expired 10% off Sitewide @ GearBest (Excludes Sale Items)


Not sure if it’s posted before but I couldn’t find it

10% off Sitewide @ GearBest

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    Doesn't work for items that are already on sale, so it's pretty useless, takes the 10% off the RRP, nothing on gearbest is at RRP.

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        yeah the sitewide 10% off coupon just jacks the price up by 10%, they must think people are thick as bricks hahaha

        Everybody should neg this "deal" because it is a farce and should be treated like one.

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          I wonder how many other negative votes revoked like mine, just because the moderator didn't like it.

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    I find that site-wide deals on GB aren't that great because site-wide discount seems to be off the full price and GB often sells many of their individual items at a larger discount on (permanent/frequent) sale. For instance, I was looking to buy a few Mi Band 2 straps which came to AU$23.35 at normal price and AU$27.87 at the 10% off Sitewide price using the above discount.

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    It does work - just increases prices up to rrp-10%! Lol

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    Why the barrage of upvotes? I don't get it. Are OzBargainers really this gullible?

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      I've been eyeing a MeeGoPad T09 that's been sitting at AU$193.58. I can have it delivered for $174.22 with the code. Many thanks to Jimmy007.

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    Sales code is useless, Im waiting for this (Original Xiaomi Mi Band 2 Smart Watch for Android iOS) to come down to a reasonable price "Its been on sale" for weeks ranging from $24 to $30….. no deals here

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    Is anything not on sale at Gearbest? Why is this a deal?

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    Except few items on flash-sale that is under 8% off or newly-added items, I don't see any point of using the code. If you follow Gearbest Deals on FB, you can see price normally drops more thant that pretty frequently.

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    All sitewide coupons for Chinese sites are useless.

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    Not going to beg since posted in good faith, but I found a 17% off site wide code. There were higher discounts for specific categories, even then it was worthless since most items are on sale.


    10% !!! … i've been spoilt with 90 to 100% off at GB .. this deaL is so pfffft


    Is this just a drop shipper for Ali Express?


    Any actual bargains or just blind upvotes?


    Unfortunately, the Lenovo Tab4 8 Plus went from $352 up to $428 after the code was applied. I understand why it's gone up so I won't neg the deal..

    It could have been the one thing I needed to push me to buy!


    Price went up for everything i tried


    Gearbest can get (profanity), sent me a tevo tarantula 3d printer with a dodgy heat bed and extruder motor. After showing them videos, photos and even lodging a PayPal claim they offered a $40 refund which wouldn't even cover the replacement heat bed. So naturally I declined and stipulated that I wanted replacement parts or at least the value of the replacement parts, to which they offered a full refund if I returned it to them. That's all well and good but the shipping cost is well over half of the item's value, so I asked for the $40 refund instead which they declined now.


      Sad to hear you had a bad experience. That said I found your experience valuable. I've been buying a fair amount of stuff from Gearbest recently and now know how they think.

      It appears that any offer they make is a strictly "no quibble" one or expect to get sweet FA.

      People must factor in the lack of consumer rights when buying from Asia (the US isn't much better) when they're tempted by the low prices they see online.

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