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2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with Netflix, Dymocks Gift Cards etc. | 20% off Google Play, Red Balloon etc. @ Coles


2000 Flybuys Points (Worth $10) with the purchase of Gift Cards:

  • $50 Netflix
  • $30 Dymocks
  • $50 Best Restaurants
  • $50 Endota Spa

Bonus points can only be collected once per flybuys household.

20% off Assorted Gift Cards:

  • $50 Google Play
  • $50 Red Balloon
  • $50 Best Day Spas
  • $50 Gourmet Traveller

Limit 10 Cards Per Transaction

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  • +2

    Yay for Netflix!

    • +1

      The $30 Netflix card worked last time, hopefully they haven't closed that loop hole.

      • What's the loop hole?

        • Only the $50 card is mentioned for bonus points.

  • +2

    I've never bought a card before - can I use the Google card to pay for YouTube red?

    The 3 month free trial posted weeks ago is about to expire and I'd like to keep using it.

    • +4

      Yes you can

      • Awesome, cheers mate. OzB to the rescue again!

        • People also sell them in the forums even cheaper so check out the classified section here.

    • what is worth watching on YouTube red? I'm on the free 6 month thing from a home mini and other then background listen, I really don't see the benefit of YouTube red. the actual shows on that are terrible. I really can't justify spending the same amount as netflix because the content is so much better on netflix.

      • +8

        Youtube Red takes away ads. It also gives you Google Music.

        • +2

          Probably the best music streaming service, since anything missing in Google Music someone has probably uploaded the whole album to Youtube and you can background stream without ads.

      • +1

        I'm paying $60/m for Jeenee mobile's 15GB plan.

        With red I can quickly download videos before work, and before the trip home.

        If I can get into the habit of doing that I can go to a cheaper plan.

    • +2

      Youtube red? Is that like redtube?

      • +3

        Yes, except censored to PG rating.

  • I'm assuming "once per household" is per promo? Given they seem to run this same thing every month

  • +7

    Finally, Google Play Cards are on Sale.

    Time to grab a few.

      • +5

        good luck finding anythign more than 20….this year has GCs have been tight…last few years i swear i bought a few 30-35% off iTunes…nothign this year..

        • agree. and google reward —- never get any survey for the last 6 months!

        • @dragonindespair: haha i didnt get one for about ye 1month and now i've had one every few days for the past week.

        • @dragonindespair: I think there was a bug with this. Google it, as others have found the same issue.

        • @dragonindespair: Do you use google check-in? I find the more places I check-in the more surveys I seem to get.

        • @Tiggrrrrr: which one is google check in? i reviewed places on google map when i am outside (post photo, answer question etc google map not google rewards). one of my photos has been viewed over 10,000 times. but still no google rewards.

        • @dragonindespair:

          The one on google maps, where it asks you if you are at a location?
          I think it is the replacement for the old google latitude.
          Not sure about leaving reviews though, I don't do that.

        • @Tiggrrrrr: yes sometimes I got that check in request . Hmm weird.
          Edit. Just check my reward history latest was may 2017. But total I have earned $60 ish so can't complain haha

        • @dragonindespair: Oh nice. I joined at the end of may 2017, and only got about $25 so far.

    • time to stock up for Google Play Music haha. I need an iTunes sale as well so i can restock for Netflix

      • Just use Google card to pay for Netflix.
        Edit: Didn't see the reason below you still want to keep the older and cheaper Netflix subscription fee.

        • lol ye all g…i think im paying 14.99 for 4 screens atm, last time they were about 30% off, i stocked up about 200, so i was virutally paying 10.50 for 4 screens lol…now at worst im paying 12 for 4

        • Does the fee change if you change payment method? I'm on the old fee schedule and want to change to Google play credit billing

  • +2

    Can we buy Google Play Cards with Coles eGift cards ?

    • i was thinking the same thing…i have $160 worth from the Android promo. Im pretty positive you cant purchase giftcards with gift cards though.

      • Can anyone confirm?

    • +1

      Hell yeah, I could even use that to pay for visa gift card last time

    • +2

      Depends which one you go to, For me i haven't had success.

      • +1

        You mean depending on the staff ?

        What if we try self serve checkouts?

