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Harvey Norman Spend $400 Get $100 Back @ AMEX


Registration is closed but for those who signed up, the deal is still active.

One of the most anticipated and popular AMEX offers amongst ozbargainers is back

Note that Harvey Norman price match so if you find a cheaper price make sure you bring some type of proof with you

Save the offer to your eligible Card and spend $400 or more, in one or more transactions, online or in-store at Harvey Norman by 31/12/2017 to receive one $100 credit. Limited to the first 40,000 Cards to save the offer. Exclusions apply.

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  • +1

    No sleep?

    • +68

      Nope, sensed something, woke up, offers saved.

    • +32

      a true ozbargainer never sleeps

      • +2

        Clockwork Orange eyeballs trained on OzB

    • +13

      Ok. Expect the following discussions to start:
      1. Purchasing gift cards and Visa gift cards are not allowed - But we know from XP that Amex has a very hard if not impossible way to tell if what you bought
      2. HN will probably start to put up signs saying you cannot buy GC of any sort with Amex (trend in the last year or so) - So do it early before the HN stores wake up to it. Try regional stores in particular
      3. You cannot buy Apple products - but you can get GCs to do it
      4. Can't think of one right now but I'm sure there are many more

      • +2

        The signs I have seen are just warnings that gift cards aren’t included in the Amex Promotion. I doubt they’d refuse you a sale just because you want to pay by AMEX. I have never been refused.

        • If they won’t refuse it they will most certainly ask you to pay like $50 AmEx multiple cards handling fee like they did last year

        • +2

          During the last promo I was refused at the Oxley and Mt Gravatt stores, trying to buy vPays with my AMEXes.

          Not just "they're excluded from the promo" (that's how it started) but "we've been explicitly told not to let people pay for these with AMEXes".

        • @drsmithy: This time it donest say excludes gift cards

        • @Turd:
          Actually, it says no gift cards in the full terms and conditions.

      • +1


        • Excludes purchases from Harvey Norman Photo Centre Online, Harvey Norman Big Buys, Harvey Norman Commercial, Harvey Norman Education & Business, Harvey Norman Energy, Harvey Norman Insurance Replacement, Harvey Norman Security, Domayne, Joyce Mayne, Poliform, Space and The School Locker locations.
        • Excludes purchases of AEG, Apple, Asko, De Dietrich, Elica, Fagor, Falcon, Gaggenau, Miele, NEFF and St George products.
        • Offer is limited to one credit per registered Card. Only spend on the Card number you register counts towards the Offer.
        • Excludes transactions where you do not spend directly in-store at Harvey Norman or online at, for example purchases made through a third party establishment or third party payment processor like PayPal.
      • +3

        It will still work on Apple. Again AMEX has no way of determining what you purchased.

      • +3

        FYI I just bought (Monday 6 Nov 12.30pm) 7 x $500 PrePaid Visa Gift Cards at the Sunshine, VIC HN. I assume they have not been told to stop this from happening yet. I received email on all purchases. Just waiting for the $100 cashback now.

        Each vPay card cost me $5.95 each.

        • +1

          And an also confirm that I received $100 for all 7 cards.

      • Is it NSW only or can I buy with this in 4670 qld.

  • Potentially iPhone 8 from Harvey Norman with this offer being cheapest available? iPhone 8 64GB is $1068 but with this offer comes down to $968??

    • nvm not a bargain, prev deals $50 cheaper sigh

    • $868 using 2x Amex

    • +1

      Use 2 cards for $200 off or add a $132 item for $300 off with 3 cards

      • +1

        So split the purchase by paying with two cards?

        • +1


      • +1

        Thanks I was going to ask this exact question.

    • -3

      T&Cs state that Apple is excluded from this offer:

      Excludes purchases of AEG, Apple, Asko, De Dietrich, Elica, Fagor, Falcon, Gaggenau, Miele, NEFF and St George products.

