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25% off BYO Optus Sim Plans Unlimited SMS & Calls 15GB $30/12 Months


UPDATE: Now with free data access to Optus Sport and National Geographic which won't count towards data usage

This deal has expired - Above statement turned out to be incorrect — when clicking through to the site and purchasing the price defaults back to a higher price.

Saw this deal when i was signing up for a new mobile plan.

BYO phone Sim plans for New customers only. Online deal.

$22.50/month for 3GB data with unlimited talk/text for min 12months

$30/month for 15GB data with unlimited talk/text for min 12months

Google play music, spotify and iheartradio appa streaming free of charge from mobile data.

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  • can you still get a data share sim?

    • if you're talking about pooling data as long as it's within the same account it's shared

    • Long time back they stopped free data share Sim.

      • So presume only way is via adding another service to the account? Whats the cheapest secondary sim option for them?

      • Yeah they've stopped doing this unfortunately.

        Luckily I got three extra data sims back when they offered them and wish I got more (they had a maximum of 10!)

        It's basically the cheapest (basically free) and best mobile data as it shares with your mobile account (I have 25gb/month on my mobile).
        They used to sell an extra data sim for $5. They must have realised they were losing and stopped it.

        • same story here, jumped on the offer of a linked data only sim card for a once-off fee of $5, data consumed comes from my mobile plan.
          Put the sim card in my android tablet and it works great, about 9 months ago I tried to order another one but they discontinued that option so I had to pull up my contract and show them that it clearly states in the contract that this is an option and after a lot of arguing they finally caved in and sent through one more sim card for a byo sim 4g USB-Dongle I purchased from Optus.

          It's a real shame they stopped offering that $5 once-off sim card, stuff paying a monthly fee for extra data when I have plenty of data to share I have already paid for.

        • If you still have a contract that offers the extra data SIMs, you can still get them - though it can be a bit of a marathon as they'll try to sell you another service at every turn and insist the shared ones are no longer available.

          I was sorely tempted to make a complaint to the Ombudsman after my experience. Probably should have, in hindsight.

        • Are you able to keep your share sims when switching main plan?

          ie I'm on the old $40/plan that says about data share sims in product information PDF, will I lose them if I change plans?

        • @dyl: Yes, you'll lose it.

        • @buddylove:
          Thanks for letting me know. I might try and wrestle another sim or two off them if I'm in the mood for waiting on hold to India or somewhere? :)

  • New services only

  • Thanks uncle chin

  • I got a $39/mth for 15gb SIM-only plan from Telstra.
    Whether the $9/month for being on the Telstra network is worth it, is up to you.

    • +3 votes

      Any link to the deal.

      • No link as such, it's based off the $49/mth Mx Plan with $10/mth discount and additional 5gb/mth data.
        I scored the deal through the Telstra 24/7 LiveChat.
        I bought an iPhone X from Myer, and simply asked the Telstra person on the LiveChat if he could do better than $49/mth for 10gb, and that was what I was given, so well worth a try (I think $9 for Telstra vs Optus is worth it).

      • I was able to get a porting discount plus an extra 5GB of data for $39/month via telstra live chat

    • Good price but I'm already with [email protected], can you please kindly let me know how to get $39/mth for 15gb SIM-only plan from Telstra

      • I replied above, scored it off the LiveChat - asked if they could do something better than the Mx plan (told them about Optus/Vodafone offerings) and I got offered that. I very much prefer Telstra's network after being stuck once in Gippsland on Optus with no reception for 8hours.

        • @peperblade, Thank you for replied. I have chatted with live chat today and they said they can't give me the discount on Mx plan. You are very lucky or maybe I have a bad luck. :)

        • @bargainHunterAU:

          Try LiveChat again because you might get another consultant who might be a little more lenient.

          The one I chatted with 2 days ago firmly refused to give me the $10 discount for the $49 for 15GB plan, saying it was only for new customers porting in but I just kept insisting that "my friend" was given the $10 discount even though he was already a Telstra customer. He then said he had to ask his supervisor, who eventually approved it.

