This was posted 4 years 1 month 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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iPad 9.7 2017 32GB $377.15 Delivered @ Officeworks eBay


OW ebay has now updated pricing so you can use ebay code but limited stock available

iPad 9.7" 32GB - GOLD $377.15
Space Grey

Original 5% off Sitewide at eBay Deal Post

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  • Thanks got 1 :)

  • Thank you. I finally pulled the trigger on one of these deals, think this is the cheapest you'll get without an AMEX offer.

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      Cheapest you'll get atm is $357.30 with David Jones Price Match and using RACQ/Entertainment Book 10% off GC I think :)

      • Racq membership?

        • Yep RACQ membership is needed, meant just outside the AMEX offer, as there is a few people who may be eligible and see the comment.

      • Do you have to go into a DJ store to get a price match? Or can you buy online and they later refund the difference?

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          From the looks of it, I think that DJ’s only offer their tech in stores currently as they’ve only just brought back their tech desk recently..

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        Should be able to get it for a net cost of about $337 this way, expires today though

        • Hi, how do you get it for $337?

        • @noddypiper: following the way in the link…. yesterday.

  • How much does it cost normally?

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      cheers for the laugh :)

  • Just got one. Claim TRS brings it down to $340. Bargain!

    • Silly Question. How do you claim TRS on ebay/Paypal invoices ? I just tried on TRS app, and it expects ABN and Invoice No etc ?

      • This is from Officeworks who will have an ABN and invoice. I recently bought an S8+ from OW and was able to claim the TRS on the way out.

        • hows the line for TRS? Cause I'm leaving sydney but just wondering how early I'll have to arrive T_T

        • @trarob: Pregister to save a little time - last time I was there, there was a separate line for pre-registered TRS claims which sped things up

        • @bdl: Download the TRS app and complete all the details. Make sure you carry the item with you in your carry on luggage if you're going to claim after immigration. Otherwise, claim before you check in.

        • @chibot:
          OP - is there a claim counter before you check-in?

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          @Brainwhacker: You go to the Australian Border Force office. See for Sydney: "ABF have an office situated landside on the Arrivals level (ground floor) of the T1 International Terminal, just near the central glass lifts."

  • Thanks OP

  • got it for 300 using amex HN deal, assuming the 100 cashback comes in a few days

    • mine came next day

  • Thinking about it. Does this one come with GPS?

    • They all do GPS, but you'll need a cellular connection (SIM) to load map data with Apple and Google Maps.

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        Well, technically you could preload the maps (if you know roughly where you're going) before you go out (with Google maps). But are you going to stick a 9.7 inch ipad on your windscreen?!

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      I'm pretty sure only the cellular model has a GPS chip in it.
      Scroll down to the location section here:
      Notice "Assisted GPS and GLONASS" is only listed on the right hand column.

  • Thanks OP. Just picked one up. Good job

  • What's peoples favourite colour iPad?

  • buy this or wait for amazon black friday deals?

  • thanks OP, just got one!

  • Sorry for dumb question but Is this Wifi-only? Or you can put in a data sim in it?

    • it's Wifi only

      • Thanks for the update.

  • I assume this is the only way to expand the 32gb for movies while on the plane?

  • Legit question not trolling, I have a 2-3 year old Samsung Galaxy tab (8 inch I think) with what appears to be very similar specs. What would be the benefit I've buying one of these?

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      No idea what galaxy tab you got, but this would have better display, better performance, better battery. Major difference is that this is iOS, so you would have to buy apps all over again if you had bought any on android,

      • yeah …. i have android phone and ios tablet ….. ios tablet is nicer than my android tablet which is collecting dust.

    • i think if you have iphone, macbook,ipod, apple tv, etc, then this would be better than samsung galaxy because you can share your photos, video, perhaps apps to all devices and get firmware updates frequently, you can pick up the calls to iphone via the ipad, it's just easier and i find the service from apple heaps better than samsung, sometimes they will replace the ipad with a reconditioned iPad, however when i broke my s8 screen they had to send it to somewhere else to fix and it took 1-2 weeks and for apple they fix it much quicker then Of course you have to pay Apple tax ;)

  • Bought one :) Been on the ball for one for the past year.
    Thank you so much for the heads up!

  • Wish the 128Gb ones were also discounted

  • Have they ever done a discount on the 128Gb models?

  • bought a grey one :) any good recommendations for films/cases?

  • No Click and collect? Or am i going blind?
    Flying out on Tuesday night…so delivered might be risky!!

    • Nah looks like delivery only

      • Yeah thought so, you think they can make it by Tuesday? If ordered tonight?

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          I have no idea man, doesn't it give you an estimated delivery date?

        • @TRENT86:
          It does say between 24-28 but not sure…
          Looks like the guy below got it in one day.. I'll give it a try
          Thanks for your replies mate :)

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    Ordered one last night 9pm and received today 3pm …. amazing delivery speed!!!! well done OW

    • You sir just made me $377 lighter! ;)

  • I think David Jones can only price match at 397 not after you apply the coupon code?

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    Not working anymore.
    "This seller is currently away until 28 Nov, 2017, and isn't processing orders at this time. You can add this item to your watch list to purchase later. "

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      Oh, so we can't buy? Even if we dont mind it being shipped later?
      Good way to not participate in the 10% off sale!

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        Buy it from The Good Guys Ebay store . with 10% it came to be $359.10. Not a bad deal IMHO.

        • Oh wow! Do they have click and collect there?

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          @alterego13: yes ,they do.

        • @mhayden:
          Just saw it.
          You're a champion!
          Thanks mate!

        • Can you please post a link up for me to convince the partner. :D

          Found it but could only get the gold colour :(

          Case recommendations? Haha

        • H,Maydena,
          Gee, this is a good price at $359.10, Could you please kindly give me the link so that I could get one from them too. I tried to get one from Office Work, but was rejected, perhaps out of stock!Thanks if you can help.

        • @damamaria 1943: It's no longer available on The Good Guys Ebay store. By the way you won't be able to get it for $359.10 because the 10% off code expired yesterday.

        • @chadiwrx:

  • Damn missed it! Any similar deals around!? :'(

  • Yesterday I got one from Office Works vide eBay for $377.15. Offer price is $399.00, but there is a discount of 5%,using a code which I can't remember now.

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