      And before you ask, the full T&Cs also state that this offer exclude the purchase of gift cards, store credit or vouchers.

      • are t&cs strictly followed though…?

        • +1

          No idea, I'm just the messenger. Do Amex or HN have a history of not applying exclusions?

          Happy for someone to test it out and let us know if exclusions aren't being enforced for this offer.

        • +16

          @bengal tiger:
          They let me buy visa prepaid cards last years offer ($100 back when spending $300) on 8 cards

          This year I'll be getting an OLED tv over the xmas sales with 10 cards

        • @easternculture: you have 10 Amex's?

        • +1

          @sky blu:

          Supplementary cards included

        • Bought Apple Watch series 2 last year with same deal. Having no issue getting the money back.

        • +6

          @easternculture: A true professional

        • @pasadala:

          Gerry will love him :P

        • -1


          Unfortunately you cannot stack the offer on to supplementary cards.


          Our records show that you've already enrolled in this offer.

          You can only enrol your Card once in each offer. Any other Cards linked to the same account must be enrolled separately if they are eligible.

        • -1

          I think you can't use supplementary cards, as they share the same number.

        • @easternculture: just confirming. Are you saying if I have one account and 2 additional. Cardholders we would usually all be able to register for this offer. Therefore 3 offers on the one account?

          If not and you need actual separate accounts. Which of the fee free Amex cards do you recommend? As I've noticed not all cards receive the same offers. Eg my Amex platinum edge often doesn't receive the same offers my Amex Qantas ultimate card does?

        • @Pandorumdude:

          Therefore 3 offers on the one account?

          yes as long as they are individual card numbers

      • +1

        I remembered last year they had similar offer ($100 back when spending $300) and T&C also said exclude Gift Card. However, I still got $100 back for buying gift card. Hope this time it is the same.

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Just in time to get something for Christmas…. Hello Santa.

    • +3

      Last year the best time to spend was 26-31 Dec during boxing day sales

    • +2


  • I wonder why it appears on my amex credit card but not on the charge card…

    • All good, now it appears on the charge card as well. Must be slight delay from amex IT

  • +11

    Nintendo Switch $369 after $100 back :)

    • Switch or Xbox One X?

      • +13

        PS4 pro

      • You must have missed the Microsoft offer which gave $100 back when spending at Microsoft. That was perfect for the One X.

        • I think this is better because you can potentially price match.

        • Yes I missed it unfortunately.

          Isn't it the same price though ms and hn?

        • @ryangoal: I have a Microsoft $100 offer if you need it send me a pm

        • @twilsoncrow:

          Thanks in advance mate, i haven't decided whether to buy yet :p

    • Just got it for 349. Do a price match with Target.

    • $349 after pricematch in online chat with Target $449

  • +3

    Now we wait for the ninja

    • +1

      No need, you can register with link in the OP. :)

  • Not sure if this is a deal but you can get the Samsung Tab S3 with Wi-Fi and LTE for $833 + $7.95 shipping.

  • It seems there is no login page for amex connect anymore, is anyone else having that issue?

    • +1

      They communicated by email that the login in no longer required. Some time back. Simpler. :-)

      • +3

        Thankyou, although I did like the idea of auto saving to my card without having to type it in for each offer. But none the less I'll work with what we have now.

        • +1

          Yeah, this is shit. Used to be one click. Now you have to type it in each time and double check you got the digits right.

        • @cnut:
          Yep annoying. Use Chrome to save card details and memorise your CVC.

  • what’s are the chances of them entertaining 5 split payments ? Just hate to see thier dirty look

    • +16

      Just hate to see thier dirty look

      It's worth the $100 savings per swipe

      Or in mastercards terms , it's priceless

      • I need to learn to become a tick skin true ozbargainer !

    • +5

      Pfft, easternculture is doing a purchase with 10 cards mate. You are small potato.