        • @RoughMetaphors: Thank you. I will try again today.

    • I just re-contracted with Telstra, and also got the same $39 for 15GB deal after some haggling on Live Chat. The person I chatted with had to get his supervisor's approval.

    • thanks for this. i'm an existing customer. i pushed them to give me the same deal.

      first person didn't want to. second said he would after i complained about not providing anything to loyal customers. winning!

  • Great price .. if you can get reception .. :-( .. !!

    • I used to love that a couple of years ago you couldn't get a 4G signal standing next to the pile of Optus 4G advertising at the tram stop on Flinders/Elizabeth in Melbourne. Advertising I think is long gone, but so is my Optus contract.

  • +2 votes

    I'm currently with Bendigo Bank Telco. It uses the same Optus network.

    $14.50 for 2GB

  • Really unhappy with optus customer service, was online chatting yesterday regarding to this offer. As a loyal customer with optus plan for more than 10 years, I was asking for this offer. Optus adviced this is for NEW customer only, I mentioned I am currently a loyal customer for more than 10 years and deserved better offer than NEW customers. They refused to offer me this deal. Poor marketing meh, force your customer to port to competitors or what? Definitely go with Telstra at the end of this month as soon as my contract finishes.

    • Port out, port back if you want. Sales Rep's hands are tied usually. Not even retention team can do it.

      • There are better plans out there …If people ported out and didn't port back straight away like this they would be forced into doing something about their policy.

    • +2 votes

      Unfortunately loyalty reward is dead in the mass market segment. The big guys just see you a small fish in the ocean. You should be a big fish in a small pond if you want your loyalty to be rewarded.

      • Must say RACV is still considering loyal rewards, for longterm member they would offer silver gold rewards card and get you 10/15% of total bill

        • Well,this kind of companies are hard to find now.
          Btw, sometimes I found I can get cheaper premium if I just do a requote through my car insurer's website than the premium on the renewal notice.

        • @sfac: Yes you are correct. As you mentioned before, they do care about "new" customers, so if you are getting a new quote, the system automatically considers you as a new customer. However these insurance company do have pricing match policy or you can negotiable price with them, RACV reduced $50 due to I rang them and told them QBE has a lowered quote.

    • Give their sales team a call, they didn't have a problem giving me it to me during the last promo, I guess it just depends on who you talk to. I re-contracted 2 of my numbers to new plans ($30 and $18.75). There is a chance the deal might be expired by the time you get off hold though.

    • It's ok to be upset, before joining ozbargain I was under the impression that loyalty would also be rewarded. However it isn't, so just port out to the next plan you like, same as the rest of us.

      • Honestly I am not asking better deal but just matching something they have offered to new customers. Unlikely optus, Telstra gave their current customers extra 5GB for that family an friend deal or similar situation.

        • +2 votes

          Telstra is the same s**t. I had to port out to get better deal from JB.

          Just port out. They will want you back as a new customer later on.

        • They're all the same, just go for the best deal. If your current provider isn't giving you the best deal, go somewhere else.

    • Companies don't view you as a loyal customer. They see you as a cash cow they can milk.

      Optus is particularly bad for this. I recently had to change my home broadband plan, we were paying $90/month, but they were offering the same for $60/month to new customers.

      Then Optus proceeded to overcharge me on the each bill, for three consecutive months. Each time I had to spend about an hour correcting their deception. By the third month they were adding late payment fees because I refused to pay their false bills and they never reissued me with corrected bills. The extra charges ($7, $11, $9) related to local calls, but we don't even own a phone! On top of that I placed call barring on the line in the first month, but the charges kept appearing. It was not until I threatened to cancel the service that the issue finally mysteriously resolved itself.

      By doing this to millions of accounts, Optus rake in millions of dollars every month by scamming their own "loyal" customers.

      -Optus will happily charge their "loyal" customers 150% of what they are offering new customers.
      -Optus add small amounts to their bills in the hope most people wont waste their time to contest them.

