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Harvey Norman: Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64GB $978


Harvey Norman now listing this for $978!

Combine with Amex for further reduction. AmEx Statement Credits: Harvey Norman - Spend $400 Get $100

Confirmed Officeworks price match!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +9 votes

    F ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • …… omg…… seriously?

    luckily i held my pocket last night!!!

  • mmm 3X Amex and it's $678!

  • $929.10 after OW price match

  • If you don't have AMEX, price match at officeworks to get it for $929.10. Call up 1300 OFFICE to get it delivered for free also.

  • Is this their new standard price or black friday special?

  • Now I am starting to regret that I don't have Amex card. But I never owned a credit card and have always used my debit card for online purchases as a saving principle, so I am conflicted now.

    • nothing wrong to borrow money as long you know you can pay and control yourself.
      it is called smart borrowing.
      all rich people do this. thats why rich keep richer, poor becomes poorer.

      ist the same principle, check your bank account if have $500 then spend $500 on CC. if not, dont.

      • Especially if you have a home loan with an offset account!

      • I really never looked into CCs, and had this fear of them. I'm good at saving, so I always used my bank issued Master debit card for online purchases where I couldn't use PayPal. It's all those small prints of the interest after such and such period and the fees that scared me off. Will try to educate myself on how they work and such.

        • You can usually set up an automatic payment of the full balance each month so that you never actually pay interest.

        • @eecan: yeah surely can handle just 1 cc.

          practice first with 1 then after few years you will be able to handle 10 just like some people in ozb here.

        • @eecan: That sounds interesting, and manageable. I always had this phobia about credit cards in general. I don't own a house, have no kids, so I never bothered with owning a credit card and loans in any kind. But seeing all these Amex savings/cashbacks are making feel feelings. lol

        • @AussieDaddy: If you get a Gold or Platinum card you get extra warranty on purchases and you can get freebie travel insurance if, e.g. you spend more than $500 of the trip on the card.

          The banks are beginning to drop the extra AMEX card, do people have a recommendation of an AMEX card that is no annual fee but still allows the AMEX deals. I have no issues with being able to pay at the end of each month so not so fussed about the interest rate.

        • @try2bhelpful: The banks are beginning to drop the extra AMEX card, as in, to offer it, or they stop offering it? Sorry, the term "drop" has double meanings these days. haha

          So, which one do you recommend, Gold or Platinum? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? And do our Australian banks issue Amex cards, like the ones members here use for these HN purchases, or you have to get them from an American company? I always assumed that American Express was issued by an overseas American company. Sorry, I am so noob in this department.

        • @try2bhelpful: the cheapest lowest amex doesnt have ann fee. essential is the name i think.

          but remember unless you are loaded, dont spend unnecessarily simply because you have offer from amex.
          for example you dont need surface at all but because amex offer $100 at Microsoft store, then you right away go and buy surface. after 2 months then you realised the surface doesnt add anything to your life.
          that is stupid and basically you fall right into what the evil companies amex and microsoft wanted.

        • @dragonindespair: Yeah, know what you mean. Fortunately I've been on this rodeo for a long time so I try to watch the impulse buy. The AMEX has been good for things like Specsavers etc where I need the glasses and it takes a bit off the cost. What I want to confirm is if anyone has a particular AMEX card that works wiht the deals and has no annual fees. Just being lazy, I suppose, and what someone else's experience rather than trying to do the Google thing and try to interpre the T&Cs.

        • @AussieDaddy: Sorry, I meant a lot of the banks will no longer be issuing the Amex cards. At the moment I get both a VISA and AMEX with NAB, but AMEX will be cancelled in February. You can just get Australian AMEX cards directly from AMEX and some of them are interest free, but I'm not sure which ones will work with the AMEX deals and they can be quite expensive annual fees. I presume my fellow Ozbargain scholars will know which is the best to get.

        • @dragonindespair: My initial (and somewhat baseless and ignorant) fear was based on interest and fees (I get it now from the above comments that it's easily avoidable), but the point you've made here (re the trap you fall into by unnecessarily buying stuff you don't need) is very interesting. I say that because just being on OzBargain, I buy a lot of useless stuff that I have no particular need for, but they're cheap and on sale, so I find myself buying stuff more and more. So I see myself falling into that trap and spending even more on stuff that I don't need.

        • @try2bhelpful: Cheers. Will look into it, though I will probably not get one. I bloody buy a lot of crap as it's. lol

        • @AussieDaddy: There are advantages to credit cards that you might want to look into. Apart from the insurances and deals they also give you the ability to dispute a transaction if the goods don't arrive. The secret is you NEVER buy unless you know you can pay the balance off at the end of the month. If you can follow this mantra then you can make the banks money work for you by getting a no annual fee card. At the moment we don't pay any annual fees because we have a certain level of shares in the bank so they waive the fees (we only found out this because we threatened to cancel our cards and, suddenly, the shares came into play). Apparently, you can do similar type deals if you have housing loans etc. Do the research and be prepared to bargain.

        • @try2bhelpful: Cheers. I really appreciate the detailed info.

        • +2 votes

          I really never looked into CCs, and had this fear of them. I'm good at saving, so I always used my bank issued Master debit card for online purchases where I couldn't use PayPal.

