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AmEx Statement Credits: Rebel Sport (Spend $60, Get $15), Bob Jane T-Mart (Spend $400, Get $100)


Two new AmEx offers in my account today:

  • Rebel Sport - Spend $60 in store or online and get $15 statement credit. First 25,000 cards, valid to 17/12/2017 Registrations Closed

  • Bob Jane Tmart - Spend $400 in store only and get $100 statement credit. First 10,000 cards, valid to 24/12/2017 Registrations Closed

Hit links to enroll manually, or login to your account. Both offers were in our Essential Card accounts.

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  • Haha saved rebel offer. Thanks

  • Time for new tyres yet? New car 2015. hmmm

  • I'll save all of these offers for someone else.

  • Tyre deal very good as likely stackable with other tyre deals / negotiations… Dont need any tires though.

  • Is the Bob Jane deal only for NSW? There are no VIC stores listed under WHERE TO REDEEM.

  • Keep in mind Some Bob Janes are clever. Last time I used my Amex card, they charged extra for using Amex, but listed this as a "freight charge"

    On the positive side, I paid for the tyres before the amex offer expiry, andin my case, a Michelin cash back (on 4 tyres) and they held them for me. I then had the tyres fitted 4 months later.

  • Spent $1000 last month on Tyre from Bob-Jane …

  • Bob jane has the bridgestone tyres promo buy 3 get 1 free until end of dec.

    Plus they also have GC for 12 months validity if you need tyres next year.

    We did that with their last yr offer whoch had more cash back.

  • That’s a good deal on tyres, but I honestly never want to go back to bob Jane, the staff have been absolutely useless at the 2 I’ve been to, they didn’t even know the types of tyres they were selling and only seemed like they were there to be salespeople. Sure, if you know what you want then it’s good, but otherwise it’s horrific service and the prices are usually higher I’ve noticed.

    However at Bridgestone Select or KTAS I had the completely opposite experience.. Also KTAS price beat which I’ve found to be much better. I’d fathom a guess that I’d probably get close to $50-$60 difference there then a Bob Jane so it works out similar.

    Thought it might be worth sharing my experience for others.

    • +1 vote

      The experience you had at Bob Jane is limited to that particular store.

      They are interdependently owned, so each store will be different.

      I've had good experience with Bob Jane in East Bentleigh and Fountain Gates.

  • I got Ecopia Bridgestone 4 tyres for around $385.00 with other company

  • Do Bob Jane sell visa gift cards?

  • Has anyone try to extend expire date of the gc?

  • Anyone want this deal at Bob Jane, let me know. I have this in my card but probably won't use it since my tyres still have 1-2 years life. Happy to go to shop with you, you just pay me cash that with taken the $100 off your invoice. Preferably at following locations Box Hill or Doncaster.

    • I can help you too. I am living in Erskinville and working in Lane Cove West. Happy to help other Ozbargainers. I don't have car and I have 2 x Amex cards. Cheers

    • Vienta - I'll take you up on that offer please mate (apologies for the broadcast - looks like your settings don't allow private messaging).

      • sorry mate, I din't know my setting have block private message. I have changed the setting now. PM me if you still interested. I am in VIC.

    • Why did you save it to your card if you aren't going to use it? Just want points by paying for someone else?

      • I though one of our old family car will need it before end of the year but last week we went to a mech due to a major mech issue and was told this car will not worth to change and fix anymore. Will be taken to write off.

    • Happy to help as well. Any ozbargainers living around chatswood area feel free to PM me re this deal.

  • How do you generate a manual link?

  • so many Amex deals… i think its about time i get an Amex.

  • Looking for new tyres for my Mazda 3 (Already running 60k kms now and it is 6 years old). Have little knowledge about tyres and all that. Anyone can recommend me what to get? Wheel size is either 15" or 16". Don't mind to spend a bit more on better tyres. Thanks!

  • I have no idea what they were called, but I got 'quieter' tyres from tyre power last time and they made a huge difference on cabin noise. It was definitely worth spending a bit more!

  • So to get $100 you have to go to selected stores or any ? Mine location showing only Sunny Coast and I'm in Brisbane .

  • Could someone list out the participating Bob Jane stores in VIC please? Cheers

  • Copying Vienta from above:
    If you want to get this deal at Bob Jane but don't have an AmEx card or missed the registration, let me know. I have this in my cards but won't use them since my tyres still have a bit of life left in them. Happy to go to the shop with you, you just pay me cash equal to the amount on the invoice, minus $100 per $400 (so for example if your invoice is $1200 you pay me $1200 - $300 = $900).
    Preferred locations would be Dandenong or Frankston.

  • Just applied and approved for a AMEX essential card ($0 annual fee) but said will take 5 - 7 business days till card is in the mail.
    Hopefully will be in time to register for the Bob Jane tyre deal.

  • Cashback/buy 3 get the 4th free promos aside, don't forget about this:


  • Appreciate some feedback from those who have used Amex at Bob Jane before. Do they impose a surcharge on using Amex? If so, how many percent?
    Thanks. (I assume accepting is quite separate from charging a surcharge for doing so?)

    • I purchased tyres last year with the same offer and wasn't charged a surcharged.

      • Thanks for your reply. When getting a quote, the guy I spoke with also said they have never charged a surcharge before - in case anyone else is wondering.

    • May depend on store, but I wasn't charged. An earlier comment said he was charged as freight…

      • Yeap, saw that, so I asked for fully disclosed/final price. So hopefully no surprises.

        • Bluesky, I purchased 4 tyres last year too, no surcharge at all. Even the shop staff was aware of the deal, he told me his girl friend also registered with the promotion :).

        • @Purple: Thanks Purple. Got it done with no surcharges. But quite funny, when I was handing my Amex card to be processed, the guy who told me earlier there would be no surcharges quickly intercepted my card, remarked that if the other guy were to process it, there would be 10% surcharge :-) He was obviously joking. But it made me wonder if some store/individual might in fact surcharge, if not made clear initially. I was glad I raised it before the work.

        • @bluesky: Good on you made it clear before you accept the service, Bluesky. I learnt my lesson, if I do not see any sign regarding surcharge, I still make a point to ask the shop any surcharge if I pay by Amex.

    • Just bought from Bob Jane and no surcharge for Amex payment. Few years ago, with these buy 3 get 4th free offer, the T&Cs were a bit sneaky and says that only the cost of the tyre was free and the fitting and disposal of the 4th tyre still needs to be paid. Not this time round which is how it should be.

  • Rebel currently has a Wilson tennis ball (and other balls) offer: Wilson Australian Open Can of 4 Tennis Balls $7 (Save $5) (40% off).

    That brings the tennis balls down to $1.33 per ball or $5.33 per can. Amex part of the offer means it would require you to buy 9 cans in a single purchase.


  • Bob-Jane deal not displaying for me!

  • Bob Jane deal not availabl anymore?

  • Just went into Bob Jane. Bought 4 Ecopia EP300 205/60R16 listed at $135ea. Used the Bridgestone buy 3 get 1 free deal for total payment on the card for $405 total. Received an instant email from Amex for the $100 statement credit upon CC payment. So 4 tyres are $76.25 each. Pretty happy with that.

    • Did this last year. The fact that we stacked a Buy 3 get 1 free with a $100 cashback, as well as the total invoice coming as close to $400 as possible, makes this an absolute ripper, a no-brainer. I even needed my tyres changed as well so the timing was perfect.

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