    • I tried to get a better deal with Optus when I saw the telstra 20gb for $49 (with the number port) but they wouldn't budge.
      I would have went with Telstra tbh, but the data free Spotify streaming is keeping me with Optus for now.

  • This deal has been around for a while though I think it was unofficial. In the end I still went with the Virgin $32/15GB plan instead (exisiting customer happy with their reception, and Optus customer service being a joke)

    • how did you get that virgin deal?

    • Im with Virgin also. Like Optus, customer service is offshore BUT….a better level of customer service where they actually want to help and try and get you a better deal.

      I negotiated 2 services off the back of this current Optus deal about 4 weeks ago.

      Service 1. $40 per month, discounted from $50. 23 gig data which includes 1 gig bonus for more than 1 service on a single account.

      Service 2. $26 per month discounted from $30. 9 gig data which includes 1 gig bonus for more than 1 service on a single account.

      Also negotiated a welcome credit of the non discounted price for both services. This total was $80.

      Not bad for $62 per month.

      Unlike Optus, international calls are NOT to selected countries BUT in $$ opposed to minutes.

      Unused data and international minutes roll over to next month. However, rollover is consumed after you use your current months inclusion first.

      Very happy with Virgin….. just waiting on them to activate VOLTE and VOWIFI which is due by the end of the year.

  • Glad to see this come back, especially to those who missed the click frenzy deal.

    But it's missing free EPL :(

  • Useless for existing customers.. looks like I got to Port out

  • +1 vote

    Yep, confirming that I had no luck as an existing customer.

    I am actually on a lower priced, off-contract plan. They weren't willing to entertain taking a 12 month, higher priced plan. Seems silly.

    • Port out and port in will work

      • have you done something similar previously with Optus ?

        Do I get a SIM with different provider to port out then order this deal and port back in with Optus ?

        I am currently on month to month plan. Cheapest SIM I can find is Aldi for $5.

    • I wanted to upgrade my post-contract cable plan to unlimited (i.e. pay more and sign up on another contract) and despite multiple attempts and people they couldn't even "identify my account" no matter what details I gave to them. That has pretty put me off Optus where possible. Like you they couldn't even manage get someone willing to pay more :P

  • I'm currently on $22.50/month for 2GB data with unlimited talk/text plan, anyone know if Optus would give a free extra gig to match this new plan if asked? Chat is currently offline…

    • I am not 100% sure but if your contract is finished then you have to port out then in again with new 12 months contract. If you are in the contract term, then No luck I guess.

    • I would consider Coles Prepaid instead of this. Lower annual cost due to 35 day billing period, almost the same data inclusion and no contract.

  • Never again I use this filthy provider, every month my data usage is like jacked somehow I ALWAYS use past my data limit so I have to turn on off my facebook instagram and twitter mobile dat. I never been happened to my previous provider with less monthly data (virgin 10gb vs optus 12gb), shouldve break the contract long way ago but to stupid to hold on. Currently with telstra and data usage back to normal eventhough everything turn on and listening to spotify everyday (not data free)

    Stay away from this thief!

    • Snapchat is a major data killer!

      • I do t even have that app on my phone. Now been a month using telstra, everyhing is turned on, data usage is WAY WAY LESS so I guess my middle fingers to optus for the horrible 15 months.


      Do you use the official Reddit App? If so I found that to be the problem of my sudden data loss.

      • Nope, ‘major’ app that I use only instagram, facebook, and twitter, and I am not that heavy socmed user, I got normal day job, barely streaming youtube using data service

        Spotify data free, so tbh IDk where the hell my data goes to.

  • Anyway I can get this BYO plan plus 24months phone installment? Work out to be cheaper for a phone plan. Plus I can claim from my company up to certain amount.
    Just do a online chat with optus, they can’t do it.
    I know all voda plan is doing that, but just i don’t have reception for voda in my area.

    • "Just do a online chat with optus, they can’t do it."

