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Telstra Friends & Family: Phone (Galaxy S8, Pixel XL + More) + 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract)


Facebook post for the promotion

Family and friends of Telstra staff can get a Pixel 1 32GB, Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung S8 64GB, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2 when they take up our $59/mth Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24 months with a huge 15GB of data and no additional phone repayments (Min cost $1416. Data for use in Australia).

The offer ends 25 December 2017, while stocks last

It's basically a repeat of this deal but with a ~$800 phone included as well (on 24 months instead of 12 month term).

Compared to this $49/month JB BYO deal, you are paying an extra $240 over the 24 months and giving up $200 JB gift card & 5GB of data; however you are getting a $600-$900ish phone included instead.

If you value the Galaxy S8 at $800 (I think the cheapest deal we saw was $799 for Bing Lee) then you are paying $640 over 24 months for the 15GB contract = $26.66/month which seems like a great deal on the Telstra network and also no upfront cost required. That's probably the best value there since the Pixel XL and iPhone 6s are older models but they are options for Apple users or someone not wanting to go down the Samsung path.

CIS for the $59/Plan. 15GB data, unlimited calls/sms/mms/voicemail, no international calls.

Only available for recontract, new activations and port-ins on the $59 Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24mths with a Google Pixel 1 32GB, Google Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2. Not available with any other offer (including second service credit or port in credit) except Telstra staff discount.

Note: You may be able to receive an extra 5GB of data via the chat popup. See here.

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    • I can still see it but I can't see the Pricepal one.

    • Hmmm just got the JB offer. Do I wait or proceed….

    • Yep gone. Fortunately, still in my work rewards portal cashback.

  • God porting to Telstra is a long and painful process!

    • Same here, it's been just over 24 hours but I would just assume it's cause I purchased the jb hi fi deal on a sunday

      • i got mine on Sat, it took 1 hr

      • Both my ports from Telstra -> Vodafone and vice versa took less than an hour.

    • Any luck with the porting so far?

      I've waiting just over 48 hours and I called up telstra to sus what's been happening

      They literally told me to just give it another 24 business hours and that they've escalated my issue to 'Priority'

  • +1

    Can anybody explain, how they managed to get the $10 discount to carry over for the friends and family plan? Talked to 3/4 chat agents with no luck, each one I was able to get the 5GB data upgrade though.

    • Same. I got the 5GB bonus data for 2 services but haven't been able to get the $10 loyalty credit carried over for either service.

      • i got two different responses from the same chat agent lol

        1) i need to have another service with telstra

        THen she said no this was wrong

        actually it was this 2) i need to port from a non telstra number..

        Couldnt get a straight answer then I said i'd cancel it and redo it to get the $10 discount

        • Does that mean that if you got the jbhifi 200 giftcard you cant get the discount?

  • What's the value of the Galaxy 8 vs Pixel XL? Hoping to sell and get the Pixel 2.

    • mobile monster buys galaxy for 600

      • @Zoombie will buy it off you for $700 if you are in Sydney.

        I've gone gumtree route and average seems to be around $750 for the S8

        • Thanks. Luckily I am in Sydney.

          If they'd let me pick the 128gb model I might settle for the pixel xl instead though.

  • Guys I need some help.

    For those who went through JB's offer first and then switched to F&F plan and you were porting from a different provider, did you receive a SIM card with the phone (even though you received one from JB) and did you have to activate the new handset plan?

    • yeah, used original JB hifi sim though

      • curious if your paperwork is misleading as well.

        Also my plan is showing me this on the Telstra 24x7

        Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan $59
        Contract end date: 20 Nov 18

        Which only tells me that the F&F is somehow not processed yet?

        • my F&F activated the next day or so and the data reset

          Got charged pro rata for the days I was on the JB Hifi deal

        • @impoze:
          My bill is showing me $49 for the period of 21Nov - 20Dec

          What I noticed on the paperwork though it is showing Go Mob Plus BYO Plan $59 / 12 Months Sep17

          And next to the SIM card line it is showing my mobile number and not the missus' one since I provided my number if needed to be contacted. I assume Telstra had messed up maybe here or they have not activated the F&F plan yet?

          What makes it more interesting is that when I go to the Account Services section, I am seeing this:

          Contract ends in 12 months on - 20 November 2018
          Changing your contract may incur one-off costs, including:
          Plan early termination charge: $348.10
          Device buy out: $0.00

          The estimated cost for changing to a new eligible contract: $0.00
          The estimated cost for changing to a casual plan: $348.10

        • @rbaraz: Has it been corrected automatically? I'm seeing the same thing. My s8 is shipped just today but it is still showing I'm on the jb hifi 12mth plan.