        • +1

          Will ask for Staff to approve

        • @repair-pro:

          Wait, I dun get the neg. This is what happened to me too previously. At Broadway Coles, regular checkout the girl said can't use gift card to pay for gift card. I went to self serve and it requires staff authorization. Unless they recently changed policy, what the poster said is true.

        • +1

          @Jared17: I'm used to getting negged.. All good.

    • They have updated the self serve terminals since last time so it may not be possible anymore.

      • Even if I add couple of items (ice cream, chips….etc) just to throw off the machine?

        Worst case it’ll give an error, a staff will come and (hopefully not understand the error) just override it?

    • +4

      To anyone wondering, it worked!

      Bought $50 Google Play Gift Card using Coles eGift card.

      • Me too. I just bought $200 worth using Coles eGift Card at self-checkout.

        • Me three. I did have the staff warn me the second time. I just said you can't purchase for Coles Myer group gift cards as that is the definition in the terms and conditions.

  • Is it possible to switch your billing on Netflix from Itunes to the Giftcard or do I need to cancel the membership to do it?

    • +1

      Ummm you have to cancel now, and then at the end of the billing cycle, 'sign up' again and choose to pay via Netflix. Idk if it is worth it for 1 GC unless you are planning on buy a years worth. I currently pay via iTunes and for some reason, im still paying original rates, so i dont want to change the process lol

      • What are the original rates?
        And excuse me for being ignorant, but what advantage is there to using Netflix as opposed to a streaming service like Showbox?

  • +9

    Might have to buy some google cards and netflix cards if, as expected, subscriptions don't work with telstra via google play any more. RIP best mobile plan ever.

    • +1

      Thinking I might try to resubscribe as a Mexican.

  • For those who might had the same question as me

    Can I use a Google Play gift card to pay for Netflix?

    Customers billed by Google Play can use a Google Play gift card to pay for Netflix, provided Google Play gift cards are supported in that country. If you are being billed through Google Play and have any questions regarding billing, contact Google Play.

    link to above

    • Australia isn't supported

      There's another page with a list of countries somewhere

      • +3

        Not sure how you came up with that conclusion. I have used Netflix with telstra billing (via google play) for more than a year until Dec 3 2017 when I lost everything (Carrier billing was terminated for me). But I have just managed to change my subscription method to pay with Google play wallet.

        • +1

          Oh ok.


          Page clearly hasn't been updated then.

        • +1

          @BugsBunnyAUS: Thanks Mate, my intention was not discredit your research but I think this is puzzling. It is quite possible that I had google billing before and since they have changed the policy. Need someone else in this forum to confirm if this is working for new accounts.

          I think before testing make sure you use your gmail account as username.

        • Australia used to be supported but not anymore. You would need a VPN to get it going.

        • +2

          @uggugg: You are right. Just tried via Hong Kong and I can pay directly via google play.

  • +4

    The $50 Netflix card is pictured but it doesn't actually say anything about value in Ts&Cs. This is the same as many other times they have run this, and the $30 has always been included.

  • Can I use a coles/myer gift card to buy other gift cards?

  • What is Best Restaurants?

  • does a netflix card if you happen to have a subscription based elsewhere, like say Mexico?

  • +1

    I'm assuming that I can use the Google Play gift card for my Google Play music subscription? Need to look for a cheap way to pay for it now that Telstra billing has gone with the wind..

    • Yes. I think most of us soon ex-Telstra prepaid users can also use these gift cards to pay for Netflix subscriptions.

      • Can we do that though? Netflix is not showing up as one of my current subscriptions..

        • Try go to your Setting or Account in Netflix, see if you can change your payment method to Google Play.

        • @edfoo:

          It has been set to Google Play, but when I go to my Google play accounts page, Netflix is not showing up under the subscription heading..

          EDIT - My bad, forgot that my Netflix and Google Play music subs are under 2 separate email addresses..:)

  • Where it says bonus points can be collected once per household, does that mean that if I buy 2 different gift cards I will only get 2000 points, not 4000? or is it one per household per gift card type?

    • You will only get one lot of 2,000 points per flybuys account. Buying more than one gift card of any type on a flybuys account will not get any more points.

      Get someone else to buy one for you on their flybuys account.

  • +3

    For Netflix I think you're better off going down the iTunes discount path for certainty (and direct savings).

    This promo would work if you could do more than one card/bonus but since you can only do one ($50 being the largest denomination) it's a short term savings.

