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Kleenex 16 Pack Toilet Paper $3 @ Harvey Norman, Order More than $25 Get Free Shipping Via Shipster


Thanks to Pricehipster I found these toilet papers at a bargain price from Harvey Norman with delivery only. $3 for 16 pack of 10cm*10cm 180sheets toilet papers seems to be very very decent price. Shipping shows $10 from my location (this may vary) but having Shipster makes the deal a true bargain.

The maximum quantity I can put in is 6 and this may vary so please try out your self. I put 6 packs and some $1 batteries to meet $25 limit to be eligible for Shipter free shipping.
Enjoy :-)

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Harvey Norman
Harvey Norman

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  • +15

    The ozbargainer in me immediately thought of buying $400 worth to take advantage of the statement credit.

    I'm baaddddddd

    • +1

      how about 800 and use 2 amex card :)

      • +2

        I thought you meant 800 x $3 = $2400…..and that would be 6 amex’s….and toilet rolls covered for nearly 57 years @ 1 roll a day.

        • +1

          How do you use one roll a day??

        • @orangetrain: that's one hell of a shitting to do..

    • hehe you should.

    • You can do $400 in multiple transactions. Heading should be $2.25 with Amex offer.

    • DW I thought the same!

  • +1

    10.4 cents per 100 sheet seems to be a very good price.

    • +6

      Crappy toilet paper though.

    • It's not mentioned on the packaging so I am assuming this is only 2 ply which is pathetic. 3 ply should be the minimum. Everything is getting smaller in size and costing more, chips, chocolates, toilet paper and the list goes on.

      • I buy 2 ply simply because it is larger in surface, larger in roll and cheaper. 3 ply is nice but they usually don't last well.

        • i also know a way to double the length of 2 ply toilet paper

        • +2

          @ialam99: Only wipe one side of your butt? :P

    • A senior told me that rolls on special for 14 cents each for 500 sheets [yes 500 sheets] back in the 70s.

      Thats a bargain…

      • +1

        In comparison, a house price in 70s was $30,000 [yes $30,000].

        14c for 500 sheets shouldn't sound surprising.

        • +1

          any good bargains on a time machine?

  • What will HN be selling next, dog food?

  • Are these the ones that crumble in your hand?

    • +3

      Depends what you had for dinner.

      • Apple crumble.

        • With baked beans on top.

    • If it is the one with the small grooves/ridges pattern then yes, I find it too delicate in that it tears easily and not along the perforations so stopped buying it sometime ago in favor of Quilton.

  • Kleenex 16 Pack Toilet Paper $3 @ Harvey Norman

    There must be some $h1t deals coming up to Xmas at Harvey Norman…


    • +1

      Not sold out, you've just exceeded the maximum quantity.

    • There’s limited quantity you could add into your cart.

  • +1

    That is cheap.

    This vs Quilton vs Sorbent?

    • +3

      Everything else > Kleenex.
      Still butthurt (;)) when I bought it in a previous deal.

      • Really? Is Kleenex that bad?

        • no I think he just used it incorrectly

  • Good sh1t OP!

    • You really cleaned up with that comment.

  • Sold out, can't even add 1 to the cart.

  • +1

    harvey norman stocking toilet paper lol
    they must be shtting themselves with amazon coming

  • +5

    Heads up: Worst toilet paper ever ever (EVER !).

    • Listen to the experience.. so what happened? ;)

    • This guy wipes.


  • +1

    Looks like everyone is trying to buy toilet paper at the moment .. the website is slow as!! Also cannot add any to the cart.

    • the website is down because everyone is jamming it for cheap toilet papers!

      • not the website, just this particular page.

  • +4

    Buy this if you like smelly fingers

  • Looks like pricehipster is also down "for maintenance"..

  • The web got ozbargained

  • Get Free Shipping Via Shipster

    Get free shipping via Shitter.

    • *Shitster

  • +2

    Has anyone confirmed it works with Shipster, because it's only supposed to be for what "your postie can carry" - I'd be surprised if my postie can carry 144 rolls of toilet paper!

    • It worked for OP and I already had order confirmation .

    • +1

      That's a hilarious mental image. Especially if it was possible to buy enough to take advantage of the amex offer. 2144 rolls in total.

  • "Page not found" or "Wow, we're totally maxed out at this very moment" errors. Way to go Gerry. And he thinks Harvey Norman will be Amazon's most formidable competitor!

  • Gonski

  • +3

    congrat guys, lets see if Mr Norman goes to whinge on newspaper tomorrow about how am i supposed to find 10000000 toilet paper to fulfill the order from ozb???????

  • Very cheap! Toilet paper is rubbish though!

  • SHIT! I missed out

  • +1

    moment of silence for everyone who has used this toilet paper and finger has poked through

  • +2

    Worst (profanity) toilet paper ever.

  • Low stock suppliers give me the shits

  • If this was the old Cottonelle no big loss, but if it was the new Complete Clean, bargain.

    • Complete Clean is on special at Coles for $3.75 (only a 9 pack however).

  • +1

    good deal but worst toilet paper ever made, its so fragile it melts when u wipe looool, and it goes all powdery n sh!t….

  • Just to update that i have received my order today. Yep not the top quality toilet rolls but im still very happy for this price and quality.

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