        • @tyvod:
          Not yet.

          I am not sure if it is related to the activation of the included SIM.

          I am not planning on activating the SIM for 2 reasons.

          1. The Missus' SIM we got from JB is already working in her S7 Edge.
          2. The mobile number showing associated with the SIM card is mine and not hers so I think if I do activate then it might screw up my service which is currently on Voda.

          Let me know if yours change after you activate the SIM or the phone.

          I have a feeling Telstra could have screwed up and not associated the phone they sent me with the current service I have.

        • @rbaraz: I'm still on the JB hifi deal as well and my phone got delivered today. I didn't activate the sim it came with but I don't think it's got to do with the sim. I think Telstra just send a blank sim with every phone order. I have another mobile account and when I changed from JB deal to F&F plan, the plan got automatically changed to f&f (still using the same JB sim). So I have no clue what is taking it so long this time.
          When I track my order online, it still says 'pending'.

        • @tyvod: I got a sim with the phone, my partner did not… don't know if this means problems yet I'll be enquiring tomorrow!

        • @FickleRick: My plan was corrected just this morning. took me about 2 days after I received my phone.

  • Tried chat, talked to 2 sales rep. They were happy to offer extra 5GB, but they said they don't have tool to add $10 discount, and those who did get discount must be Telstra staffs.

  • +3

    Is Cashrewards offer expired already?

    Can't see the link

  • +3

    Just going to do a quick timeline of what I did.

    23/11 JB Hifi Chadstone ported Optus post-paid to $49 byo phone 12 month sim advertised in-store. Received $200 gift voucher. Porting took 10 minutes.

    24/11 Ordered online with instructions from ozbargain -> Cashrewards Website+Chrome Extention -> Paste Telsta F&F URL -> Wait for Popup & ask for discount -> Finish order -> Give live chat sales order Number.

    27/11 Received update on Telstra Online Order with startrack consignment number overnight delivery will Receive 28/11.
    Opened live chat to double check my 5gb data and saw comments on people receiving extra $10 credit and thought I should give it a try. When asked to confirm this with reference or chat transcript, I pasted this long ass transcript from awhile back that confirmed I would receive $10 discount for porting in number, but I think the staff didn't even bother reading and just went ahead and gave me the $10 credit. Opened a new chat with another Telstra staff and double checked if I received everything and he told me yes I'm going to be paying $49 a month and receiving 20gb of Data on a 24 month plan… pro-rata cost for 1 day jb-hifi plan was $1.6.

    Awesome deal..

    $200 jb gift voucher
    $105 cashrewards
    $700(if lucky selling) samsung s8

    Friends and Family plan with Samsung S8 and 20gb Data
    $49 x 24 = $1176

    $1176 - $1005 = $171

    divide that by 24 months ..

    comes to $7.125 a month for Telstra plan … thats ridiculous.`

    • What long ass transcript? care to share?

      • shared below

        • thank you

  • +6

    Transcript was me asking about plans for the iphone x about 600 words, nothing to do with F&F plan. Told him I was a optus customer and he promised/confirmed I get $10 credit and 5gb data if I signed up to Telstra iphone x plans. I asked alot of other questions but his English was kinda poor..He even did some maths wrong with discounts and tried to fake call me and try to make me close the chat so I wouldnt save the transcript.

    Me: i know some people is paying $119 for L plan from telstra and each 5gb data
    checked with a sales specialist and confirmed most we're able to provide is the $10/mth discount and 5GB/mth bonus data on top of the published offers.

    Me: so can you wrok out how much I will be paying if I was to get a L plan with these discounts including port
    Yes, its $149 less with said 256GB iPhone X plus 5GB data on top of the 60GB plan or 65GB/mth for $134/mth with said phone.

    Me: So you are saying I can get the iPhone X 256gb XL plan on BUY not LEASE for $134 a month with the discounts you mentioned?
    terribly was quoting the XL plan less phone.

    Me: ye see I don'
    Me: yeah see I don't really understand .. wat u mean XL plan less phone.
    $134/mth with 20GB plus 5GB/mth with said 256GB phone on the L plan.

    Me: You said I can get a $10 discount .. and the L plan is only $139, doesn't that mean $129
    Me: anyway you're not really helping
    Me: I think I will talk to something else about this
    Me: *someone else
    Are you able to take a call and directly connect you to a mobile sales specialist?

    Me: yes
    Best contact number please?

