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MotoGP VideoPass - Off-Season Access for $1EU [$1.55 AUD] [BlackFriday]


MotoGP VideoPass, watch live videos of the off-season test sessions as well as access the entire historical archive of MotoGP races including the awesome 2017 season which just finished the other week. $1 Euro or ~$1.50 AUD… Normally $24.95 EURO.

I recommend paying using PayPal, that way you can just manage the payment subscription ie. cancel it, via your own PayPal account after payment.

MotoGP Off-Season access is between now and March 13th 2018, night before the official first race of the 2018 Season.

Note 1: If the price is not showing as 1EUR, you may need to clear cookies or VPN from USA or another country..

[IMPORTANT] Note 2: auto-renewal will be activated by default, if you sign-up immediately goto your profile and turn off auto-renewal or cancel any recurring subscription via PayPal if you used that to pay.. otherwise you will be billed once the actual 2018 season starts in March — $125Euro.

[UPDATE] I successfully cancelled the PayPal subscription that was setup, but for CC payments it looks like auto-renewal option in your profile on the MotoGP website is deliberately disabled for the time-being. Don't worry — it will reappear at some point, be vigilant. You've got 4 Months, don't say you weren't warned!

Note 3: for anyone who doesn't know, I've been watching motorsport (motogp & f1) since being a kid in the mid 80s and i the current racing and talent on display, particularly by the current world champion is on a level i've only seen a handful of times with my own eyes. the racing being mindblowing is an understatement.

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  • Can't find a way to not have it auto-renew subscription in Android app or Web site!

    • Normally you click on 'My Profile > CURRENT SUBSCRIPTION > Edit'… and you just untick the auto-renew.

      If you used credit card and its not showing, give it some time maybe? Might be a wait til its proper active or something.

    • I also couldn't find it on the website.
      If you paid by paypal you can go to…
      paypal - settings - payments - manage automatic payments - select "Dorna Sports SL" - cancel.
      You should then see the status go inactive. Hope that helps some people.

      • Thanks Borris. Suspect they've removed that cancel option from the MotoGP profile for new Black Friday customers to try and lock people in. Unethical if not illegal.

  • To say that there was some gobsmackingly good racing this season would be a gross understatement.

    Thanks, good chance to browse and catchup on past racing. I don't get the business model which denies fans even (most) basic video during the season. It wouldn't be difficult to separate key subscription video (live practice, racing etc) from interviews, highlights and such. Fans deserve better.

    Read that just prior to season start they will probably offer a season pass for ~99 euros. Might take that up next year.

    • Yeh. Ive subscribed for several years, it was finally 1080p60 this year and pretty great. Player still needs some work and other support, but its been getting better, hopefully more 360 content next year.. Miles ahead of watching it on Fox or OneHD, plus im a huge moto nerd and like to watch every session. Definitely good value for money even at the $120-140 EURO that it usually costs, but you're right it usually goes on sale for about $99 EURO at its cheapest which is a steal. Actually i think thats the default price for some countries, if you vpn signup etc.

  • I wish Formula 1 would do something like this, I'd sign up in a heartbeat!

    • If it was really well executed with every past race (onboards as well), every angle available live and extras around the paddock etc, I wouldn't even mind paying $50/m during the season

    • I think it will be coming this year.

  • I agree with the comment about Marquez's talent and skill OP but I feel this season was missing 'something' (both the yamahas fighting for the championship due to their 'issues' and Lorenzo not being competitive enough on Ducati yet). Hopefully next season will be an even better one and on all fronts.

    • yeh, thats the crazy thing it could have been even better.. yamaha hasn't performed so poorly in a decade, goes to show how many people are involved in developing a top ride and keeping it there. these things happen though, they'll bounce back next year..

      the rookies especially zarco were by far my favourite part of the season & folger & rins as well. performances like that on satellite bikes comes along very rarely.

  • WSBK usually do this as well if anyone is interested: https://secure.worldsbk.com/en/subscribe

  • Needs to have the option of pre-download/caching the video, so you can watch on public transport or on a plane.

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