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Hisense 50N6 50" UHD SMART LED TV $603/55" $755, Hisense 55N7 55" UHD SMART LED TV $935/65" $1495 + More @ The Good Guys

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  • So tempted to get the 55N7 but with black friday and amazon around the corner who's holding out and who's pulling the trigger?

    • Gotta wonder how much lower they can even go at this point. Still holding out though since I'm in no rush.

      • I am aching to see if Amazon will somehow magivally make the TCL P607 appear in this country.

        I would be so happy.

    • I had a $250 HN voucher burning a hole in my pocket. With the $100 AMEX cashback and today's discounted price. I went trigger happy on the 55 N6. Plus the $40 gift card, just gold!

      • These prices are great, I got the the 43 inch I have no way of fitting a 50 inch in my bedroom

    • I pulled the trigger last week when it was 995 with $50 for 50N7 using gift cards bought during past Amex deals. Today got 200 through price guarantee. Costed me $445 altogether. I'm glad I purchased it

  • how much of a difference between the 65n5 and 65n7 and no JV it's not 2

    • +2 votes

      HDR vs. no HDR (High Dynamic Range - Darker blacks and brighter whites) on the N7, 15W speakers vs 10W speakers (both not that great though to be honest), and local dimming vs. no local dimming (better detail when dark areas are next to light areas in videos).

      My advice when buying TVs generally is to have a look at them in person, get the salesperson to change the picture settings to cinema or standard and see if you can tell enough difference to justify $400.

  • I am curious, does UHD = 4K? I am asking coz I don't know that much about TVs (still using almost a decade old 40" Samsung Full HD TV), and all the search results are showing the term '4K' with them. Can someone please give me the 411?

    • Yep, 4K and UHD are the exact same thing/resolution.

      • Thank you. Sucks to be a gadget noob sometimes. haha

      • No they are not, please do not spread misinformation. True 4k is actually 4096px2160p where as 90% of the idiot companies advertising 4k on a TV actually have a resolution of 3840px2160p. That's the reason UHD exists, because it is technically incorrect to call something 4K that doesn't have at least 4000 pixels on any axis. The difference between true 4k and UHD is over half a million pixels assuming the vertical axis is 2160p.

        • +2 votes

          Unsure why you are being down-voted, you are absolutely correct.

        • Are there even many/any consumer TV’s that have 4096 x 2160p resolution? I’m sure there could be, but I believe nearly all models from all panel manufacturers are 3840 x 2160p, which is branded both “4K” and “UHD”, or both, by manufacturers and retailers. So no, if I walk in to a shop tomorrow and see a TV labelled 4K and another TV labelled UHD, there is a 99% chance that they have identical resolution.

        • Hmm! Didn't know that. Thanks for the info, mate. And don't worry about the negs. In OzB land there are folks who don't like people who disagree with them, whether on opinions or facts. Would have been better if the neggers proved you wrong with facts and data.

        • The Consumer Electronics Association announced on October 17, 2012, that "Ultra High Definition", or "Ultra HD", would be used for displays that have an aspect ratio of 16:9 or wider and at least one digital input capable of carrying and presenting native video at a minimum resolution of 3840×2160 pixels.

    • Yes UHD usually always means 4K

    • some 4k tv res is 40xx while most are 38xx

  • Any of these has Dobly Vision?

    • +3 votes

      It's pretty much just the LG TVs that have Dolby Vision at the moment. The Hisense models that have HDR (series 6 and above) use HDR10.

  • I’m filthy! Bought a 65N7 from eBay this Tuesday for $1800 with the 20% off voucher. Hasn’t shipped yet, not sure what to do. I’ve never had this happen and I always feel a bit scummy cancelling an order like this. What would OzBargain do?

    • $300+ difference? Cancel if you can. Think of all the extras xmas presents you can buy for loved ones :)

    • Bing Lee took forever to ship for me I got a refund after two weeks and snapped up the Harvey Norman deal amazing prices for large tvs these days

    • Cancel if you can, $300 is a lot of money.

    • You dirty bastard! So filthy indeed! Send that difference of $300 to me as atonement for your sin and I shall pray to the TV gods on your behalf!

    • I emailed them last night, but no response. Just earlier received an email saying it had been shipped. Bugger!

  • The 75N7 is so close to the 2.5k mark I was waiting for. Like others though might be worth resisting and waiting for end of year sales

  • I paid $1100 last month for the 55N7 :(

  • So if I buy 65N7 for $1495 i can get $100TGG gift card as well? Or not

  • Worth the extra $150 for 65N6 over 65N5?

