expired 15% off Sitewide @ True Protein


I saw at a True Protein stand that they have 15% off site wide until the 4th if you use a code. ALLSTAR15
No sure if there is a minimum nor am I looking for negs, yes I know there is cheaper out there but some people might prefer True.

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    Never hear of this brand before, hahah

    Are they new?
    Im still fallin in love with myprotein

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      same here. Even if i did want to support a local brand - bulk nutrients is surely much cheaper?

      These guys are asking for approx 210 for 5kgs….while BN is 99 for 5kgs (WPC)

      Surely their protein is not worth the extra $110 ?

      Can't find any independent reviews on labdoor or anything like that either


      They've been around for a while. I used to order protein from them a few years back when they were new. The protein is good and I found their service good too. I've since switched brands, but I don't have any complaints about their protein.


      yep… $165 shipped for 10kgs in the latest sale from them.

      Choc mint is awesome!


    Not a valid reason to neg, but you'd have to really stretch to justify why this is literally double the price of Bulk Nutrients etc.


    Eh im sticking with VPA. Their choc caramel is decent. Tried rest (vanilla, strawberry, banana, chocolate, iced coffe) - suck.

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    They've been around a while, they used to post a bunch of promo codes here every now and then but I reckon all the "BN is cheaper!!" comments scared them off a bit. Which is a shame, cause I swear by these guys and would love to see more promos from them on here.

    Yes, they're not cheap, but I mentally can't stand the idea of putting those artificial sweeteners (Sucralose) in my body, which is in ~95% of the flavoured WPI on the market (including BN's standard WPI). True uses natural Stevia leaf extract for sweetener, which is a super big plus for me. I think they were also one of the first to offer this, cause I see BN's now got a "Natural WPI" sweetened with Stevia which wasn't there back when I found True… This is Ozbargain though so let's compare pricing ;) With this 15% off coupon, a 2.25kg Chocolate WPI from True Protein @ $102 is $1.36/serve (+ free shipping). 2kg of BN's natural chocolate WPI @ $99 is $1.50/serve (+$7 shipping?).

    I've been following True for a while and you can just tell they're super picky about making sure there are no crazy ingredients anywhere. Tbh tho it's probably a little ridiculous how much I care about "all natural" when it comes to this stuff, especially when you factor in how many big macs I consume during a bad hangover Sunday session… but when Monday rolls around and my weekly "OKAY, this is the week I'm finally gonna start being healthy" resolution kicks in (again), I get super fussy and love the flavours + quality from these guys.


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      I agree, sucralose tastes like ass.


      True uses natural Stevia leaf extract for sweetener, which is a super big plus for me.

      Being "natural" is a nonsensical reason to prefer something, it has nothing to do with any health aspects of the product.


        You know he could be sensitive to sucralose or other artificial sweeteners. I know I have digestive issues and break out (acne) when I injest art. Sugars. Just saying

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      It's my main protein as well, I usually get the Post blend because it actually tastes brilliant. I can't stand the overbearing sucralose taste in the others and considering I'll drink it at least 3 times a week I think it's important I actually enjoy it.

      Saying this, I will buy the unflavoured WPI from bulk nutrients for smoothies as it's cheaper and because the sweetener just comes from whatever fruit is blended in.