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Full Car Service with Air Conditioning Re-Gas $39 @ Hitech Automotive Service Center Via Groupon (Cheltenham, VIC)


Hi if you are looking for refilling air conditioning gas, this deal is for you. Generally it's $39. But with this Coupon code, you get "car full service" as a bonus at the same price (car full service-at least they check and refill fluids, wash car and tyre rotation).

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  • Doesn't link to the deal, "hitech" does not show the seller.

    What state?

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    Oil and filter included?
    Edit: full car service doesn't include oil change? That's inspection only at best if check and refill fluids.

    • Says this:
      The Deal
      $29 for a full car service (total value up to $336)

      Oil and filter
      Full safety inspection and written report
      Fluid top ups
      Car wash, vacuum and tyre shine
      Four wheel rotation
      Up to 1.5 hours’ labour

      $39 for an air-conditioning re-gas (total value $180)

      $59 for a full car service and air-conditioning re-gas (total value up to $516)

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        This stuff is scam. They will charge you $150+ for supposed parts.

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          I agree - just saying what the ad says

        • Unless you authorise these parts under Aust law you can't be made to pay for them.

        • @Slippery Fish: Most of these people are complete scum, and it would be wise for us to not get into a 'situation' with them in the first place.

  • The code doesn't work, it says
    "Sorry, the code can't apply to this purchase. Check the code's rules."
    please fix the code or change it if there's another one?

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    Clearly dishonest and not a full service.

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      This sort of crap is to get people in to sell them stuff.

    • Correct, it’s just a lube service.

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    A car air con shouldn't need a regas.

    If the gas is low then there is a leak which needs to be fixed.

    And there's no way they could do a regas for that price anyway.

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      I had to replace my air conditioner compressor and lost all the gas. Bought me one these groupons and took my car there and they filled it no worries… so they definitely can and do provide a regas

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      its a trap. "Sorry sir we cant re-gas it (by law) because your aircon system needs a full replacement. And you need new brakes, wheel bearings and suspension. We can't let you drive off your car is unsafe."

      • That's pretty much it.

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    I used their service 3 years ago. The aircon regas actually made my AC worse. I brought it to another shop and was told that they didn't empty the old gas before filling in the new one. Paid $170 to do proper regas n good til now. I won't go even tho it's for free.

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    Homer will show you what happens


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    This is, if true, the BEST EVER car service for the price. I do however wonder if the 5000+ services are actually too much for this business to handle and will close them down…

    ie. There is no way they are not losing on this deal, so honoring 5000+ services where the loss alone might be $20-$100per customer will probably send them broke. And also with 5000 services and 1 location and only 6 months to use the voucher… they will have to go through 28 loss-making deals a day/7 days a week for 6 months straight WHILST performing their normal business work…

    Good luck getting an appointment, people!

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    this is one of the 'groupon' garages with absolutely awful reviews.
    avoid like the plague.
    google them….

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  • i had been there 3 years ago also through groupon. They didn't write the log book for me, and refused to give invoice.
    Anyway, the guy working in there gave my car a good exterior cleaning.

  • I bought one …will be onteresting if they booked out until feb 2018 or not …..also if you can book specific time or they want car all day ……what i wait their all day WTF ….dentists , restaurants can work with booked times. My car still cools so will be interesting if they try to sell over servicing …. If no leaks show up with dye …..just fill and i’m outta there.

    refill usually involves bleedinrg the old gas and keeeping it , then they add lubricant and put it back into your system with extra if level was low ….

    • Going by the reviews, some cars seemed to perform worse after they 'serviced it'. Id be careful.

  • I was told or heard that normally if your car's air con won't need "regas" unless there's something wrong with the air con system, for example, leaking??

    • there is dye in regas to show if there are leaks and they check for leak …. if there is leak price goes up ….. and then you might need to see what deal they can do .

      my concern is 1000 survices sold ….. when the hell can they do them, book you in for 2019 ????

      says sat and sun excluded from offer so m_f only.

  • If only people know how much AC gas cost now days.

    • they sell regas kits in the USA and the cost of cans of the gas doesn’t seem too expensive ….. postage is the killler.

      seems we are more restrictive in the sale of the gas in australia to stop people dumping it into the atmosphere so our car part outlets don’t sell it anymore.

  • I night a car service could once , the $50 voucher turned into a $1500 service, never again !

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