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40% off Everything at Running Warehouse Australia until 7pm EST


It’s a crazy time of year for Bargains so here’s one from Running Warehouse Australia.

40% OFF everything including Sale. Only exception is Watches/HRM


Enter the code RUNNER40 at checkout.

Please note we have Price Jacked around 5% of the items on the site. One of them is the Asics Kayano 24 which we normally sell for $219.95. We upped the the price to the RRP of $259.95.

Offer ends at 7pm EST Nov 14 2017.

No backordered items allowed. Only applies to what’s in stock.

All orders over $150.00 are posted free. Orders under $150.00 is a $5.00 flat rate.

Any issues give us call on 1800 959 970. Otherwise enjoy and happy running!

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Running Warehouse Australia
Running Warehouse Australia

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  • Fantastic. Bought hoka shoes from running warehouse before. Great service

  • 40% off asics is a great deal!

  • I tried but it won't work. Instead of -40% from price, it just adds another item to cart at $0.00

  • only 3 size 15 shoes on the entire site, first time to the site, would rather buy local than Eastbay but makes it hard when larger sizes are not stocked.

    • Conversely, they have plenty of size 11 and even some size 12 women's shoes which are really hard to source.

  • Can we send you a picture of the wear pattern of our existing running shoes to get an idea of our pronation?

    • +1 vote

      Have you been to an in store fitting in a specialist store? Shoe wear is only one thing they'd look at, they actually need to see you move.

  • Adidas ultraboost ST was there for 192 in the morning. Now its increased to 219. Also was looking at Asics GT 2000 6 which has been removed from the listing. and also Asics GT 2000 5 was 89$ before. Now its 139 before discount.

  • Thanks OP I needed new shoes to run from all of my problems

  • EST or AEST?

  • Still a good deal but they have done a price hike! Kayano 24s are Price: $259.95 which is RRP but I paid less in early October when they were 30% off $219.96.

  • Wish the sale ran longer like for a week
    By the time I tell my friends and they work out their size sale is over

  • Mizuno Wave Rider 20 for $72 + postage.
    New Balance Zante v3 for $66 + postage.
    Saucony Kinvara 8 for $72 + postage.

    Too bad I don't run enough miles to justify another pair of runners…

    • simple solution: run more ;)

      (I'm trying to avoid the temptation to buy a pair of trail runners…)

      • Did 180km in October — and I think that's pretty much my limit. Makes me super tired at work. Don't want to doze off and miss the other bargains :)

        • Buy spares, find the pair you like and are comfortable and buy when cheap and throw in the cupboard for when you wear out your current ones.

        • Damn son, you must be fit. I used to do around 30km / week, really should try to get back there…

        • @abb: Ha, far from fit. I picked up running again when I was 40 (last time serious about it was in high school). Since I work from home and thought might as well putting the saved commute time to do some exercise. Getting up early to do some outdoor runs at slow pace is strangely addictive.

    • How many pairs do you have? I have a fair few and it doesn't hurt to be rotating them. Different shoes for different distances.

    • Ordered the Saucony Kinvara 8, fantastic price, these shoes are $180 in most shoe stores around town. i do 20-30kms a week and these should work a treat.

  • Got a pair of Kayano. Ty

  • trying to order Garmin Fenix 5 GPS Watch Slate Grey/Yellow. discount doesn't apply :(

  • hahah..

    Was just looking for this site an hour ago, this is a great site to find the correct fitting shoe -

    Pronation Control:
    Motion Control

    I tend to roll in, so I need a neutral shoe type

  • price jacking

    • +1 vote

      Description updated to note the fact we Price Jacked some items. No items were removed from the site before the sale but many have been removed since due to selling out.

      • lol! Why did you have to price-jack?

        • +15 votes

          Because if we sell stuff way below cost we go out of business. Then you would never get to buy over priced shoes ever again.

        • So that it's still site wide, but without selling certain items too cheaply (eg. at a loss). Somebody else mentioned "Asics GT 2000 5 was 89$ before. Now its 139 before discount." If the $89 price remained, the $53.40 marked down price may be too low.

