This was posted 4 years 1 month 26 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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PlayStation 4 Pro 1TB + 5 Games $454, Xbox One S 500GB + 3 or 4 Games $256, Xbox One X 1TB + 2 Games $589 Posted @ EB Games eBay


Just listed by EB Games, an extra 10% off via the eBay code.

Playstation 4 Pro 1TB (White or Black) + 5 Games (Dishonored 2, Wolfenstein II, Evil Within 2, Fallout 4, Elder Scrolls Online Morrowind) $454.05 Delivered - 10% off this deal Sold Out
Xbox One S 500GB + 3 or 4 Games (8 6 Bundles Available) $256 Delivered - 10% off this deal & this deal.
Xbox One X 1TB + 2 Games (Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein II) $589 Delivered - 10% off this deal

Assassin's Creed Origins + Wolfenstein II + The Evil Within 2 probably the pick of the 8 $256 Xbox One S Bundles? Popular at $279.

Also available (not as good as above deals):

Playstation 4 500GB + Crash Bandicoot: N-Sane Trilogy $292.05 Delivered - $32 more than the JB & Sony deals but you get the Crash Bandicoot game (usually about $49).

Original 10% off Sitewide ($75 Minimum Spend) on eBay Deal Post

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2017

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  • +1

    Plus cash rewards?

    • is cash rewards based on $499 price or after the discount at $454.05?

      • Original price. So you get $4.99 cashback.

      • $499

  • Just beat me posting this :)

  • The ps4 pro deal is looking good. I am not sure if it will be cheaper during boxing day or if amazon will have better deals by then.

  • +2

    wow it gets better

  • +2

    Shit. What happens if I just bought the in store version this morning?

    • Same question here! I ordered one this morning, to be picked up in store this afternoon. Can I cancel that order without issue?

      EDIT: Just found the info on their website - can do a full refund in store.

      • So can cancel for full refund before picking up?

        • From their site:

          Cancelling orders

          Changed your mind or ordered the wrong thing? Not a problem!

          1: Delivery:

          Give our awesome Customer Support Hotline a call on 133 930 or fill out our contact form.

          2: Store Pickup:

          Once the order is ready for pick up at your chosen store, simply pop in to store and you will be able to change it to something else, or get a refund if you wish.

          3: Preorder:

          Simply pop into your chosen store or call us on 133 930.

          Need more information? Fill out our contact form.

        • @karnage1020: thanks mate just called and they said have to come into store to cancell bit of a hassle but better then nothing :)

      • Just be careful will eb. They will try and give you gift cards that you can only use in store as a refund not cash or money back on your card

        • Is that even legal ? Should be refund to way of purchase so to paypal

        • @Stahh: no,probably not. Few horror stories out there in regards to this. I've had a run in with them about something bought on the website and not wanting to refund in store and then turning around saying they would only do it as in store credit.
          I try to avoid eb now unless the deal is very good and can't get price matched anywhere else. Unfortunately the one x is looking like one of those. Please sell out before I can get home to my wallet.

        • @Stahh:

          Under consumer Law it's totally legal. Unless the product is faulty or falsely advertised such as the product does not meet the attributes that was advertised it's no refunds or exchanges.

          As for Exchange or refunds are offered on top where there is simple a chsnge if mind it's up to the parties involved to interpret this promise where the details are unclear.

        • @Sarge2401: Really?!? I hope I don't have this issue when I go to refund my order :-/

        • @karnage1020: shouldn't be an issue with what you posted above where the link for that?
          2: Store Pickup:

          Once the order is ready for pick up at your chosen store, simply pop in to store and you will be able to change it to something else, or get a refund if you wish.

        • @Stahh: Yep. Went in to the store after work and no issues with the refund. They have to call customer service who then approve the refund. The staff were great and explained that online sales show the payment method as "gift card" hence they can't refund it without confirming from head office. I assume if someone was happy to take gift cards, then they wouldn't need to call head office.

    • For Xmas sale, you never know if it’s gonna be better deal later or just nothing.

    • +24

      Is this a question or a statement?

      • +2

        For a first time console buyer he sure knows how to point to all the Sony exclusives.

  • Unrelated, but does anyone know if you have that Birthday Offer - 50% added trade credit on games - if you're allowed to use that more than once?
    I used it when I was getting the One X, but would want to use it with the games the Pro comes with cause they don't really interest me.

  • +3

    I caved in. Too cheap.

    • +1

      Same. Caved. Purchased.

      • +1

        You can't help it when the prices are this cheap

  • Thanks OP, almost caved on the Xbox One X for 649 but glad I spotted this :)

  • +2

    Caved like a lot of people will, cheers keen for the Xbox x

  • +1

    Got the PS4 pro. Thanks OP! If you consider the cost of the games, this is a really good price!

  • Cyber Monday????

  • +5

    The level of competition is too damn high. It's glorious.

  • +1

    I caved in last night on the Xbox One S AC:O WII & EW2 deal.
    I could have saved $23 with this deal :(

    • Me too, I'm a tad disappointed but eh, it could've been worse!

  • What’s the trade in value of the games?

    • +1

      Read on another forum that someone traded in 4 of the 5 games (keeping Wolfenstein) and got $50. So maybe $70 for all 5?

      • Thank you very much. I’ll stick to the non pro console then

  • +1

    Must resist Xbox One X.

    • yep - do i go for this or wait for a bundle with games I really like

      anyone played wolf 2?

      • -1

        I'm really only waiting because I'm paranoid about buying new tech, will wait for a while until there's more feedback on the console.

        Otherwise I'd jump on this, price is good and the games are just a bonus and can be sold if not wanted.

