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Seven Year, Unlimited Kilometre Warranty & Seven Years Roadside Assistance on Most New Honda Vehicles Purchased by 31st December


Honda is offering a free upgrade to a seven-year, unlimited kilometre warranty across selected models until December 31.

The Japanese manufacturer only recently announced its standard five-year/unlimited kilometre factory warranty, though this latest promotion – launched in early November – takes it one step further to match current industry leader, Kia.

Models in the campaign include the Accord, City, Civic, HR-V, Jazz, and Odyssey. Interestingly, the new 2018 CR-V isn’t covered by the promotional warranty – though it’s available as an extra cost extended warranty.

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    Funny how it mentions Citroen rolled back their warranty to 3 years - maybe too many claims??

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      Most Citroen cars build specific for showroom, main reason begin too many issues(big/small) also waiting parts you're looking at least 4+ months. One of the best Showroom car since it can't go anywhere.

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      Citroen = French for Lemon

      • +3

        Lada is Russian for Lard Arse.

        • +6

          Ford is Found On Rubbish Dumps.

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        • -2

          @Kangal: Nah, last time I heard is Found Out you'Re Dead…

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          (I'll never get that time back)

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          I use to have quite a few fords and couldn’t complain. My last one was FG falcon that has served me very well for 175000 km with only one exaust hole as the only issue. i Now drive European vehicle that is definitely not going to have that reliability record….

        • @YogaPants:
          Worst name for any car company, imho, is KIA. Google KIA and casualty classification and you'll know why.

        • @snajper: same experience here. Still have the FG and still going strong.

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    takes it one step further to match current industry leader, Kia.

    Price matching is not a bargain 🤡

    • +4

      What about warranty matching?

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        No capped price servicing though

        • Depends on the make. Jazz's have 5 years capped price servicing, with two oil changes a year, one at $250, one at $300. The scheduled items have their price listed in the capped price details, but not directly as part of their capped price servicing scheme. Honda's 7 year warranty T&C's very heavily imply that you must use Honda Parts to maintain your warranty.

        • @This Guy:
          So they are behind the times with mandatory 6 month servicing. They also cannot force you to use genuine parts for any service, as long as the replacement parts are fit for purpose (unless they give them to you for free, genuine cannot be mandated). And only 1 model with capped servicing too, hello Honda, 2007 called and wants it’s ideas back.

        • @Test Tickles:

          You are entitled to your rights under Australian Consumer Law.

          That said, no manufacturer can warrant repairs and parts it has no control over. A seven year warranty is a voluntary promotion from Honda, and is not ACL.

          I have heard of ACL requiring you to operate the vehicle as directed, including serving every six month if mandated by the manufacturer.

        • @This Guy:
          Not saying you have ACL for not getting maintained outside manufacturing mandates, just saying you don’t have to use genuine parts and servicing as long as the parts used are from a reputable company (wesfil,ryco,NGK,etc). The manufacturer would have to find causation of the part (e.g aftermarket oil filter) to cause a failure (e.g failed fuel pump) which is impossible to do. Similarly if an engine bearing fails, they need to prove wrong oil, incompatible oil filter before denying the claim.

        • @Test Tickles:

          Modern oils have different mixes of detergent's, anti foaming agents, etc., making the viscosity different. Same with oil filters. They are designed with different sized pores and flow rates.

          Aftermarket parts will still work, but the manufacture's recommended oil may have a property to counter a design flaw, like noisy lifters in certain v6's.

          For example I am using an aftermarket oil in my car that reduces vibrations as the oil ages (manufacturer recommended oil was only lasting ~6,000km's). My engine now stays smooth to at least 12,000kms. Now my engine is slowly eating oil, indicating that the aftermarket oil is missing a component that reduces ware.

          I have never met a chemist specialising in oil engineering. You local parts store, mechanic and dealership definitively don't have one. A manufacturer can't warrant people making uneducated guesses as to which 5W-30 oil has the right properties to prevent damage to the engine.

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          @This Guy:
          "My engine now stays smooth to at least 12,000kms. Now my engine is slowly eating oil,"
          A european car by chance?

        • @xywolap:


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      • Pineapple.

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    Wish they bring in the EarthDreams motor which is being used in other developed countries instead of the age old we get in Jazz, City etc

    • Its in the accord V6?

      • Yeah not all of us want a big sedan mate , hence I was specific about Jazz( I have an awesome liftback, but the Mrs prefers small hatches)

        • What is your awesome liftback?

        • +4

          @pitiek: Skoda Octavia - not many people know about it and many look at it condescendingly due to it based on and using VW, but it is a real gem, try a test drive if you are after a car and you would be amazed :)

        • @kamban: Which engine did you get..? I'm currently comparing the Skoda Oktavia RS/TDI with the VW Passat Wagon which are on special…

          Haven't test driven either so maybe this weekend.