          I think it's better to use a credit card rather than a debit card with online shopping or PayPal payments.

          If the store gets hacked and your debit card details gets stolen, it's your actual money in your bank account that'll get stolen. You can report it but you'll still have to wait for the bank to investigate it before you'll get it back.

          If you use a credit card, your own money is 100% safe as it's the bank's money (in the form of credit) that got stolen. At least you won't be out of pocket while the bank investigates.

          You say you're good at saving, so it should be easy for you to simply treat a credit card like a debit card. Just pay off your purchases immediately and you'll never have to worry about interest.

        • @eug:

          If you use a credit card, your own money is 100% safe as it's the bank's money (in the form of credit) that got stolen. At least you won't be out of pocket while the bank investigates.

          Never really looked at credit cards from that perspective. Great points all around. Thanks

      • I don't know any rich person who said they got rich by having a credit card.

        • Not specifically cc more of most rich people borrow money to make more money. It's part of leveraging.

    • The no-fee AMEX is better than a debit card for saving when used responsibly. (provided you avoid using it at places with high transaction fees).

      You get insurance for your phone screen, you get cash back offers and you get points. Just be sure to only spend money you already have, as if it were a debit card.

      (I hope mine arrives today lol, got approved a couple days ago).

      • Apart from the possible interest (of which you explained you can avoid to pay), is there like a yearly costs/fees that come with credit cards? I mean, if you only spend what you have and avoid paying interest, what is in it for the card companies? Or there's a yearly fee you have to pay for the money they lend you?

        • some cc has annual fees some dont.
          well yes cc company expect people to out of control and at the end pay high interest.

          its evil, but we must be stronger and smarter than them.

        • @dragonindespair: I see. I may get one, well, Amex particuarly, and will see how that works. I am good at managing my expenses, so being on top of that won't be an issue. It's just the fact that I never used one, and never looking into how they actually work that made me ignorant of the whole credit card world. Thanks for the 411, mate.

    • I usually tell people this, to those that have no credit cards

      so you have no credit cards, good on you, how do you feel?
      Insert ANY REPLY HERE

      ok, so now the bank has given you a credit card of $X limit, do you feel richer, do you feel like you want to spend it, do you feel like going shopping? or will you start looking for things to buy?

      if you answer yes for any of them, credit cards arent for you!

  • PIXEL 2 XL 128GB JBHIFI…..move on it PLEASE…where is your Amazon\Black Friday Spirit grrrrrrrrr……

    • Hehe yeah I was monitoring the price movement too. JB Commercial currently has it at 6% less than RRP

    • Yes, waiting for that too. I don't think there will be any specials for Google products though. :(

  • maaaan wish I had two Amex cards when the offer came around - guess 1 is decent still

  • I got 4 X amex with hn offer going to buy 2, thanks OP. Then going to sell 1 on eBay for same price with 10% off so buyer wins too.

    Actually going to sell both because I really need a dual Sim one so going to buy a grey market one off eBay.

  • Does anyone know any store in Sydney which is open till late tonight. I finish my work at 6 pm? I know TGG are open till 9 tonight. Not sure about HN.

  • Oops, Just ordered from Jb Hifi, I may cancel that order and get it from HN as the nearest JB is 140 kms away and the nearest HN is only 55kms away. Hope JB wont mind canceling the oreder…

    • JB will forgive you

    • Wow.. that is far. Why u dont order online and save the drive ? At least $30 fuel there.

      • One thing people undervalue is their time. 55kms x 2 would be at least an hour drive, so save another $30 for your time.

      • Well its not far in our terms, everything is 100 to 200kms drive from here, so dont usually worry about fuel cost. Also I need the phone asap, delivery to here takes ages…

    • I ordered from JB Hifi too a few hours ago but since I live in Melbourne CBD, I was eligible for same day delivery. I think I will keep that one.

      • JB cancelled my order, got one from HN.. now wife is happy as she got hers. Am still waiting for my dual sim note8 from last amaysim ebay deal… as per amaysim Expected date of delivery is 1/12018 :(

        • I didn't buy from Amaysim because of that. The delivery date was expected to be 1-15th of January. The value of the phone drops so much by that time, its not worth buying anymore. I wish aussie ones were dual sim too tho, as you have a choice of second sim/memory card. Probably they keep the single sim cause of telecom pressure.

        • @RandomDeviation: Dual sim is a big deal for me, hate going around with two phones, At that time all my boxes were ticked with the amaysim deal, under 1k, duel sim and black phone.. no regret but I guess its gonna be a long wait.

    I just got a s8 plus recently, but I have a $200 Harvey Norman gift card FFS.

    the s8 plus hasn't been shipped yet, you reckon I should cancel it and get the note?

  • This product is currently out of stock.

  • +2 votes

    Just got told a few stores out of stock already. Gordon (NSW) not accepting split payments either.

  • Single SIM only on this one?

  • Really wish these were Dual..

    • For a phone this pricey, I'd strongly recommend getting local stock for the sake of warranty. I got a dual-SIM S8+ from overseas and only just realised the back camera is faulty. I can't take that to Sammie for repairs whatsoever.
      You'll lose dual-SIM capability but you'll have peace of mind.
      OR you could consider a Xiaomi.

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