        • @Tom Gibson: fwiw, I bought some shoes and they arrived the next day + there was a surprised $10 refund from shopsmall, so I've revoked the neg.

  • Yeah why do pre-discount Kayanos go up from $219 to $259…Still a decent deal but I call PRICE JACK!

  • price jacking, fake 40% discount

    • Saucony Kinvara 8 for $72 + postage, that's def not a jacked up price mate

    • +3 votes

      Description updated to note the fact we Price Jacked some items. No items were removed from the site before the sale but many have been removed since due to selling out.

  • Not working for Saucony Hurricane ISO 3

  • Hi Tom, are the Oiselle women's running shorts in US sizes?

  • Most of the stuff is way too overpriced here. Neg from me…

    • +1 vote

      That's not objective

      Edit: honestly, you can downvote but 'most of the stuff is overpriced' is not true. It's either cheaper or at RRP, PLUS 40% off…

    • I see. Can you tell me where I might find Asics Kayano 24 (or 23) shoes for cheaper? Thank you.

  • Nice one op, got some Salomon's I've been eyeing for a while hopefully they fit!

  • Just bought a pair of Mizuno's however havent recieved confirmation e-mail
    can anyone from Running Warehouse Advise?


  • Damn Damn Damn, I really wanna try a pair of Hoka running shoes but have no idea on the size (compared to Nike,Brooks etc)


      Hoka sizing is really similar to Nike and Brooks. We recommend ordering the same size.

    • I find hoka size different because they have a wider toe box so my toes sit closer to the front of the shoe
      I was 9 in asics but 8 in hoka
      I tried hoka on at athletes foot so I knew which size to get at running warehouse
      I’m female and I buy wide hoka gaviota size 8
      Fantastic shoe since I over pronate I needed extra support

      • Yeah I did a bit of research to try to figure out the right size but found that its a bit hit and miss insofar as relativity to Brooks/Nike.

        Thanks for the info tho Tom, will try to est a baseline size then catch u on the next sale ! :)

  • How long do orders get processed?
    Paypal receipt has come through, but there is nothing confirming the order.

  • Thanks OP. I managed to get a new set of Brooks Transcend runners for $150 AUD which is by far the best price I've found (was looking for them over the weekend).

  • Sorry, but increasing prices for a 'sale' is not how it works.

    • Think you'll find that the prices are still cheaper than before the sale. Admittedly, not really 40% off previous price, but more like "40% off rrp"

    • +4 votes

      I'd let them off it - They could have probably run 25 or 30% off store wide without any issues, but instead chose to offer 40% (and bump up selected products to make it possible).

  • Wow! The op was honest that he price jacked some items because he can't operate at a loss and people tear strips off him. I find his honesty refreshing and there seem to be plenty of bargains still. Give the guy a fair go!

    • Agreed, plenty of great deals regardless.

    • He edited after my neg exposed him.

      • I'd let em off - there are still some great bargains. I've bought from them before and their service has always been excellent.

        They probably should have been clear that they adjusted some to allow 40% store-wide, but will now know for next time.

      • To be fair can you see it from the OP/store's perspective?

        What in YOUR opinion should they have done?
        1. Lesser flat rate discount on everything so they don't lose money on premium lines? e.g only 25%
        2. Multi-tier discount e.g 40% off all lines except select ones which are 20% off
        3. Exclude certain items from sale? (which lets face it is what MOST sellers do)
        4. Something else?

        Are the deals still good - most seem to think so - thus judging worth a negg based solely on less than ideal handling, which ultimately made it an easier, flat rate discount only (wasn't pumped up to get higher end prices even with discount as some sellers do) does seem a lil harsh and ticky tack i.e the deal is good but not done in a way some approved of.

        • Everything has worked out fine.
          The majority think it's good and a minority think it's dodgy. This is reflected in the upvote:downvote ratio.

        • @idonotknowwhy: Thanks for your reply but I aren't any clearer on how you feel the OP should have handled?

          I get where you're coming from but you say 'dodgy', which is generally understood as misleading or improper generally with a view towards one's personal benefit - while not IDEAL I don't think the OP was trying to be 'dodgy'.