    • +7

      I've split a fridge up into 9 payments at HN, and split many times during Shop Small. I always start by saying "Sorry to be really annoying, but is it possible if…"

    • Never had an issue at HN, they are one of the best places for split payments imo

      • Is it possible to get them to split payments up but use the same card for each split?

        • +2

          whats the point of doing that?

        • @PissLUR: oh wait it's only one offer per card. My bad.

  • Do you get the credit after the promo period ends or after you spend enough money?

    • Usually within 5 days of the purchase

  • Does anyone know if this would work on gift cards? Last time it did.

    • It will work given that the store let you buy gift cards with amex , I anticipate they still stick up the no amex gift card signs from previous experience

    • Technically it will work, but the cashier may not allow it or your online transaction may be declined. Get in quick before they have time to train their staff to reject Amex as payment for gift cards.

      • +3

        How can they technically NOT ALLOW you to use AMEX. They are "assuming" you have registered for the AMEX deal - but there is no way for them to know for sure.

        For all intents and purposes, the following conditions may be true:

        1. You want to buy a gift card,
        2. You did not register for the cashback deal, and
        3. AMEX is your one and only credit card and you have no other credit cards to use other than it.

        So the staff are instructed to NOT sell you a gift card if you are paying with AMEX, and if you purchase gift cards online they cancel your order just because you paid with AMEX?

        That just sounds like dodgy policy to me, for it is impossible for them to ascertain that you are buying the gift card with the purpose of getting the cashback (even though we know you are).

        • Yes, they did last time, not allowed me to pay for the gift cards by Amex and since then I've never visited HN again, never bother with any HN offers.

        • +1

          @T-man: What if you said to them —> "I did not register for any cashback deal whatsoever, and this is my one and only credit card that I use daily in my life"?

          How will they then be able to rebut you? They have no proof, and can never prove whether or not you are lying. So do they just simply deny you your rights of being a "consumer" and being able to purchase a gift card with your credit card (regardless if it was AMEX or otherwise)?

  • +3

    I've never had AMEX. How do I get one? And is it easy? Interest?

    • +1

      Go to referrals

      • +3

        Go to referrals. Go directly to referrals. Do not pass GO, do not collect $200.

    • Ask a friend who has an existing Amex card to refer you (so they can get the referral bonus - 30k QFF points.) This card used to give 100,000 QFF points, but now only gives 65,000 QFF.

      As long as you have "a personal or household gross (pre-tax) annual income of $65,000 or more", you will be eligible for the card. Hopefully the 100k QFF offer comes back next year.

      You may also be interested in getting supplementary cards so you can use same Amex deals multiple times.

    • Interest?

      Yes I'm interested.

      • Pay it off on time and zero interested.

  • +1

    It's times and offers like this I wish I had 100 Amex cards

  • Is this one of those deals that only works with Amex cards issued by American Express, or will it work with say a CommBank branded Amex?

    • Works fine on my NAB Amex

    • i'm the same. really keen to hear if my card will work.

    • I have a commbank Amex and it's worked the last couple of years for me.

      Registered it again today and got the confirmation email that it's ready to go already.

  • Whoa! Wish I could use the deal. Anz recently stopped dealing with Amex cards and didn't renew my card.

    • Plenty amex cards out there… Sign up with another bank and/or Amex

    • +2

      Westpac stopped dealing with AMEX too, however I then stopped dealing with Westpac and went to ING whom only do VISA hence I signed up for this card -… specifically for AMEX deals like this because it's $0 annual fee.

      • Westpac will have a new range of credit cards in early 2018. The cards will be issued directly by American Express.

      • This post needs to be higher up for people going "this deal sounds good lets do it"

      • what? Is this new? I've got a Westpac Altitude Black Amex and I haven't heard they were ditching it. A friend of mine just applied and got approved for it as well recently.

        EDIT: just saw the press release, boo!!! My mate must have just got in before the cutoff

  • +1

    $700 off my new Samsung Frame TV

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