AmEx Statement Credit: Hertz $200 or More for $50 Back


Save offer to Card, spend AUD$200 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at participating Hertz locations in Australia and NZ, for vehicles returned and paid by 19/12/17 to receive a AUD$50 credit. Limit of 30000 Cards. Exclusions apply.

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AmEx Statement Offers

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    I can't see this offer. Link please

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    Geez Amex is going crazy hha


    have u received the spend $20 get $5 credit at Woolworths too using Amex? you can get this benefit for up to 2x times too which is a $10 off $40 or more spend :)


    Not a fan of hertz due to the cdw amount being too high. I don’t think they even disclose it on the website and I had ring and ask. From memory it’s more than $4000.

    The issue was I normally insure the cdw which is cheaper than paying the car rental company to lower it, but insurance is capped at $4000.

    Was using

    I always go with Europe car for those interested due to lower excess and never had an issue with dodgy damage claims etc


      Just buy from tripcover, about less than $10 per day. Only onus is you have to pay for damages to the rental company before claiming it back.


      Do you have an amex explorer card? They cover you up to $100k excess for rental cars


    Is this NSW only?


      On the Amex site linked in a comment above it says

      Where to Redeem






      4 221 TO 223 O RIORDAN STREET















      So it looks like NSW only to me


    Was about to swear, however then I noticed you had to return the car by December 19, and realised it’s all good!

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    Car hire has to be completed by 19/12/17, that's only 5-6 weeks away and rules out Christmas/New Year. Probably a good thing to mention in the OP.


      Thanks. The date has been made bold in the description.


        Hmmm … it seems that information was in the text all along, don't know how I missed that ……. sorry about that.


    Is there anyone out there having similar issue with me ? Amex has Small shop offer 20$ spend and get 10$ back.
    My friend went to Convenience store and top up before and got refund, but yesterday I went to few shops and all of them refuse to top up and said they didn't top up Opal Card.
    But I am 100% they are just lazy because I did top up in that shop few weeks before and my friend topped up few days ago.
    How to rectify this issue ?


    I booked my hire car a few weeks ago, will pick it up this Saturday reckon any issues getting the cash back? Will pay on sat


    Anyone tried booking for 2018 with "Pay Now"?


      Yep, but what does that have to do with this offer?


        Wondering if you got the credit back? From Amex's point of view the transaction happens now.


          for vehicles returned and paid by 19/12/17 to receive a AUD$50 credit

          Well I'm not expecting it, since there is no way I can return the vehicle by 19/12/17.

          (As far as I know, car rentals don't finalise until you return the vehicle, this is to allow for any additional charges, etc)

          But if, by some amazing chance, I do get it, I will let you know.


          @oz-dave: How much did you just pay? Amex won't know the details, they only know that something's been charged to them. I believe if you pay $200 before 19/12/17 you will get the credit.



          I paid more than $200, so I guess I will keep an eye out for the next 5 to 90 days to see if it was successful.

          I am not holding my breath though…


          @oz-dave: Cool, please update back. Thanks.


          @oz-dave: So have you got the $50 credit?


    awesome, i rent through hertz for my business trips. receipt for $200 and cashback goes directly to me :D


    I need it for Feb/Mar 2018 next year! Hertz take note pls ;)

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