        • @pitiek: I drive 450 - 500 km a week, so I went for the 1.4TSI for fuel sake ( but the car is brilliant even in the smaller engine ), but I'd have gone the RS if I drove less km. If you are looking at Passat Wagon, look at Superb too, it has the best space and usability and won the Car of the year too

          P.S both Skoda and VW offer flet pricing to many companies, so check with your company if they have an agreement as this will save a few thousands

        • @kamban:

          Yes I drove one… wasn't that impressed

        • @Shibster: Did DSG auto ruin your experience ?? Differnet people Different strokes right, hopefully Accord fit your bill :)

        • @kamban: Unfortunately I work for a small company. What sort of fleet discount did you get?

        • @pitiek: I didn't know this was available for me, so I went without it and was spewing, so I make it a point to let everyone else know that this option is available

          One of my colleague's mate got an RS for $42K when he should have paid $50k+ ( choosing all the options ), there is a sizeable discount and play the fleet card after final negotiations and the dealer won't be dissed as the factory compensates them for it .

          Contact Matti Maranik from Thomson Skoda, he can help with the details of fleet pricing

  • +4

    And road side assistance for 7 years as well as their advertisement on TV

  • +2

    More like they didn't need the extra warranty when the VINs still started with JHM, but now that they sell Thai built crap…
    Nothing Japanese in the entire line up these days is there? Best would be the UK built CTR with US built engine or entirely US built NSX.

  • its too pricey but this would make the civic type R a more enticing proposition for sure. as it stands though, i'd probably still prefer a focus RS.

    this would, however, make the jazz a more enticing proposition over the other city cars in the market (although in my view, it is already one of the best, by virtue of its versatile seating and class-leading storage capacity).

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    hasn't Holden just extended there warranties


    • +10

      Yeah shame it only took a lawsuit for them to comply with Australian Consumer Law and falling sales to throw in said extended warranty.

      • +1

        Does that mean that any cars before this announcement also have 7 year warranty?

        • Nope, it's only due to them having a sale.

    • 7 year or 165,000km warranty instead of the massive end of year discounts they usually offer.

    • +6

      I was going to join the mob and down-vote you…. but then I had a look at their Latest Civic Sedan.
      Looks like they brought out the 8 year olds again for that one.

      • +2

        Spot-on! All the down-votes will be Honda fanbois.

        • +3

          VTEC fanboys kicked in yo

      • Yeah, let's not mob-vote!

  • +1

    No Kia was sold until after Dec 31

  • +4

    Finally a car company matching KIA's 7-year warranty. Well, until Dec 31st. No idea why they got rid of the Accord Euro but kept the less sporty looking Accord.

    • +2

      Accord Euro was the Accord for Japan, but low sales due to costs of car ownership and shift towards Kei cars meant the end of the Accord Euro. It wasn't officially sold in South East Asia and USA wished that it came with a V6, so they developed their own Acura TL. I think China made their own Accord Euro too. Not enough volume (I think only Australia and UK had RHD versions) and the low LHD demand from the US due to the launch of the TL meant it made no business sense to develop a new one.

      • +1

        It's a shame, I have the 06 model for a few years now and its a fantastic car.

        • Loved my euro before I stacked it into the back of a Peugeot 😞. I REALLY miss the trick with the remote to open all the windows simultaneously, so handy for those hot summer days to let the heat out. I’d buy one again in the future if the new ones do it.

    • Holden had launched 7 year warranty since October

  • +5

    LOL "JAPANESE", its low quality yet high priced Made In Thailand [BarFine]

    Buy Japanese made Lancer, Mazda3, Corolla or even Korean before these shysters

    LOTS of unhappy new Civic buyers, [Google it] complain about fit and finish, rattles, paintwork etc yet they want Japper coin for it, forget it, NOTHING is built like Made In Japan, happy to pay the extra for it

    • anyone can comment on the above? online there are favourable and also unfavourable reviews (depending on the website)
      was thinking of getting new Civic for wife

      • My Colleague bought Civic sedan this year in April and he is happy with it. Not sure if the issues were specific to MY16 models, but the car looks fine and drives well too.

      • I can't comment on the new civic - but I can definitely say from experience that Honda's quality and reliability did drop when they stopped manufacturing the cars in Japan.

        That said, the 90s era Hondas were bloody indestructible - so they went from being virtually indestructible to still a fairly reliable car.

        • I had a Honda civic 2009, couldn't fault it. Unsure about the newer years

        • @aerona:

          Yeah they're not exactly unreliable cars - but they're just not the same honda quality of old. My family has had a history of hondas - dad had an 03 civic which had plenty of problems, including a blown transmission (which is a known issue for that gen).

          I think the only area where honda has maintained their reputation is with their bikes, which are still made in japan.

        • @ILikeBargenz:

          I got my car to 165000km without a single problem except for the changing of front globes and one fairing coming loose. Had nothing gone wrong but i followed the service log book completely and always filled with 98 octane unleaded.

          Very interesting how people have varying experience with honda civics. You are spot on with the bikes, had a cbr125r and cbr600r with almost no issues to 30000

        • driving a Honda 2008 VTIL here so far done 146k still going well, only spent money on servicing and wear and tear stuff.
          Servicing was really expensive though.