    Me: +614xxxxxxxx.
    Thank you.

    One moment please.

    Info: Thank you for chatting with us.

    He called me confirmed my details and just hanged up. Called me again and said connection is bad because I have live chat opened(wtf?), Asked me to close it and I pretended to close and told him its closed already. He then said he will transfer me to a sales specialist .. but I got transferred to some billing rep or someone.

    Was pretty annoyed that's why I saved the transcript.

    Thats just half of the transcript and I think the staff who gave me it afterwards didn't even read it when they required it from me.

    Thank you for staying online.

    I have sucessfully added the 5gb bonus data with $10 credit on your plan so you will get 20 data/month and you need to pay $49 for the plan /month.

    Please make a note of reference number 1-1336000000000.

    Is there anything else I can help you with?

    Me: no thats all thank you very much
    I would be glad if you could provide me a feedback about how I assisted you today by clicking the END CHAT BUTTON.

    Thank you for contacting Telstra Billing Chat Team. It was pleasure chatting with you today.

    Have a great day!

    • Any chance you could PM your actual order number? I tried with the 1-1336000000000 number you posted but apparently that isn't correct?

    • +1

      Would be great if you could share the order number or reference number

    • This worked for me, though I didn't ask for the 10 credit, it was just added automatically, may be carried through from JBHIFI.

      I ported to JB and upgraded to s8 on same day.

      So the way I see it is ,
      1176-800 (I sold s8 already) - 200 (JB hi-fi card) - 105 (cashback) = $71 total or $3/month over 24months…

      That was 15gb +5gb bonus (I see that 5gb as data share on my bill, but I don't have other sim to share with..)

      • lucky you. May i ask what did you ask them? I'm having trouble to get even the 5GB bonus. A chat transcript or reference number would be nice

  • +1

    Can anyone confirm cashrewards is now expired?

    • gone yesterday, both cashrewards and pricepal

    • Decided to still go ahead with the deal since needed a new plan anyways and went through the JB offer then F&F. Spoke to chat and managed to get both 5gb bonus and $10 credit monthly.

      All i did was ask and they said yes straight away. Anyways good luck to the rest.

      • Please… :)
        Share the knowledge…
        How exactly did you ask?

        Do you have other services with Telstra…
        I am trying to move two numbers.
        I just asked if $10 can be reapplied and rep says no.

        Do I have to proceed and ask another rep to add $10 off after?

        • Didnt do anything special just straight up asked after saying hi.

  • +2

    Cash rewards goneski.

  • +3

    I contacted Cashrewards yesterday asking whether I could still claim the Telstra deal was told 'no':

    Hi [MrMaestro],

    Thank you for your enquiry.

    From time to time our list of eligible cashback retail partners may change, this can be influenced by many consumer and corporate related reasons. Unfortunately Telstra has been discontinued on Cashrewards. We look forward to being able to offer this great store again in the future.

    So we're out of luck. I suspect Telstra won't reactivate the cash back deal until after the F&F offer is finished. OzBargain is probably costing them too much money!

  • The $200.00 gift card at JB-HI ends today.

  • +5

    Managed to hit a home run JB Gift Card, Pricepal Cashback confirmation. 5GB additional data and $10 monthly discount. Finally got me to move from my old Prepaid Encore plan to a postpaid mobile. Thanks Ozbargain Team and don't give up on the extra data and discount took me four Chat attempts finally got it by when selecting to chat to the billing team. Good Luck

    • +1

      Good work mate. What did you say to get the $10 discount?

      • +1

        I have recently received my new phone and wanted to apply for the 5gb bonus data and $10 porting discount is this something you can help me with? I do also have NBN with Telstra so this may have worked in my favor.

        • NBN will give you the 5GB bonus for sure. I'm not so sure about the $10 credit

    • When did you do this, I think pricepal is no longer do telsra cashback. Also I try 5 diff online chat, no one can offfer 5G extra until I have more service with them

      • This was a couple of day's ago when pricepal offer was still available but sounds like this has now expired.

    • +1

      Hey mate, any chance you could PM an order number so I can ask Telstra to match the $10 discount?

      • same here please

      • Me too. If it helps.

      • Me three :)

      • And me four!

      • -1

        Make me 5. Cheers!

      • Make me 6, thanks.

      • -1

        me 8 plz

      • me 9 thanks!

        • -1

          me 10 thanks

      • me 11 ….preash!

      • Mii 12 too pls

      • me 14 please :)

      • Me 15 please :)

      • Me 16 please :-)

      • me 16 pretty please with sugar on top

      • sweet 17 here please as well :)

      • me 18 please

    • Thanks, I talked to the billing team and got $10 off and 5GB on my first try.

