expired Star Wars Battlefront 2 PS4/XB1 $55.80 (in-Store) $60.80 (Delivered) @ BIG W


Got this yesterday at Big W along with the Family and Friends 10% offer. Brings the discounted price down even further which I think makes it really good price for new release :)

10% off @ BIG W: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/341964

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    I'm just here for the comments section.


    Oh jeez, here we go again…


    Seems like a good price, played the beta but not sure I can commit to a full game.

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      Don't worries. EA, being very customer focused, have solved that problem for ya.

      You ain't buying a full game, so you don't need to commit to a full game.

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    Reddit tells me EA are getting desperate & to play it I need a mortgage to pay for micro transactions :) Got to pass…


      Actually they pulled all microtransactions. They say they'll be back at a later date though (because they're trying to make the best game possible!)

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        Or they are telling everyone that, waiting until everyone has bought the awesome new game that doesn't have pay to win then re-release them again as new content

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        It's a key sales period, what do you expect they will do? After you have bought it, they already have said microtransactions will return.

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    Remember the warning from Admiral Ackbar

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    They've turned off the micro transactions (probably until this has blown over and people start buying it) and they apparently have not nerfed the amount of credits you get for playing a match.


      A painfully nerfed.

      Got a dupe card after purchased like 2200 credits/110 crystal, exchange it with just a mere 200 credits.

      To get 2200 credits, took me roughly min 2 hours of online play.

      Very nice EA. /s

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    No deal!

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    Wait a month or two and this will be $30.

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    What a schmozzle. Loots crates but will get rid of them because of public uproar but only temporarily.

    No thanks.


    I don't see an option for click and collect


    I like the game.

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    $60 for the game - $500 in loot crates

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    So let me get this right. You pay $$$for a game then you have to pay some more $$$ to unlock parts of the game? Who came up with this business model?

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      I think it might have been Blizzard with their World Of Warcraft games. They called it 'expansions 'and also charged for in game costmetics.

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        This is nonsense, Blizzard started with all the microtransactions after it was a thing elsewhere, they didn't invent it.

        And the WoW expansions are huge in content, Blizzard also engages in this sort of thing, but not to this extent and they should also be condemned for doing so, but don't blame them for something they didn't start.

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        let us know when your finished

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          I dont understand the negativity. Other than micro transactions which are turned off and dont apply to highest level crates anyway… otherwise it just seems like ignorant trolling. So many online games involve levelling up and unlocking things through progress and achievements rpgs, fps etc… thats the case here. You don't even need to anyway during each battle you can use battlepoints to spawn as something different/better and youll naturally unlock guns as you level up.

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          Overwatch, doesn't have any of that crap grinding. All heroes and abilities available instantly. Also new maps and heroes have been added since release, with nothing extra to pay or any grinding to unlock. Plus a bunch of events throughout the year for the original price and nothing extra.

          The only thing in their loot boxes are cosmetic items, which you can you unlock through playtime.




          I quit that game a long time ago and I am glad.

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          You have to wait 4500+ hours.

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      Actually, loot crate business model was inspired by Gacha Gacha capsule dispensers. You may have seen them around in shopping centers..


      In virtual gaming, you pay money for a randomized loot crate which may or may not contain something you actually want, and the chances of you rolling one that has a 'rare item' is usually quite low. Most of the time, the game company doesn't tell you the chances of you obtaining that special Epic / Legendary item, although in China the law has forced game devs to reveal the probabilities (e.g Overwatch has stated that Legendary items drop once every 13.5 loot boxes)

      Kotaku wrote an article about lootcrates "Loot Boxes are Designed to Exploit us"

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      Here is the EA CEO John Riccitiello talking at a shareholders meeting about the micro transactions model.

      Edit: 70 seconds long.


    Damn - thought I did well getting it for $62

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    This game will be heavily discounted in the weeks leading to Christmas and post-christmas. After Christmas sales, they'll reintroduce micro-transactions. If you're DESPERATE to play but unwilling to pay this price, Origin Access for a Month is an alright deal. You get 10 hours of gameplay (along with full access to other games). I bought Origin Access and it actually saved me money as I was going to purchase BF2 on release for $60 - but after palying maybe 5 hours of multiplayer and the first 3 SP missions, I felt the game was going the same direction as the first. Just an average shooter with Star Wars skins. I cannot at all see this being a long-lasting game. Just my 2 cents.

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    I can't neg this deal, because that's against the rules. But I'll be voting with my wallet for this one instead.


    So far I've enjoyed the first hour of the campaign. Sorry.


    Really hope other developers are paying attention to this fiasco and learn from it. Sneaky micro transactions have been plaguing our games too much in recent years and only appear to be increasing. Hope this sends a message that they need to be cut back.

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    I bought it for $59 from Harvey after they said they would temporarily take micros offline and have actually really enjoyed it. Skipped the first Battlefront but have had a great time so far. Gameplay is polished and graphics look great on the 1X.


    Have played the free 10 hours… Now to wait for this to be part of the vault on ea access…


    Can also pay with 5% off wish eGift cards for an extra couple of $s off again.


    Given all the neg reviews perhaps code should be FFS10?

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    ~Waves hand~ You will buy this game. You love this game.


    I'd rather give some hobo $60 to buy drugs than buy this game. Most likely I won't do either and use the $60 to keep an eye out for Eneloops, its hard to admit, I am running low on eneloops, need a top up. :|

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    I think the games industry needed a game like this. A shell of a game built around star cards aka 'loot boxes' & sold at a premium. The backlash has brought exposure to some of the schemes & tricks publishers are trying. Its getting to a point where its actually pretty sad.

    The temporary removal of it does absoloutely nothing for me. If EA/Dice had it thier way the game wouldn't have changed from the beta. The intent is there & pretty clear to see.

    Consumer outcry and backlask is the only thing keeping these guys in check. I refuse to buy this game. Everyone has thier own choice but this game took it too far for me personally.

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    I saw from a reddit post that EA makes billions off FIFA micro transactions, so even if no one buys this game, they will still generate huge amount of profit from FIFA

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    Just how could they get this so wrong (from what I'm seeing). People pay $60-$100 for a game but don't get to enjoy the entire thing without being enticed to spend more? The marketing department is obviously full of women, or people unfamiliar with the industry and it's common opinion on such topics. Strange.


    Wait until price drops, pointless now unless you’re a Star Wars freak.

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    This game is everything that's wrong with a AAA title right now, and everything wrong with how a company treats a customer at the same time.

    Don't buy this microgambling trash.


    No deal, EA. I need my money for things like food, shelter, and transport. Not de facto gambling.


    …..so it sounds like ppl aren't too happy with this game ;P

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