          I'd agree with you only if the end price AFTER the 'price jacking' and flat discount ended up being more than they were pre-sale and from feedback that appears not to be the case.

          Please don't get me wrong I'm NOT slamming you - as I think you did a valuable thing (also for the OP) pointing out the sale was less than ideally administered - but the punishment should fit the crime and I think lumping them in as 'dodgy' and getting negs does seem at odds with an OP essentially taking a mea culpa with explanation so that a simple, flat discount deal that resulted in lower prices was available. :-)

        • @Nikko:

          It's cool the way the OP didn't sugar coat it, and said "price jack" lol. If I see a deal like this again, which already says they've "price jacked" a few items (without having to be called out first), I won't neg. But generally, I find it very deceptive.

          I couldn't reply to your other comment properly before as I was busy but (hence use of the word 'dodgy' but:

          Exclude certain items from sale?
          Multi-tier discount e.g 40% off all lines except select ones which are 20% off
          Lesser flat rate discount on everything so they don't lose money on premium lines? e.g only 25%

          Legitimate question here: Why are any of these necessary? If they have for example, an 80% mark-up on the products, why do they care if we're paying 40% less for a Asics Kayano's, but it's fine to pay 40% less for Brooks?

          mea culpa

          I don't expect to be googling latin phrases from ozbargain comments lol.

        • @idonotknowwhy: I appreciate your reply - I don't want to go around in circles as I don't think it benefits anyone but I wanted to reply to your specific questions quickly.

          Legitimate question here: Why are any of these necessary? If they have for example, an 80% mark-up on the products, why do they care if we're paying 40% less for a Asics Kayano's, but it's fine to pay 40% less for Brooks?

          No offence intended but it seems you're ASSUMING they've a flat markup on all products? And it couldn't be further form the truth for most vendors even on set brands there'll often be varied markups e.g more on clothing than footwear - and with many brands a vendor risks pissing off or even being blacklisted by a supplier IF they heavily discount their lines. As I pointed out in earlier post most sellers who offer flat discounts will flatout exclude certain lines from this e.g Apple, Miele at TGG and many others.

  • Hi OP, looking for some sizing advice on the Altra Superior 2.0. Currently running in size 10.5 Asics Gel Nimbus 19s. Are they comparable?

    • Length wise, I would say that they are a very comparable fit and that you should stick with the same size. The Altra shoes do have a significantly wider toe box which you may give a different feel but you shouldnt need to size down because of this.

  • I get both sides of this - OZBers hate price jacking - and fair play to them BUT and it's a big but, it appears that the seller has done this ONLY to allow a simple flat rate discount to be applied storewide…..which OzBer's like (I mean no-one wants a messy 'up to' xx% discount thats misleading).

    And the main thing is that the items that had their prices moved up to accomodate the flat discount are now significantly cheaper….unlike some of the Ebay ones whre they actually end up costing more.

    So I concur with the other poster who said to give seller a fair go…….apply common sense he's only increased price so-as not to lose money on premium products and also to keep the deal simple and uniform.

    Others have said it's still a very good deal so reeks of tossing the baby out with the bathwater negging a seller trying to give a good deal in a simple way. To be so harsh would make many not even try….which none of use want. :-)

    Good deal OP….is perhaps a case study in explaining up front any quirks with deal rather than having to be 'seen' as reacting but kudos for trying in a sincere and simple manner. :-)

    • +5 votes

      Excellent explanation! Its very hard to do a site wide sale because a few items always cant be discounted any further, yet 98% of items can be discounted. For the record 'price jacking' was not done to deceive or mislead (will put in the description the shoes we put up next time). We literally put the price up on 5 models of shoes, no sizes or models were taken off line before the sale.

      Hopefully prices are viewed as bargains by most!

  • Pretty good deal.

    Regarding sizing, I got some New Balance Vazees recently, size US12, had to replace with US13. Usually I'm US12 so these types of shoes seem to be a little tight.

    I find if you get the right ones, some of these running shoes can be fine for casual - soft and comfortable.

  • Good deal OP, rite timing have to buy few :)

  • purchased, cheapest i could fine on what i was looking for at present.

  • Bummer. Trying on shoes tomorrow and will then be waiting for an OzBargain?