      • Over the phone?

        • +1

          Just live chat!

        • @boshimaro: If it's not too much to ask, could I grab a reference number if available?

  • I'm confused, is the extra 5gb data share only?
    It's an addon on my bill, but my data allowance says otherwise.

  • Fairly straight forward to change from an existing contract to this I assume?

  • +1

    Ah weight off my shoulders, was going to sign up for this and do the whole kerfuffle with the jb hifi thing and then switching to this via pricepal but i really shouldn't as I don't have the time (but the ozbargainer in me was very very tempted). With pricepal expired now, I can rest easy and not think about it anymore! haha

  • I wonder if I could ask for a HTC U11 instead…

  • Can you please correct me if I am wrong here?

    Are both JB plan and this F&F plan called "Go Mobile Plus BYO Plan $59"?

    Edit: please check what it says from "MyAccount" under Telstra 24x7? Many thanks.

    I am trying to find out if Telstra had applied the F&F plan or not but if they are the same name then I am not sure how to find out without having to chat with them

    • They are both the same name "BYO" but the F&F is BYO with a phone bundle added with $0 repayments…

      So yeah not an error. Same plan but different inclusions (one had $10 off other had free phone)

      • +1

        I can confirm they are called the same.

        I just got an email from Telstra to advise me of the plan change to the F&F plan.

        and guess what, they dropped my data to 15GB. Time to chat with them I guess and I will also try to ask nicely for the $10 discount. I may get lucky and get it.

        This also changed to this:

        Contract ends in 25 months on - 28 November 2019
        Changing your contract may incur one-off costs, including:
        Plan early termination charge $708.00
        Device buy out $1176.00

        The estimated cost for changing to a new eligible contract: $1176.00
        The estimated cost for changing to a casual plan: $1884.00

        • let me know how to you please, I'm in the same situation, but am waiting until I get my phone before I chat with them again.

        • @droptester:
          I did chat to them yesterday and advised them that the 5GB is gone so they added it again.

          I was also lucky to keep the $10 discount which they applied as well.

          All I needed to do is to mention to them that I gave the order number to the chat agent after I signed up online.

          She completed the rest.

          The whole process was done in about 5 min.

          Very happy with Telstra and this deal.

          AWESOME find OP and thanks for all members here for sharing their experiences and feedback.

  • The JB one is: Go Mobile Plus BYO Plans

    Not sure about the Telstra one, cause I have yet to fully port over. Still waiting for Virgin to release my number…

  • Do i need to register for Telstra Account after sign up with JB offer ? or Can i ask for upgrade without register first ? : Thanks !

    • You can register at any time.

      I registered online and then I checked my email, it turned out that Telstra had sent me some emails already after I signed up with JB

  • Has anyone received their first bill? I have received mine for the period 23 to 24 nov, due on 13 Dec. On top of the pro rata amount (around $3) , there is also a full $59 charge. I asked telstra via chat and they said that it is because I changed plans so I need to pay the full amount for the first month, but then I will not be billed for the last month (month 24). So that basically means I will be paying for this so-called “post-paid” plan one month in advance, which does not feel like post paid anymore.. Does it make sense at all? or am I being misled here?

    • this has always been the way for all phone plans and internet plans you pay the access fee up front

      • Really?? I was with Virgin post-paid just before, and I do not think that was the case.

        • Yep same with virgin they charge one month up front look at the t&c on their web page

  • For anyone who applied for Cash Rewards for this offer, have you received the $105 yet, or do you have to wait until March 2018 (or earlier) for it to become available? This was my first attempt of using Cash Rewards and I am confused why it mentions that I may have to wait until March 2018 to get the money.

    What's your experience here, specifically for this Telstra offer?

    • +2

      Usually there is a wait for all cashbacks on cashrewards, march is reasonable.

      • Thanks for that. I had no idea and thought that there was a problem in it getting processed.

        • If you got an email saying your cashback is being tracked, there's not much to worry about. If not, there's a button to contact support to manually track it.

  • The 5Gb extra popup is no longer popping up for me… :|

    • Yeah I just signed up - they won't do the bonus 5gb unless you have multiple Telstra services

      • So all good things are taken away
        - no cash back
        - no 5 Gb bonus
        - no $10 discount

        • Yeah I shouldn't have hesitated and jumped on it.

        • No cashback is true. The other two still available, just keep trying :) I've got the 5GB already, now $10 off :)

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