      There's your answer…

  • It’s not as good as the $18.75/per month 3gb, unlimited talk last month

  • I signed up the JB deal with Telstra last week: $49/mo for 15+5 GB plus a $200 JB gift card, bringing it down to $32.33/mo. IMO a pretty good deal. I was with Optus before (out of contract) but they refused to give me the 25% discount unless I port out then port in…

  • Kogan 365 day prepaid 16GB for $25.90 a month is a tad better I guess.

  • And you DON'T have to be family and friends with an Optus employee. Woohoo! ;-)

  • Anyone know if this would be a $30 per month plan after the 12 month contract? or is it a $40 a month plan with a discount only for the first 12 months?

    • It is continuing for up to 24 months
      From the deal:
      New Services only. Plan fee discount continues to apply for up to 24 months.

  • $22.50/month for 3GB data with unlimited talk/text for min 12months

    Coles mobile prepaid (Optus network), 3GB, unlimited talk/text (in aus), 35 day expiry (so 10.5 times a year, not 12), prepaid so not locked in. Far better than this Optus one.

  • Hi

    Would this sim work in an ipad or should I be looking at another deal?


  • For anyone on Telstra, they won't budge on the Mx plan to better match competitors for existing customers.


    I picked up the Telstra sim only $59 per month unlimited calls and text, 15gb plus 5gb bonus at JB, discounted to $49 per month. Then I went on live chat and got my student discount and now paying $39 per month. Awesome for 20gb on Telstra. They didn't ask for student ID or anything.

  • I rmemeber this kind of deal includes optus sports, but this new deal doesnt.

  • Can anyone outline the easiest and cheapest method of porting out and back in? I'm currently in an Optus business plan that just ran out, and would like to get onto this one with minimal downtime. Thank you

    • Quickest will be to transfer to Optus prepaid and then (if you have one of those 7 Eleven Optus SIMS lying around) then subscribe to above offer. Iam not sure if the deal excludes the prepaid to postpaid transfer within Optus. This was done with the EPL offer some months ago.

  • Is this plan activated from when its sent? im only 10 days into my existing plan with virgin, would rather switch over at the end of the month than waste money on changing now

  • Guys How is Optus' network compared to Telstra? Currently with Telstra and I am a bit hesitant switching to Optus but this deal is too good! lol….

  • Just wanted to share my experience with getting this deal. I was an existing postpaid Optus customer so had to port out as many people have found out.
    1. Grabbed a $2 Vodafone sim from the shops.
    2. Followed the instructions and port my existing number to Vodafone. Took around 20mins to port across. Pretty seamless actually.
    3. Went on Optus site to purchase this offer but wouldn't allow me to as the system still thinks that my number was with Optus.
    4. After waiting few hours and tried without any success I hit up online chat and got a rep to assist. He managed to do it and received an email soon after confirming my order.
    5. Now just have to wait for the sim to arrive which maybe up to 2 days. Trying to figure out whether I can get by for that long.

    • Thanks for sharing that… I wonder if you had gone to the Optus shop in step 3 (or 4) if you would have got the SIM on the spot? What shop sells $2 Vodafone sim?

      • I doubt it coz it was an online deal only. I did previously walked into an Optus shop to see if i could sign up for this deal but they couldn't help me. Re the $2 sim, I bought it from Vodafone shop itself but I'm pretty sure you can get it from Woolies.

        • Of course, online only, i forgot that part. THat 2 day downtime is a pain in the balls… Have to think about this. Let us know how long it actually takes to get back up and running.

        • @AlexG: keep trying on online chat until you find the one that can help

    • I got an earlier deal like this one but it included Optus sport.
      I was a postpaid Optus customer and they refused to do it.
      So I said port me to Optus prepaid . That went through overnight. Next morning ported to the postpaid deal.
      Bit of a hassle but got it done in the end without leaving Optus and needing other Sims etc

      • Didn't know about this. Will definitely try this option next time. Waiting for new sim sucks

  • Managed to get $40 per month with $100 discount for 12 months for being an existing Optus customer via live chat second time around.

    saved moving out in @ $20 cost and needing a new sim