    If you assume the most expensive netflix (to get ultraHD / 4 users) at $18/month your yearly spend is $216. This is likely to increased every year (it won't go down, it may stay in place for 1 year..)

    If you used Netflix gift cards then the savings/cost for a year is:

    $50 (-$10) + $166 = $10 savings, total of $206 spent or approximately 4.6% savings

    If they run multiple promos or you use multiple cards then the maximum reasonable discount is to get 4 cards which gives you closer to a 19% discount all up.

    If instead you switch your netflix billing to iTunes, you can usually buy these at 15% off and you can buy a years worth of cards (e.g. $220 or $250) at that price and lock in a year's worth of netflix discounted access at a flat 15% off. If you buy the iTunes cards using 5% discounted WISH egiftcards that an additional discount on top which works out to slightly cheaper even than the promo above and just under 20% off in total - i worked it out to $174.50 for a year (compared to $216).

    This is much better if you have purchased iTunes cards at 20% or 25% but I haven't seen those offers in the latter half of 2017 sadly.

    • +2

      Google play is also 20%off so you could do the same

  • +4

    FYI all google play gift cards are 20% off not just the $50 ones. Just purchased a bunch of $30 & $50 ones.

  • +1

    Can anyone verify if the bonus points are working for $30 netflix cards?

    Thinking of getting a $30 netflix card (-$10 flybys) then grabbing a $50 or $100 Google play card (less 20%). Add the Netflix credit to netflix account, then set netflix billing to Google credit (from Telstra credit RIP) = winning?

    • I am interested to know about the $30 netflix giftcard too. I saw there are some $20 netflix giftcard too.

      • +1

        I bought a $30 Netflix card today. Points are usually credited the following day, so I’ll report back.

      • +1

        I bought a $20 card today so will let you all know if points are in my account tomorrow. It has worked before though.

        • +6

          can confirm $20 netflix card worked!

        • +1

          @DamonT: Thanks DamonT

    • +1

      Also waiting to see as I bought a $20 card yesterday morning.

      • Did it work?

        • +3

          Yes, confirmed. Points show next day


        • +3

          Worked for me too, I bought one $20 Netflix card and my 2000 FlyBuys points show up the day after.

          Also I used Coles e-gift card to purchase this at a self checkout. It did require an operator to authorise and write the expiry date on the card, but after he left I chose Gift Card as payment method and it worked fine.

          I think the only gift cards you can't use are the combined Coles/Myer ones (but stand to be corrected).

        • +1

          @nocure: ta

  • If i get the $50 netflix card would that also count as my "$50 spend" for week 3 of the 10k points promotion?

    • +4

      I made the mistake of doing this on a previous offer and it didn't count towards my spend that week.

    • +2

      No, GC isn't eligible towards that offer

  • +4

    Thanks OP :) 20% Off Google Play store cards is perfect for people fleeing Telstra prepaid Freedom Plus since recharge credit can't be used on the Play store anymore

    I can confirm that these cards work as a payment method for Google Play Music subscription

  • +1

    Just price matched $200 of Google Play credit at Officeworks.

  • +12

    Can definitely confirm… The $20 Netflix card also works!!!

    • +2

      Perfect, picking one up now! Was searching this thread to see if anyone had success yet with the 20 dollar Netflix! Thanks!

    • +1

      Thanks mate, will get one today!

  • With the Netflix cards, can these cards be used for part payments? Do you apply them to your Netflix account and it's then added as credit? Is it the same with Google Play Music?

    • Yes

      • I thought this must be the case, thanks for confirming.

        • +1

          How ?

          My Netflix is billed through Google Play, but how do I add Netflix GC, because I can’t find a place in my Netflix account settings.


          From the FAQ

          “Sorry, gift cards and promo codes cannot be used with your current payment method"

          If you see a message that the code you entered cannot be used with your account, it typically indicates that you are attempting to use a gift card on an account that is billed through iTunes or Google Play. If you currently pay through iTunes or Google Play but would like to use a Netflix Gift Card, you will need to cancel your Netflix account and restart it using your gift card. Please note that you will need to wait until your account closes before you can restart it with a gift card.


        • I got the same message, the problem here is if you cancel your Netflix you then get charged at the new higher rate when you sign up again.

        • +2

          @Sleepy24seven: your Netflix is paid through Google Play, thus you need to buy Google Play gift cards instead of Netflix gift cards.

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