% audiophile snake oil tax, and is usually best avoided if you actually have a good DAC/Amp.

      AFAIK Bose are the only ones on the market making this specific product. I tried looking for cheap chinese knockoffs, none out there. Logitech makes one in the form of 3.5mm-3.5mm adapters, which would also work, just plug it between the cheap/free airplane adapters and your head/earphones.

      • -3

        Thats crazy, Bose should have shoved the 4 resisters into the headphones directly instead of leaving them out?

        Can anyone confirm these adapters do anything other than allow you to use the airline entertainment system?

        • Yeah nah. What about when you use them anywhere that isn't a plane?

        • -2

          @chickenface: since its a buffer, it wont effect anything when you use it anywhere else. This is a passive device not an active device. These resisters are attuenattors, they just strip excess unwanted levels of signal from the chosen frequencies, if you have no signals from other sources there is nothing to strip and thus no effect on the end sound.

          Bose should have included these in the headphone circuit.

      • I just metered out my QC35 adaptor, there are resistors, it is a simple attenuation circuit.
        The second prong can be folded out of the way for different plane configurations, the resistors purely allow for mixing of the two signals together into the headphones.
        No magic there, a straight adaptor would be fine as long as it was built well.

      • Your text is too complicated. Its also used for low resistance drivers plugged into amps, which is why you can actually fold one of the legs of the adapters up. (Satisfying click too).

        E: Is it high or low resistance drivers that need this? I cant remember.

  • +1

    OzRRP is out in force today.

  • +3

    Flew on Jetstar last week and they give one to you for free.

    • I was about to say… on most Jetstar787 and all Qantas domestic/international jet flights you get them for free

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    The headphones they give you for free on the flight normally come with one of these.

  • There's one 'attached' on the plane provided headphones, they come out quite easily.

    • +3

      They've started giving out cheap normal phone with an adapter already attached which is so perverse since the retarded adapter was designed to stop people stealing headphones. Now they're so cheap it doesn't matter. Hopefully this means in the next century or so they'll start using standard adapters in the seats.

      • FYI I flew to Europe through Bangkok with Thai Airways a few months ago and on all 4 flights I could just plug in my QC25 and get stereo sound without using the adapter.

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    Would find it hard to believe that they would remove it considering v1 had the airplane adapter in the case.

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    That’s weird. Mine came with adaptors. QC35 got them 2 years ago

    • +4

      yeah the newer QC35 Series II doesn't include

      • Confirmed - none in mine (arrived yesterday)

    • +1

      same, i think OP is referring to the new edition QC 35 II

      • Damn. That’s shocking… good to know

  • +1

    Best get a spare as i managed to snap one on a flight to the US on Monday.

  • is it just me or am I using the wrong adapter. The Bose adapter does not always fit into the plug on the armrest on some airplanes especially when it is a single slot.

      • +1

        Maybe I did not make it clear. It does fit into the plug-in on the armrest but it does not always stay firmly in there. When you move your body, sometimes it audio will go off a bit. Wondering if this is relate to the plug-ins being worn out, due to repeatable plugging/unplugging etc.

        • +1

          Most likely a damaged socket on the airline seat.

        • I have tried mine (Bose) in about 10 aircraft and it's been dodgy in 7-8 of them. I've needed to jiggle it often to get stereo running, and often need to pull it out just a little to get stereo. Is it possible that the BOSE is ever so slightly longer than other 3.5mm sockets?

        • @TheLurker: guess that is the same issue I am facing here.

    • It says on the website to "fold" one prong in with single slots.
      Too slow

  • Ordered. Back in stock on November 09 according to Bose website. Thanks OP.

  • Do we have one for wireless Bluetooth headphones

    • for wireless headphones, you will need something like this.

      Worked well with my QC35

      • From your experience, how is the latency like? When watching videos does the audio sync perfectly? Im thinking of using this for my electric guitar/amp to bluetooth headphone combo.

        • I did not notice any delay or latency when using it for movies and musics ONLY. I cannot vouch for the guitar and amp purpose as I never tried. For US25.00, you could try it and nothing to lose it does not work :) I also have a referral code which will give you USD 10 discount if you need that code.

        • @iadelaide:

          Let me look around for a couple of reviews on this. Thanks for the reply.

        • Im thinking of using this for my electric guitar/amp to bluetooth headphone combo.

          It really depends on how sensitive you are to latency. There's a lot of data here. The vocalists tested were more sensitive (1ms was fair, 6.5ms was good) compared to bass players (8ms good, 25.5ms fair), who were more sensitive than the keyboardists (27ms good, 43ms fair).

          Even if your headphones and transmitter support aptX-LL, the latency there is "up to 40ms".

  • Can it be used with Non-Bose Headphones?

    • As long as it uses the standard 3.5mm jack, like on phones. Otherwise you'd need an adapter, but it'd still work.

  • GOT 1!

  • Bought, thanks.

  • If you fly Qantas, the headphones they provide have a removable converter that works with the Bose headphones. No need to waste $9. That said, it's interesting the QC35 v2 doesn't come with it when my v1 does.

    • Works with all headphones. It's a standard 3.5mm to airline adapter.

  • Even the comments on product site says it is easily broken lol.. Should we make a standalone case for this adapter?

    • +1

      What about fills the inside with hot glue to make it solid?

      • Solid idea :))

  • does this work with the q25?

    • Not sure. Could explode!?

    • +1

      I'm using a Qantas supplied adapter on my last trip with my QC25.

      So yeah this should work.

    • yes it will work with all QC series (it is mentioned in the specs).

  • As if it isn't included… QC25 had it, QC35 had it…. Weird

    Will probably order one because I always loose this sort of thing. So there's a empty space in the case for it or what?

    • you just made me realise i've got this piece in the box.

  • Lol why new version doesnt include it? I only would use this for aeroplanes

  • Had mine snap in mid flight… Thanks for this one OP.

  • wow normal price, you can pick them up in bose stores too, same price.

  • +4

    Just buy a generic one.
    This is like buying monster hdmi cables.
    Also, it's pathetic that this wasn't included.

    • Username almost checks out.

  • I got one of these to use with my Bose in-ear noise cancelling earphones. The attenuator mentioned above is wonderful and definitely works. I used to use a cheap adapter and found on the nextgen Qantas 737-800s if a PA was made, it would be at max volume regardless of how I had the volume set for the entertainment. This caused a few weird looks from other passengers when I nearly jumped out of the seat every time the crew made a PA. With the Bose adapter, the volume remains constant. I fly a lot, well worth the inflated price.

    • Never had your problem.
      Fly weekly on Qantas and I use the adapter that comes with their free headset fine. (QC20, QC25, QC35).

  • Nice one. Very handy.

  • -1

    Wow, it was included in the V1's. And sony is including it with the 1000XM2's. There is no excuse for this. Based on my experience with their customer service, if you went to a bose store and complained, they'd probably give you one.

  • was just emailed by BOSE that they are unable to fulfill the orders placed 3 weeks ago due to unexpected delay. Since my flight leaves on the 9th of December this leaves me shit out of luck. anyone else in the same boat suggest sourcing from ebay for approx double the cost for the original BOSE part.

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