        • do you really think Microsoft wouldnt test their new console properly! cough cough

  • +6

    Just bought white Ps4 pro deal… They should rename Black Friday to Ozbargain Friday

    • +2

      Or at least Orange Friday (with respect to the OzB colour scheme)

      • +4

        Orange is the new black :)

        • This is perfect

  • +2

    I've currently got a standard ps4 and am thinking about upgrading. I don't want any of the games, so did a quick ebay search for the best price on each game brand new as a rough guide to see what I could get for them:

    Morrowind $30
    Dishonored 2 $25
    Evil Within $49
    Wolfenstein 2 $55
    Fallout 4 $15
    ps4 500gb console (used) $200 (Quite conservative on that given the amount of deals at the moment.
    = $374

    If I could achieve those prices, I'm looking at $80 to upgrade to a new 1TB ps4 pro.

    So close to pulling the trigger on this!

    • I roughly said 100 bucks for that 5 games. I went for the non pro instead since I am not getting a 4k tv too.

      • I searched each game individually on ebay, and that was the cheapest price for a new sealed copy from Aus.

    • -1

      …thanks?…i guess…

    • +3

      But they will be much less as it becomes flooded with more copies now.

    • I ended up getting the following through my ebay auctions:

      $318 - PS4 (with 1TB drive from ps4 pro as I switched it with the SSD I had in the ps4) & 3 games (Wolfenstein 1, Tomb Raider 1, Watch Dogs 1)
      $34.03 - Evil Within 2
      $31 - Wolfenstein 2
      $5.50 - Dishonored 2
      $5 - Fallout 4
      = $393.53

      I got much less for the games than expected, but way more for the actual PS4.

      So $60 to upgrade from my 3 year old ps4 to a shiny new ps4 pro basically. Very happy

      • All games 2nd hand?

        • The three games I sold with the PS4 were second hand, the individual games were brand new unopened (They came as part of the PS4 pro deal)

  • +4

    Must resist the Xbox One X deal… so hard though.

    Wow, someone just bought 4 x Xbox One X.

  • If Harvey Norman come down to this on the XOX and paired with the AMEX deal I'm caving

    • Harvey Norman Flagship Store in Auburn, NSW matched this for me yesterday. Instead of EW2 and Wolfenstein 2, they gave me 4 others (digital) instead, including AC Origins. These were probably left over from other bundles but hey still better than a kick in the nuts.

      • still better than a kick in the nuts

        Depends on who is doing the kicking, I've paid women money to kick me in the nuts.

        • Fell onto a balance bar once and was hit with a hockey puck another time…neither of which are nice let alone willing have someone kick me.

        • +2


          Fell onto a balance bar once and was hit with a hockey puck another time

          Stop bragging.

      • Wow really, is there any chance you have a receipt of this? I'd love to give this a go. Even $550 with some decent digital titles would be great.

        • Ring and ask anyway, pretty sure it's within their price match policy. Otherwise I can post a pic when I get home.

        • @nfusion: Please post a picture of you can - that would be great!

        • @nfusion:

          Could you please post that asap

        • +1

          Sorry I forgot.
          Here it is:

          Just noticed receipt left out Fifa 17

        • @nfusion: champion thanks for that

    • Pair with paypal amex deal if you have it for $40 off

  • Harvey won’t match.
    Bought this. Selling the games except Wolf.

  • +2

    Bought the ps4, thanks OP. I was just walking into Harvey Norman, then I saw this post and run back to my car and bought it straight away. Saving a lot of time too :D

  • Absolutely too cheap. I will be TRS'ing this!

  • Are these game discs or codes?

    • game discs

  • anyone know if EB games allows refunds for store pickups if you havn't picked up yet? payed via paypal???

    • You have a week change of mind full refund once picked up anyway, if I understand correctly.

    • Got full refund to any card today in store easy process.

  • Grabbed an xbox one x, great price, thanks OP

  • This is probably cheaper than what they'll be at Christmas. Crazy!

  • Is it just me, or is C&C not available? meaning we have to pay $4.95 for delivery.

    • Seems to be the case. Yeah.

      • Means they can sell the stock on hand during this weekend, and then ship ebay ones from the next batch from warehouse. note the delivery times.

    • That's right, the price in title already includes the $4.95 delivery.

  • when does this offer finish?

    • I think PS4 is sold out now.

      • Nope, just bought the Glacier White bundle

        EDIT: I bought it 10 mins ago but now both are gone. Black was sold out first.

  • Thanks OP, I thought the deal for xbox one x with 2 games was good, but the 10% off was even better.

  • FINE! Bought the pro bundle! Will sell all games - hopefully I can get $100….
    + had $60 odd in the CR account - so that was good :D

  • +1

    That PS4 Pro bundle is hot as hell. That Xbox X deal is pretty sweet too.

    • +1

      I think Hamza is sweet as well.

  • got a white black sold out

    • Please elaborate….. Giggle… Giggle..

  • Does anyone cant use the code as well

  • Both black and white now sold out.

  • PS4 all sold out, only Xbox left.

  • PS4 Pro deals are no longer on Ebay. may be sold out.

  • Take out the game I have, 2 ordinary games and rub off the other 2 games in the bundle and I'll buy console for 350… I thought sales today were going to be more enticing in terms of consoles yet they are average. I don't want to get stuck trying to sell 3or 4 games for one fifth of their value…

    • Damn, that's quite the shopping trolley.

      • He's just rakerring them in.

  • +1

    Incredible deal, considering the best deal in Australia before that was Black Pro 1TB + 2 games (GTA V and GT Sport) for $499. Thank you OP!

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