    • Looking at the specs I think for HDR10 it’s worth it. N5 doesn’t have HDR and probably an 8 bit panel like the old 3300uw

  • What's the online consensus about how the Hisense 65N7 compares with last year's Ozbargain TV of the year, the Hisense 65M7000?

  • ughhh with i bought the 55N7 like 2 weeks ago with the eBay 20% off deal for ~1035, but now with TV100 code its 935….any chance they'll refund the difference? (and the $100 store credit?)

  • Hisense 55N7 or Samsung UA55MU6100?

  • Hmmm… 65N7 v 55N7, is 10" worth $560?

  • anyone know if this will expire tonight?

  • Is the TV100 code still available? I can't find anywhere to apply the TV100 code at checkout.

    • It is a little hard to find. It is on the cart overview page, just under the delivery option. Make sure TV is in caps otherwise the code doesnt work.

  • Looking for a TV to go with my Xbox One X. Is the 75" TV up to the task?

  • for someone with a 9yr old 50inch plasma,

    I use the tv to watch downloaded movies, dont really play games ,

    I just want the biggest screen,

    what is the difference between the N5/6/7?
    and will I notice the difference between say a high end brand like sony that costs $3000+ for a 65"

    • +3 votes

      Main difference between the models is that the only the n6 and above have HDR (High Dynamic Range). Coming from a plasma you may notice that the motion on most TVs you see now isn't as smooth unless you turn on the motion enhance features of the TV. This is one key area where you'll notice a difference between an cheaper TV like a Hisense and a high end Sony or Samsung etc. Having said that, some people don't like the motion enhancements on any TV and say it looks too artificial or soap opera like.

      The other thing you'll likely notice is that most TVs won't give as high a contrast (the blacks will be dark blue or grey) compared with your plasma. The viewing angles also won't be as good (if you watch the TV from an angle the colours will shift)

      All that being said, $3000+ gets you in the range of an OLED from LG or Panasonic (albeit at 55" or 65" at a stretch). OLED is a different kettle of fish. You'll get perfect blacks, near perfect viewing angles, and much better motion. This is due to the inherent differences in the technology (each pixel can be on or off rather than the whole panel needing a light behind to display an image).

      Will you notice the difference between a Hisense and a top of the range TV? Yes. Is it worth the $2000-$3000 difference in price? That's where it's subjective.

      TL;DR - The difference is HDR (better contrast) and yes, you'll notice a difference but you might not think it's worth the price difference.

  • Whats the general consensus on the HISENSE sets? Are they on par with the dreadful Soniq sets ? Ive always purchased Samsung sets and have been really happy to date but keen to take a look at the Hisense 65N6 65" UHD LED LCD Smart TV $1255 to save a bit of dough.

    • Sits in between Soniq and major brands I think. Get the N7 if you can afford $200 more.


        +1 to the N7, the only areas where an entry level Samsung beats it is in ease of use of the smart features. It's only when you go to the high end Samsungs that you'll get a noticeable improvement in picture quality.

        • how does N7 compare to MU7000?


          @windwai: the MU7000 is a brighter panel with better contrast, so you'll see more details in bright areas and dark areas of the image. You also get the one box (helpful if wall mounting - all the inputs are in a separate box, not at the back of the TV), the speakers are 40W vs. 15W (best to get a soundbar anyway), 200Hz vs 100Hz (not that important, most motion wnchancenebts come from frame interpolation which Samsung TVs generally do better anyway.)

          Overall it'll give you a more dynamic, brighter image with better motion and smart controls, also better cable management. Is it worth the premium? Have a look in person and see what difference you see.

  • Joyce Mayne said they were price matching JB on Hisense today (I grabbed a 50N6 for my kids room), I guess TGG got out from under price matching

  • If I buy online and collect in store, will I get the $100 store credit?

  • Damn, Hisense 55N7 or TCL 55X2US? Trying to decide if the QLED and Android TV is worth it the extra $500.

  • Hey guys,

    What am I doing wrong? Checking out for the 55n7 with the code TV 100 price comes to 1195?

  • I got an email from TGG. My order has been unsuccessful. I do not know why. The price gone up now. I missed all deals too bad. :(

  • Deal expired

  • Can anyone that has one of these TVs comment on what the Opera operating system on the TV is like? Are there decent apps that are worth using, or just better to have something like an Apple TV,etc???

  • anyone know how to store credit is redeemed? or how long it would take to be sent? i thinking one of these sound bars, anyone recommend one from their store?