      • I got the Civic Vti-LX sedan about a month ago. Absolutely love it, best car I've owned. Full of features, full of leather, full of tech.

        I've had no issues yet, though I've only just hit 800km so bit early to judge.
        I've heard the non turbocharged civics are a tad slow.

  • +1

    Corolla sedan made in thailand i think.

    Hatch made in japan i think

    • I was about to say that. Are any Honda's still made in Japan?

      • +3

        Only ASIMO :-) , even the wayyyyyyyyyyyyyy overpriced NSX is Made In USA

        Nothing wrong with Made In Thailand, but asking Japper coin for it is criminal, also Thailand is "free trade" another 5% less

        • Oh the robot thing? Soon that poor bugger will be outsourced to Thailand. I really like the NSX but agree it's overpriced.

      • I'm pretty sure the odyssey is still made in jap.

  • Ah… Bought the Odyssey 1 month ago, what a sham.

    • +2

      Call their customer service and ask if you can be included. Never hurt by asking.

      • +1

        Thanks, Just called the sales, as I put deposit late Oct, but pick up the car on 9 Nov, the sales said should be covered under the new promotion.

        • What do you think of the Odyssey? Can you enable private messaging please, I'd like to reach out as we are in the market for a 7 seater. Thx!

        • +2

          i wouldnt be relying on "should" be covered , its either yes or no , get it in writing

        • @deb3103: The sales said Honda should sent the warranty after sales, if I don't receive the mail, I contact the sales person again.

        • @the4thzodiac: There's the 7-seater CR-V that's very tempting too, though without the 7-year warranty I think, and without AWD.

        • @particle: Thanks particle. Wasn't keen on the Honda just based on their styling tbh, but will take a proper look :D.

        • @dreamblue: bump! (as above).

    • i ordered one on the weekend with the 7 year things

    • +10

      If an iPhone was being offered at the same price with a longer warranty, it would be a bargain for some. I think comparing to Kia is irrelevant in this case.

  • If this is available for the Type R that might finally sell it for me. I drive 3 hours a day on the highway just to get to and from work. I usually drive a shitbox because I don’t want to put 150k on my nice car every year. But with 7 years worth of carefree K’s it would be nice to drive a car I actually like

    • Doesn't look like it. The website has the Type R with a 5 year warranty, while the regular Civic is 7 year.

  • +1

    You would think this would be standard for New cars. If Serviced according to Specifications.

    • Unless a car is designed to support a 7 year warranty it would be silly to give one. These 7 year warranty promotions don't mean these cars are better. They are reducing discounting now for warranty costs in the future in the hope that they can move towards a retail, no negotiation sales model in the future like Tesla.

  • Would the 7 years warranty be applied to previous purchases (March 2017) or only new?

    • New, it's just part of a sale

  • +1

    Would ACL not cover you up to 10 years ???

    • +2

      Good luck with that. Way too many variables for cars - Servicing, how it's been driven etc.

      If you can prove you have a dealership service history then there's chances of the manufacturer/dealer coming to the party, but it's not often that the ACCC has any effect on warranties after they expire.

    • Forget about ACL. It's a long and expensive process. Even when your car is STILL under warranty, claiming a major fault can be a huge huge battle. My 3yo Mazda 6 had a major fault (required oil changes every 4000km) and Mazda disputed this for 9 months.

      ACL = go to a tribunal and assert your claim = paying for an independent report = engineer's report = $2000

      It took about 50 phone calls, 9 months, a new website dedicated to my fault, for Mazda to renege and compensate me for my car problems.


      Warranty means F* ALL. THe problem I had was really common too. I met 5 others with the same problem, in Sydney alone. Had many others contact me online. Mazda mechanic at my local gym said his dealership had 6 cars in for total engine replacements. Huge cover-up.

      For me, 7 year warranty doesn't mean much when 2 years in they won't fix what needs to be fixed. Can't imagine what they would be telling you in year 7.

  • +5

    What's happened to Honda, they used to make really nice looking cars years ago, now they look awful?

    Much prefer the look of Mazda over Honda.

    • I don't know what Honda is to deal with but Mazda warranty means f* all. http://mazda6dieselproblems.com/

      • Blame the government, I bought a brand new $40K Honda that had clutch shudder.

        Even a brand new car and the warranty was worthless.

        Ended up trading it in and buying another brand.

        Our lemon laws are piss weak.

  • +1

    Say hello to the Terms & Conditions


    • Any motor vehicle or part which has been subjected to, or any damage that occurs as a result of, misuse, negligence, accidental damage, or improper or inadequate maintenance by or at the instigation of the owner. See 6.3 Inadequate Maintenance below.

    • Improper repairs, or repairs rendered necessary or arising from the use of products that are not genuine Honda products, parts or lubricants. See 6.1 Genuine Honda Products, below.

    • +2

      Most have that, covers themselves from 18 year olds who put on cold air intakes with a leg stocking as a filter and other dumb things.